WILLIAM G. T'VAULT (1806-1869) Oregon pioneer. Editor first newspaper west of the Missouri River 1846 "The Oregon Spectator". First Attorney General of the Northwest Territory. LORADO TAFT (1860-1936) Sculptor. Worker for public school art education. ROGER B. TANEY (1777-1864) Attorney General 1831. Secretary of the Treasury 1833. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 1836-1864. IDA M. TARBELL (1857-1944) Author who took on the Standard Oil Co. in her two volume "History of the Standard Oil Co" 1904. JOSIAH TATNALL (1795-1871) Naval officer serving aboard the U.S.S. Constellation 1812. Captain in the Confederate Navy, commanding the naval defenses of Georgia and S.C. FREDERICK W. TAYLOR (1856-1915) Mechanical engineer, inventor. Better known as an efficiency expert. GEORGE TAYLOR (1716-1781) Ironmaster. Pennsylvania legislator. Member of the Continental Congress. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. GRAHAM TAYLOR (1851-1938) Dutch reform and Congregational clergyman and civic reformer in the Chicago area. HANNIS TAYLOR (1851-1922) Lawyer, scholar. Minister to Spain 1893-1897. ORVILLE P. TAYLOR (15 Sep 1838-17 Nov 1883) Pioneer oil man. Opened Allegheny County oil fields in New York. Orville P. Taylor, the son of John Osborne Taylor and Elizabeth Eleanor Thompson was born in Leesburg, VA 15 Sept. 1838 and died 17 November 1883 Wellsviile , New York. His biography is in the book "Ailegany County and its People, A Centennial Memorial History of Ailegany County, New York" by John S. Minard and published by W.A. Fergusson & Co. Alfred, N. Y. 1896 P. 398 -400.(as well as numerous other pages) He led a very interesting life according to the biography. At 16 he attended Geese Seminary near Attica, graduating in 1858. Railway contractors of Richmond, Va. sent him to superintend the construction of the first railroad in the Empire of Brazil known as "Dom Pedro's Railway". On his outward passage the vessel wrecked and for 22 days He and his brother Daniel Forgie Taylor and others clung to the waterlogged hull before it was cast on shore on the island of St. Thomas. In Brazil he was befriended by the Emperor and was frequently entertained and consulted by him. During the Civil War he returned to Virginia and fought on the Confederate side, being wounded at Manassas. He came to Canaseraga in 1865 and manufactured Cigars. In 1870 he made his home in Wellsville, NY., extensively increasing his business. He struck the first oil well in Allegany county after much effort and almost financial ruin. He became President of the Village of Wellsville in 1881 and died in 1883 at the age of 45 yrs. old. He lived a full but short life. STEVENSON TAYLOR (1848-1926) President of the American Bureau of Shipping 1916-1926. WALKER TAYLOR (1864-1937) Prominent insurance man from Wilminton, prominent civic leader. Also served as Collector of Customs. The ship's name was chosen by the boys of The Brigade Club which he founded in 1896. ZACHARY TAYLOR (1784-1850) General in the Mexican War nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready". President of the United States 1849-1850. JOSEPH N. TEAL (1858-1929) Lawyer from Portland, Oregon. Served as attorney and director of several Oregon companies. SARA TEASDALE (1884-1933) Lyric poet and author from Missouri. TECUMSEH (1768-1813) Shawnee chief, born in Ontario, who settled on the Wabash River near the mouth of the Tippecanoe. Killed in the War of 1812 fighting for British. HENRY M. TELLER (1830-1914) Senator from Colorado 1876-1882; 1885-1891. Secretary of the Interior 1882. Strongly opposed U.S. policy towards Phillipines and Panama. JOSEPH M. TERRELL (1861-1912) Senator from Georgia 