SACAJAWEA (1787-1812) Shoshone girl who served as a guide for Lewis and Clark expedition. ANSON P. K. SAFFORD (1830-1891) Third Territorial Governor of Arizona 1869-1877. Safford, Arizona named for him. Also founder and developer of Tarpon Springs, Florida. RUSSELL SAGE (1816-1906) Congressman from New York 1853-1857. ARTHUR ST. CLAIR (1736-1818) Revolutionay patriot. President of the Federation Congress 1787. Governor of Northwest Territories 1787-1802. AUGUSTUS SAINT-GAUDENS (1848-1907) Sculptor. Founder of the Society of American Artists. HAYM SALOMON (1740-1785) Active in the War of Independence. Contributed substantial financial support to the Revolutionary cause. HENRY S. SANFORD (1823-1891) Diplomat. Developer of Sanford, Florida. MARIA SANFORD (1836-1920) Educator. Professor at University of Minnesota. JOHN S. SARGENT (1856-1925) Potrait painter. ANTOINE SAUGRAIN (1763-1820) Physician, philosopher. Introduced the first small-pox vaccine. EDWARD A. SAVOY (1855-1943) Negro page to Secretary of State Hamilton Fish 1869. Member of the U.S. Peace Commission at the close of the Spanish American War 1898. Page in Congress for 64 years. THOMAS SAY (1787-1834) Entomologist, pathologist. Professor at University of Pennsylvania. JACOB H. SCHIFF (1847-1920) Financier, philanthropist. Railroad official for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Northern Pacific. WILLIAM SCHIRMER (1858-1939) Pacific Coast Master Mariner. Organized Schirmer Stevedoring Co. in San Francisco. Founder of Transoceanic Co. and General Steamship Co. BENJAMIN SCHLESINGER (1876-1932) President of the International Garment Workers Union. Leading spirit in the Jewish labor movement. JOHN E. SCHMELTZER (????-????) Engineer. Maritime Commission executive. JOHN M. SCHOFIELD (1831-1906) Union general. Secretary of War 1868. Commanding General of the Army 1888. Schofield Barracks, Honolulu, named for him. HENRY R. SCHOOLCRAFT (1793-1864) Ethnologist. Explored sources of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. JAMES SCHUREMAN (1756-1824) Member of the Continental Congress from New Jersey. Congressman 1789-1791; 1797-1799; 1813-1815. Senator 1799-1791. CARL SCHURZ (1829-1906) Union general. Senator from Missouri 1869-1875. Secretary of the Interior 1877-1881. PHILLIP SCHUYLER (1733-1804) Revolutionary War Major general. Delegate to the Second National Congress. Senator from New York 1789-1791; 1797-1798. CHARLES M. SCHWAB (1862-1939) President U.S. Steel 1901 - 1903. President Bethleham Steel 1904. WALTER W. SCHWENK (1901-1945) Associated with the Blake Line and Southgate Nelson Corp. prior to joining WSA in 1940. Was responsible for movement of cargo and ships on the entire East Coast during World War II. HARVEY W. SCOTT (1838-1910) Journalist. Editor of the Portland" Morning Oregonian' 1866-1872. HENRY T. SCOTT (1846-1927) Manufacturer, industrialist. President of Scott Co.. President of the Mercantile National Bank. Chairman of the Pacific Telegraph and Telephone Co. IRVING M. SCOTT (1837-1903) Shipbuilder, foundryman. Associated with the Union Iron Works of San Francisco in the construction of battleships. THOMAS SCOTT (1823-1881) President of the Permsylvania Railroad 1874-1880. WINFIELD SCOTT (1886-1866) Soldier, statesman. As army general he was the hero of the Mexican War. Fondly known as "Fuss and Feathers". JAMES SCREVEN (1743-1778) Revolutionary War General from South Carolina. CHARLES SCRIBNER (1821-1871) Publisher. Founder of the company that bears his name 1846. EDWARD W. SCRIPPS (1854-1926) Newspaper publisher. Founded United Press in 1907. Also the Scripps