ELIHU YALE (1649-1721) Official of the East India Co. Philanthropist. The financial contribution he made to the Saybrook Collegiate School, in 1718, led to naming the College after him. WILLIAM L. YANCEY (1814-1863) Congressman from Alabama 1844-1846. RICHARD YATES (1815-1873) Governor of Illinois 1861-1865. Senator 1865-1871. WILLIAM BLACK YATES (1809-1882) Presbyterian minister who administered to the needs of seamen in Charleston, S.C., for over 46 years. In 1859 he established the first Marine school in the world, on the vessel "Lodebar", in Charleston harbor. J. D. YEAGER (1869-1935) Nevada stockman who headed the State Farm Bureau for 10 years. CHARLES T. YERKES (1837-1905) Captilist who controlled Chicago's street and elevated railway systems. Endowed the Yerkes Observatory at the University of Chicago 1897. CASPER S. YOST (1864-1941) Editor of the St. Louis Globe Democrat 1915. ART YOUNG (1866-1943) Cartoonist and writer from Illinois. BRIGHAM YOUNG (1801-1877) Second president of the Mormon Church. Colonizer of Utah. CHARLES A. YOUNG (1834-1908) Astronomer. Professor at Dartmouth 1866-1877. EWING YOUNG (1792-1841) Trapper and Oregon pioneer. Settled on a farm in Chehalem 1834. HUGH YOUNG (1808-1888) Member of Texas militia. Served with Snively in Mexican War. S. HALL YOUNG (1847-1927) Presbyterian clergyman in Alaska. Established the first Protesant church in Akaska at Wrangel 1879. Assisted John Muir in the exploration of Glacier Bay and discovered Muir Glacier. WILLIAM S. YOUNG (1790-1827) Congressman from Kentucky 1825-1827. GEORGE C. YOUNT (1794-1865) Trapper, California pioneer. Arrived in Los Angeles 1831. He became a Mexican citizen and was granted a land grant in Napa Valley 1836. DAVID L. YULEE (1810-1886) Senator from Florida 1845-1851; 1855-1861. Incorporated Atlantic and Gulf Railroad 1853.

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