1910-1911. Governor 1902-1907. DAVID S. TERRY (1823-1889) Confederate soldier. California jurist and political leader. NIKOLA TESLA (1857-1943) Inventor, electrician. Known for research in alternating current and high frequency. GEORGE THACHER (1754-1824) Lawyer. Congressman from Maine 1789-1801. WILLIAM S. THAYER (1864-1932) Physician who made many contributions to the research of the circulatory system while at Johns Hopkins. THEMISTOCLES (527 B.C. - 460 B.C.) Athenean general and statesman. AUGUSTUS THOMAS (1857-1934) Dramatist, author or adapter of nearly 70 plays. DUDLEY H. THOMAS (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Azalea City" was torpedoed 125 miles off Ocean City, Md. 1942, while enroute Bahia Blanca to Philadelphia. GEORGE H. THOMAS (1816-1870) Union general who commanded the Army of the Cumberland. JOHN H. THOMAS (1724-1776) Revolutionary War Major General. Physician. JOSHUA THOMAS (1776-1853) Clergyman. Warned British against attacking Baltimore 1812. Known as "The Evangelist of Tangier Island". MARTHA C. THOMAS (1857-1935) Professor of English at Bryn Mar 1889. President Bryn Mar 1894-1922. PHILLIP F. THOMAS (1810-1890) Congressman from Maryland 1839-1841. Governor of Maryland 1848- 1851. Secretary of the Treasury 1860-1861. DAVID THOMPSON (1770-1857) Fur trader, explorer, geographer, for the Hudson Bay Co. in western Canada. Did survey of the Columbia River from it's source to it's mouth 1811. HOLLAND THOMPSON (1873-1940) Author. Professor at North Carolina. J. MAURICE THOMPSON (1844-1901) Literary editor of the New York Independent. JACOB THOMPSON (1810-1885) Congressman from Mississippi 1839-1851. Secretary of the Interior 1857-1861. Later served in the Confederate Army. SMITH THOMPSON (1768-1843) Secretary of the Navy 1819~1823. Supreme Court Justice 1823-1843. ELIHU THOMSON (1853-1937) Scientist, inventor. Had over 700 patents in the electrical manufacturing field. HENRY D. THOREAU (1817-1862) Poet, transcendalist. Best known for his essays in "Walden", published 1854. MATTHEW THORNTON (1714-1803) Member of the Continental Congress. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. WILLIAM THORNTON (1759-1828) Architect, inventor. Associated with John Fitch in steamboat experimentation. Designed U.S. Capital Building. Superintendent of Patents 1802. AMOS G. THROOP (1811-1894) Frontiersman, businessman, and philanthropist. Mayor of Pasadena 1889. Founder of California Institute of Technology 1891. LORRIN A. THURSTON (1858-1931) Lawyer. Owner-editor of the Hawaiian Advertiser and a leader of the movement to overthrow the Hawaiian government and annex Hawaii to U.S. CARL THUSGAARD (1904-1943) War correspondent killed in New Guinea World War II. LOUIS C. TIFFANY (1848-1933) Painter, glass maker, philanthropist. This ship destroyed by fire when 90% completed and scrapped. SAMUEL J. TILDEN (1814-1886) Lawyer. Governor of New York 1875-1877. Democratic nominee for president who lost to Hayes, by one vote, in the Electoral Commission, in 1876. TENCH TILGHMAN (1744-1786) Aide-de-camp to Washington 1876-1883, in Revolutionary War. WILLIAM TILGHMAN (1756-1827) Chief Justice of Pennsylvania Supreme Court 1806. JOHN TIPTON (1786-1839) Soldier and legislator. Senator from Indiana 1831-1839. JOHN G. TOD (1779-1830) Congressman from Pennsylvania 1821-1824. THOMAS TODD (1765-1826) Justice of the Supreme Court 1807-1826, from Kentucky. WILLIAM H. TODD (1867-1932) Ship builder. President of Todd's Shipyard Corporation. JOSEPH K. TOOLE (1851-1929) First Governor of the State of Montana 1889-1893; 1901-1908. ROBERT TOOMBS (1810-1885) Congressman from Georgia 1845-1853. Senator 1853-1861. Secretary of State of the Confederacy. HARALD TORSVIK (1910-1941) Lawyer arrested and executed by the Nazi in 1941. This ship built as the "Henry B. Plant" and assigned to the Norwegian government and renamed. HARRY TOULMIN (1766-1823) Clergyman, educator, jurist active in Alabama and Kentucky. JUDAH TOURO (1775-1854) Jewish merchant and philanthropist, from Rhode Island. Fought with General Jackson in defense of New Orleans 1813. Donated the money to erect the Bunker Hill monument in Boston. MARY ASHLEY TOWNSEND (1832-1901) Journalist and poet from New Orleans. NATHAN TOWSON (1782-1854) Army Captain active in the Battle of Lake Erie 1812, from Baltimore. Became a Major General 1849. Towson, Maryland, named for him. MARCUS H. TRACY (1859-1936) Owner and president of M.H. Tracy Steamship Co.. Governor of Sailor's Snug Harbor. New York Pilot Commissioner. ENOCH TRAIN (1801-1868) Merchant and shipowner from Boston. Established fleet of packets operating from Boston to Liverpool 1864. JAMES D. TRASK (1890-1942) Physician. New York City Commissioner of Board of Health 1939. WILLIAM B. TRAVIS (1809-1836) Leader of the Texas Revolution killed in the Battle of the Alamo. TOM TREANOR (????-1944) War correspondent for the Los Angeles Times in European theatre, killed in action outside Paris 1944. ROBERT TREAT (1622-1710) Colonial official. Governor of Connecticut 1683-1687; 1689-1698. FREDERICK TRESCA (1801-1886) French immigrant who became a pioneer shipping man on the West Coast of Florida. JOHN A. TREUTLEN (????-????) First Governor Florida 1777. Prominent in cause of independence. Member of first Provincial Congress. Believed to have been murdered by Tories. ROBERT TRIMBLE (1777-1828) Justice of the Supreme Court from Kentucky 1826. JOHN W. TROY (1868-1943) Alaska newspaper editor. Became Governor of Alaska 1933-1939. ALFRED C. TRUE (1853-1929) Leader in agriculture education. Head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture 1893. JOHN TRUMBALL (1750-1831) Poet. Judge in Cormectic, ut Supreme Court 1801-1819. JONATHAN TRUMBLE (1740-1809) First Comptroller of the U.S. Treasury 1878 and secretary to George Washington. Congressman from Connecticut 1789-1795. Senator 1895-1896. Governor of Connecticut 1797-1809. HARRIET TUBMAN (1821-1913) Fugitive slave, abolitionist. Leading figure in the so-called "underground railroad" that aided escaping slaves. HENRY ST. G. TUCKER (1780-1848) Congressman from Virginia 1815-1819. THOMAS T. TUCKER (1745-1828) Member of the Continental Congress from South Carolina. Congressman 1789-1793. U.S. Treasurer 1801-1828. CHARLES TUFTS (1781-1876) Farmer, brickmaker. Universalist leader. Donated the land for the sight of Tufts College in Massachusetts 1852. PAUL TULANE (1801-1887) New Orleans merchant. Donated land for Tulane University 1884. ANDREW TURNBULL (1718-1792) Colonized East Florida 1766. FREDERICK JACKSON TURNER (1861-1932) Historian at Wisconsin and Harvard. JAMES TURNER (1840-1915) Negro educator. Active in Missouri politics. Minister to Liberia 1871. MARK TWAIN (1835-1910) Real name Samuel Clement. Humorist and writer. LYON G. TYLER (1853-1935) President of William and Mary College 1888-1919. WALLACE M. TYLER (1900-1943) Merchant seaman on "S.S. Montanan" when it was sunk by a Japanese submarine off Oman 1943. WILLIAM TYLER (1806-1849) Catholic clergyman. First bishop of Hartford 1844. Later removed to Providence R. I., where he erected a cathedral. ARTHUR J. TYRER (1868-1936) Commissioner of Navigation 1927. With the merging of the Bureaus of Navigation and Steamboat Inspection he became Assistant Director. LAWRENCE D. TYSON (1861-1929) Publisher of Knoxville Sentinel. Senator from Tennessee 1925-1929.

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