newspaper chain. NATHANIEL SCUDDER (1733-1781) Member of the Continental Congress from New Jersey. SAMUEL SEABURY (1729-1796) Episcopal clergyman. Bishop of Connecticutt and Rhode Island. WYNN SEALE (1889-1934) Superintendant of Corpus Christi school system. President of Texas College of Arts and Industries 1932. JOHN W. SEARLES (1870-1933) Coal operator. President of the Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Corp. WILLIAM W. SEATON (1785-1866) Journalist. Mayor of Washington, D.C., 1840-1850. CLYDE L. SEAVEY (1847-1943) Chairman of the Federal Power Commission 1939. JOHN SEDGWICK (1813-1865) General in the Union Army killed at the Battle of the Wilderness. THEODORE SEDGWICK (1780-1839) Lawyer, Massachusetts legislator, reformer, railroad advocate. HORACE SEE (1835-1909) Naval architect. Invented a great number of devices used in ship construction. ALAN SEEGER (1888-1916) Harvard graduate. Poet. Killed in action fighting with the French forces World War I. Best known poem "I Have a Rendevous With Death". GEORGE N. SEGAR (1866-1940) Congressman from New Jersey 1923-1940. CHARLES JOHN SEGHERS (1839-1886) Catholic missionary who served in British Columbia. Bishop of Victoria, B.C.. Later Bishop of Portland, Oregon. CECIL G. SELLERS (1893-1938) Pan American pilot responsible for breaking of new routes through China and the Pacific. He was Chiang Kai- Shek's personal pilot for two yearn. GEORGE B. SELDEN (1846-1922) Patent attorney, inventor. He invented a light weight, high speed, three cylinder, gasoline engine 1877. JOSHUA SENEY (1750-1799) Delegate to the Continental Congress from Maryland. Representive to the First Congress. LOUIS A. SENGTELLER (1846--1889) Pioneer in charting coast of California and Oregon while with U.S.C.@ G.S. JOSE SEPULVEDA (1802-1875) Member of the famous Sepulveda family, who were large land owners in Los Angeles area in 1800s. JUAN N. SEGUIN (1806-1889) Texas leader in fight for Independence. Mayor of San Antonio 1840. JUNIPERO SERRA (1713-1784) Catholic clergyman in Mexico 1750 who explored California, establishing missions at San Diego, San Carlos, San Antonio, San Gabriel, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Clara, Santa Ventura. JOHN SEVIER (1745-1815) Pioneer, soldier, Indian fighter in eastern Tennessee. Congressman from North Carolina 1789-1791. First Governor of Tennessee 1796-1801; 1803-1809. Congressman 1811-1815. ARTHUR SEWALL (1835-1900) Shipbuilder from Maine. Built 80 wooden ships including the "Rappahannock", "Shenandoah", "Susquehanna", "Roanoke". WILLIAM H. SEWARD (1801-1872) Governor of New York 1839-1843. U.S. Senator 1848-1860. Secretary of State 1861-1869. Best known for his purchase of Alaska from the Russians 1867. JOHN F. SHAFROTH (1854-1922) Congressman from Colorado 1895-1904. Govemor 1909-1913. Senator 1913-1919. WILLIAM SHARON (1821-1885) Senator from Nevada 1875-1885. ISAAC SHARPLESS (1848-1920) Quaker leader and historian. President of Haverford College, Penn.. GEORGE SHARSWOOD (1810-1883) Chief Justice Pennsylvania Supreme Court 1868-1882. ANNA HOWARD SHAW (1847-1919) Methodist minister, woman suffrage and temperance reformer. President National American Women Suffrage Association. B. F. SHAW (1829-1908) Pioneer to Oregon 1844. Indian agent. Won battle of Grande Ronde 1856, while Colonel in Army. CHARLES H. SHAW (1920-1943) Merchant seaman lost in the torpedoing of the "S.S. Flora MacDonald" off the coast of Sierra Leone 1943. JULIA P. SHAW (1836-1944) Philanthropist who contributed to the development of Dayton, Ohio. LESLIE SHAW (1848-1932) U. S. Secretary of the Treasury 