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After 25 + years......

We will be closing ALL servers on 4 December 2023. We have arranged for anyone wanting to move their account to GoDaddy, and easy way to transfer their site. Many of you have already purchased your Domain name with us through them.

1. Go to  and select a Cpanel Hosting Option that suits your needs.
2. Log into your current Cpanel and download a backup by Cpanel/Files/Backup Wizard and download a copy of your website.
3. Log into your new Cpanel and Under the files section, click on Backup Manager. Click on cPanel Backups. Under Restore a Home Directory Backup, click on Choose File, select and find your file, and upload your site.
4. Update your DNS (namesever) as per instructions in your welcome email.
5. There is toll free techsupport with your new account in case you have any issues. (see welcome email)

It has been an honor to have served you over the years. If you need your account unsuspened for 24 hours click below
The Entire Support Staff