GENERAL VALLEJO (1808-1890) Soldier and California politician. Agent in securing admission of California to the United States. Elected to the first State senate 1849. WILLIS VAN DEVANTER (1859-1941) Supreme Court Justice 1910 from Wyoming. HENRY VAN DYKE (1852-1933) Presbyterian clergyman, author, educator. Professor of English literature at Princeton 1899-1923. HENDRICK WILLEM VAN LOON (1882-1944) Author and lecturer. RAYMOND VAN BROGAN (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the tanker "S.S. Caddo" when it was torpedoed in the North Atlantic enroute Baytown, Texas, to Iceland. I. N. VAN NUYS (1835-1912) Financier and wheat grower in San Fernando Valley, late 1800s and early 1900s. City of Van Nuys, California, named for him. JERIMIAH VAN RENSSELAER (1741-1810) Congressman from New York to the First Congress. Lt. Governor of New York 1801-1804. ISAAC VAN ZANDT (1813-1847) Charge d'Affairs for Texas, in Washington, D.C., prior to annexation. MARTIN VAN BUREN (1782-1862) Lawyer. President of the United States 1836-1840. ZEBULON B. VANCE (1830-1894) Senator from North Carolina 1858-1861. Governor 1862-1866; 1876- 1878. Senator 1879-1894. GEORGE VANCOUVER (1758-1798) English explorer in the Pacific. CORNELIUS VANDERBILT (1794-1877) Steamship and railroad promotor. WILLIAM K. VANDERBILT (1849-1920) Captilist. Son of Cornelius. FRANK A. VANDERLIP (1864-1937) Journalist, banker. President of National City Bank of New York, the largest bank in the country at that time. Asst. Secretary of the Treasury. ROBERT L. VANN (1879-1940) Pioneer negro newspaper publisher. Published the The Pittsburgh Courier 1910. RICHARD VAN PELT (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Gulfamerica" when it was torpedoed and shelled only 5 miles off Jacksonville, Florida, 1942. JOSE PEDRO VARELA (1788-1853) Catholic clergyman, Cuban patriot, author. Pastor of various churches in New York City. VICTOR C. VAUGHAN (1851-1929) Dean of the Medical School University of Michigan 1891-1921. KEITH VAWTER (1872-1937) Bookseller in Des Moines, Iowa, that organized the Chattaqua tours that were popular during later part of the 19th century. THORSTEIN VEBLEN (1857-1929) Economist, liberal. Professor at Stanford University 1906-1909 GEORGE M. VERITY (1865-1944) President of American Rolling Mill Co. of Ohio. AMERIGO VESPUCCI (1451-1512) Italian navigator and explorer. First European to reach the mainland of South America 1499. Discovered the mouth of the Amazon and the Platte 1501. GEORGE VICKERS (1801-1879) Senator from Maryland 1868-1873. FRANCIS VIGO (1747-1836) Soldier, merchant. Established headquarters in St. Louis 1772. Shares credit with George Rogers Clark for development of Northwest. WILLIAM F. VILAS (1840-1908) Postmaster General 1885. Secretary of the Interior 1888. Senator from Wisconsin 1891-1897. HENRY VILLARD (1835-1900) Journalist, railroad promotor. Organized the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co. 1879. President of the Northern Pacific 1881. Helped found the Edison Genral Electric Co. JACQUES PHILLIPE VILLERE (1761-1830) Governor of Louisiana 1816-1820. JOHN VINING (1758-1802) Member of the Continental Congress from Deleware. Congressman from Deleware 1789-1793. Senator 1793-1798. SEBASTIAN VIZACAINO (1550-1628) Spanish merchant and explorer. Arrived in Mexico 1585 and did much early exploration along California coast as far north as Cape Mendocino. B. CHARNEY VLADECK (1886-1938) Socialist Jewish leader in America. New York City councilman 1934. GEORGE VON L. MEYER (1858-1918) Postmaster General 1907~1909. Secretary of the Navy 1909. FREDERICK VON STEUBEN (1730-1794) Major General in Revolutionary War who was born in Prussia.

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