1902-1907. MATTHEW SHEEHAN (1885-1944) Executive with Barber Steamship Co. for 36 years. ISAAC SHELBY (1750-1826) Revolutionary soldier. First governor of Kentucky 1792-1796; 1812- 1817. Lead the Kentucky Volunteers in the War of 1812. ALEXANDER R. SHEPERD (1835-1902) Territorial governor of District of Columbia 1873-1874. MORRIS SHEPPARD (1875-1941) Congressman from Texas 1902-1913. Senator 1913-41. PHILLIP C. SHERA (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Java Arrow" when torpedoed in 1942 off Vero Beach, Fla. PHILLIP H. SHERIDAN (1831-1888) Union general commanding the Army of the Potomac. Commander in Chief of Army 1884. JOHN SHERMAN (1823-1900) Congressman from Ohio 1854-186I. Senator 1861-1877. Secretary 0f the Treasury 1877-1881. Senator 1881-1897. ROGER SHERMAN (1721-1793) Member Continental Congress. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Congressman from Connecticut 1789. Senator 1791-1793. SIDNEY SHERMAN (1805-1873) General in Texas Army during fight for independence. Credited with the cry of "Remember the Alamo!". WILLIAM T. SHERMAN (1820-1891) Union general who was supreme commander in the west. Famous for march through Georgia. Became the Commanding General of the Army 1883. KATHERINE B. SHERWOOD (1841-1914) Journalist, reformer. JAMES SHIELDS (1806-1879) Major General in the Mexican War. Governor of Oregon Territory. Senator from Illinois 1849-55, Minnesota 1858-59, and Missouri 1879. GEORGE SHIRAS (1832-1924) Justice of the Supreme Court 1892-1903. S. M. SHOEMAKER (1861-1933) Noted agriculturist from Maryland. CHRISTOPHER L. SHOLES (1819-1890) Journalist, inventor. Editor of the Milwaukee News and the Milwaukee Sentinel. Contributed to the improvement of the typewriter. SIDNEY H. SHORT (1858-1902) Electrical engineer, educator. Inventor of many items for arc lighting and electrical traction systems. GEORGE L. SHOUP (1836-1904) Colorado and Idaho pioneer. Founded Salmon, Idaho, 1866. Governor of Idaho 1889-1890. First senator from Idaho 1891-1901. GEORGE M. SHRIVER (1868-1942) Vice president of the Baltmore & Ohio Railroad in 20s & 30s. Prior to completion it was assigned to the Norwgian government and renamed "Viggo Hansteen". HENRY H. SIBLEY (1811-1891) Fur trader, Minnesota pioneer. Delegate to Congress from Wisconsin. First Governor of Minnesota 1858-1860. FRANZ SIGEL (1824-1902) Union Major General. Editor of German newspapers in Bal;timore and New York City. MORRIS SIGMAN (1881-1931) Officer of the Intemational Ladies Garment Workers Union. FERDINAND A. SILCOX (1832-1939) Forester. Chief of the U. S. Forest Service 1930-1939. EDWARD ROWLAND SILL (1841-1887) Poet, educator. Professor of English at the University of California 1874-1882. BENJAMIN SILLIMAN (1779-1864) Professor of Chemistry and Natural History at Yale 1853. Made major contributions to the oil industry with his discoveries in chemistry. NATHANIEL SILSBEE (1773-1850) Merchant mariner, shipowner. Congressman from Massachusetts 1817-1821. Senator 1826-1835. FRANCIS E. SILTZ (1919-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S.W.I. Steed" when it was torpedoed off the mouth of the Deleware River 1942. PETER SILVESTER (1807-1882) Congressman from New York 1847-1851. FURNIFIELD M. SIMMONS (1854-1940) Congressman from North Carolina 188%1889. Senator 1901-1931. JOSEPH SIMON (1851-1935) Senator from Oregon 1898-1903. Mayor of Portland 1903-1911. ISAAC M. SINGER (1811-1875) Developed the first practical sewing machine 1851. JACK SINGER (1914-1942) War correspondent for International News Service killed in the Second World War while on the carrier U.S.S. Wasp, in Pacific. THOMAS SINNICKSON (1744-1817) Congressman from New Jersey to First and Fifth Congresses. NICHOLAS J. SINNOTT (1870-1929) Congressman from Oregon 1913-1929. EUGENE SKINNER (1809-1864) Oregon pioneer 1840. Donated 40 acres for city of Eugene 1840. The city was named in his honor. Became site of University of Oregon 1872. OTIS SKINNER (1858-1942) Native American actor. Father of Cornelius Otis Skinner. JOHN DRAKE SLOAT (1781-1867) Naval officer. Merchant mariner. In charge of the Pacific Fleet during the Mexican War. Captured Monterey and San Francisco 1846. JOSHUA SLOCUM (1844-1910) Mariner who circumnavigated the world solo in 1895-1898. LOUIS SLOSS (1823-1902) Captilist. Partner and Principal of the Alaska Commercial Co. WILLIAM SMALLWOOD (1732-1792) Revolutionary Major General. Governor of Maryland 1785-1788. ALBERT K. SMILEY (1828-1912) Member of the Board Indian Commissioners 1879-1912. ALFRED E. SMITH (1873-1944) Four term Governor of New York. Democratic presidential candidate 1928 who was defeated by Herbert Hoover. BENJAMIN SMITH (1857-1913) Managing editor of the Century Dictionary and Encyclopedia. CHARLES E. SMITH (1842-1908) Editor of the Philadelphia Press. U.S. Postmaster General 1898-1901. DELAZON SMITH (1861-1922) Publisher of the/ndianapolis News. E. KIRBY SMITH (1824-1893) Confederate general. President of the University of Nashville 1870. ERASTUS SMITH (1855-1937) Dean of Beloit College. Mayor of Beloit 1887-1926. FRANCIS M.SMITH (1846-1931) Found the world's richest borax source in Nevada and organized the Pacific Coast Borax Co. HOKE SMITH (1855-1931) Newspaper publisher. Governor of Georgia 1907-1909. Secretary of the Interior 1893-1896. Senator 1911-1921. HUGH M. SMITH (1865-1941) Itchthyologist. An expert in chemical compounds. JAMES SMITH (1719-1806) Lawyer from Pennsylvania. Member of the Continental Congress. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. JEDEDIAH S. SMITH (1798-1831) Fur trader, explorer. First explorer of the Great Salt Lake basin and first to make his way to California overland from the east. JOSEPH SMITH (1805-1844) Founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints. JUNIUS SMITH (1780-1853) "Father" of the Atlantic liners. Organized the British-American Steam Navigation Company 1836. MILTON H. SMITH (1836-1921) President of the Louisville-Nashville Railroad 1866. STEPHEN SMITH (1823-1922) Surgeon. Pioneer in public health. Organizer and first president of the American Health Association 1871. WILLIAM L. SMITH (1762-1840) Senator from South Carolina 1816-1830. WINFRED L. SMITH (????-????) Business executive. His name was selected by workers at Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore. JOSIAH SNELLING (1782-1828) Built Fort St. Anthony - later renamed Fort Snelling- the present site of St. Paul and Minneapolis 1825. E. H. SOTHERN (1859-1933) Shakesperean actor at New York's Lyceum theatre. PIERRE SOULE (1801-1870) Senator from Louisiana 1847-1848. JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA (1854-1932) Bandmaster, composer. Conductor of U.S. Marine band 1880-1892. EDWARD E. SPAFFORD (1878-1943) National Commander of the American Legion 1927-1928. RICHARD D. SPAIGHT (1758-1802) Governor of North Carolina 1792-1795. Congressman 1798-1801. EDWARD SPARROW (1810-1882) Bom in Ireland. Confederate senator from Louisiana. CORNELIA P. SPENCER (1825-1908) Author responsible for the rehabilitation of University of North Carolina 1866. FLOYD W. SPENCER (1888-1940) Extension agent in Louisiana. AAA Administrator 1936-1940. FRANK E. SPENCER (1900-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Carrabulle' when it was torpedoed in the Gulf of Mexico 1942. ELMER A. SPERRY (1860-1930) Engineer, inventor. Developer of the gyroscope 1910. FRANK J. SPRAGUE (1857-1934) Engineer, inventor. Developed minature power units and founded the Sprague Electric Elevator Co. 1892, which later merged with Otis Elevator Co. CLAUS SPRECKELS (1828-1908) Sugar manufacturer and captilist. Organized the California Sugar Refinery and developed the sugar industry in Hawaii. FRANK SPRINGER (1848-1927) Pathologist who worked mainly in New Mexico on study of fossils. WILLIAM SPROULE (1858-1935) President of the Southern Pacific Railroad. 1911-1928. JAMES SPRUNT (1846-1924) Philanthropist. Cotton exporter from North Carolina. EDWARD R. SQUIBB (1819-1900) Physician, chemist, pharmacist. Navy physician who later did independent chemical research. Established his own manufactory 1858. WATSON C. SQUIRE (1838-1926) Union soldier. Governor of Washington Territory I884-1887. U.S. Senator from Washington 1889-1897. JAMES G. SQUIRES (????-1943) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Malantic" in 1943, when it was torpedoed in the North Atlantic, while enroute New York to Liverpool. JOSEPH SQUIRES (1909-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Maiden Creek I" when it foundered off Montauk Point 1942. ARTHUR ST. CLAIR (1736-1818) Revolutionary soldier and early western Pennsylvania settler. Governor of Northwest Territory 1787-1802. JOHN STAGG (1864-1915) President of Alabama Presbyterian College for Men. AUGUSTIN STAHL (1842-1917) Botanist. Specialized in the flora and ethnology of Puerto Rico. LELAND STANFORD (1824-1893) Railroad builder. Governor of California 1861-1863. Senator 1885- 1893. Founded Stanford University 1885. HENRY M. STANLEY (1841-1904) Journalist, explorer. Worked for James Gordon Bennett on the New York Herald and assigned to find Dr. Livingston in Africa. With Livingston he did exploration in Tanganika and the head waters of the Nile. Made complete transcourse of the Congo River 1878. JOHN WRIGHT STANLY (1774-1834) Congressman from North Carolina 1801-1803; 1809-1811. TOBIAS E. STANSBURY (????-????) Officer in War of 1812. HOWARD STANSBURY (1806-1863) Did survey of the Great Salt Lake region 1849. EDWIN M. STANTON (1814-1869) U.S. Attorney General 1860. Secretary of War under Lincoln. Appointed to the Supreme Court but died before taking office. JOSEPH STANTON (1739-1807) Revolutionary War Colonel. Senator from Rhode Island 1790-1793. Congressman 1801-1807. ABEL STEARNS (1798-1871) California pioneer and stock raiser. Settled in Los Angeles 1833. FRED C. STEBBINS (1921-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Jonathan Sturges" when it was torpedoed in the North Atlantic 1942. JOHN STEELE (1764-1815) Congressman from North Carolina 1789-1793. Comptroller of the U.S. Treasury 1896-1802. GEORGE STEERS (1820-1856) Naval architect. Revolutionized hull designs. Builder of the famous yacht "America", which he sailed in memorable race around Isle of Wight 1851. MILAN R. STEFANIK (1880-1919) Czechoslovakian patriot. JOHN F. STEFFEN (1842-????) Born in Germany he came to Portland in 1870 and became the operator of the largest shipyards in the Northwest. Built mainly riverboats and barges. LINCOLN STEFFENS (1866-1936) Journalist, reformer. New York Evening Post, McClure's Magazine. Generally considered a "muckracker' journalist. CHARLES P. STEINMETZ (1865-1923) Electrical engineer in the field of alternating current. ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS (1812-1883) Congressman from Georgia 1843-1859. Vice President of the Confederacy. U. S. Senator from Georgia 1873-1882. HENRY M. STEPHENS (1857-1919) Educator, historian, at University of California. JAMES B. STEPHENS (1806-1889) Oregon pioneer. Operated ferry service across the Willamette at Oregon City for 17 years. Organized Pacific Telegraph Co. 1855. TERRY E. STEPHENSON (1880-1943) Treasurer of Orange County, California 1935. Part owner of the Santa Ana Register. Stanford graduate 1899. This ship is notable by the fact the money to build it was donated by his friends. GEORGE STERLING (1869-1926) Poet. Friend and disciple of Ambrose Bierce. EDWIN A. STEVENS (1795-1868) Engineer, financeer. Organized the Camden and Amboy Railroad in 1830. Expiremented in construction of iron clad ships in 1814 which resulted in the "Stevens Battery" forty years later. ISAAC I. STEVENS (1818-1862) Civil War general. First Governor of Washington Territory 1853-1857 who negotiated treaty with Indians, that we are still regretting. JOHN STEVENS (1749-1838) Engineer, inventor. Concentrated on the use of steam for land and water transportation. RAYMOND B. STEVENS (1874-1942) Congressman from New Hampshire 1913-1915. ANDREW STEVENSON (1784-1857) Congressman from Virginia 1821-1834. JOHN STEVENSON (1812-1886) Congressman from Kentucky 1857-1861. Governor 1867-1871. U,S, Senator 1871-1877. ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON (1850-1894) Novelist from Scotland. LYMAN STEWART (1840-1923) Founder of Union Oil Co in Ventura County, California, 1880s. MALCOLM M. STEWART (1877-1937) Foreign trade advisor. Editor of "Foreign Trade Merchant Marine News". SAMUEL V. STEWART (1872-1939) Justice of the Supreme Court of Montana 1930-1939. WILLIAM M. STEWART (1827-1909) Senator from Nevada 1875-1887; 1887-1905. CHARLES W. STILES (1867-1941) Pathologist and Professor at Georgetown University. FRANK R. STOCKTON (1834-1902) Author of fiction and history. RICHARD STOCKTON (1730-1781) Member Continental Congress from New Jersey. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. ROBERT F. STOCKTON (1795-1866) Naval officer, during the Mexican War, who captured Los Angeles 1846. Senator from New Jersey 1851-1853. TELFAIR STOCKTON (1860-1932) Founded Telfair Stockton and Co. in Jacksonville, FA. 1884. Through real estate activities played large part in development of Jacksonville as a port. JOHN L. STODDARD (1850-1931) Travel lecturer and writer. MONTFORT STOKES (1762-1842) Senator from North Carolina 1816-1823. Governor of North Carolina 1830-1832. DAVID STONE (1770-1818) Congressman from North Carolina 1799-1801. Senator 1801-1807; 1813-1814. Governor 1808-1810. GALEN STONE (1862-1926) He and associates formed the Eastern Steamship Lines Inc. in 1900. Also president of the Atlantic Gulf and West Indies Steamship Co. 1915. LUCY STONE (1818-1893) Pioneer in the women's rights movement. MELVILLE E. STONE (1848-1929) Co-proprieter of the Chicago Daily News 1875-1888. Also headed the United Press 1900-1921. MICHAEL J. STONE (1750-1812) Congressman from Maryland in First Congress. THOMAS STONE (1743-1787) Member of Continental Congress from Maryland. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. WARREN STONE (1808-1872) Physician and surgeon who taught at Tulane 1844-1872. Also founded one of the earliest private hospitals in U.S. in 1839. NICK STONER (1762-1850) Revolutionary War soldier. Also War of 1812. Famous trapper and Indian scout. JOSEPH STORY (1779-1845) Congressman from Massachusetts 1808-1809. Justice of the Supreme Court 1811-1845. HARRIETT BEECHER STOWE (1811-1896) Author. Most notable work "Uncle Tom's Cabin" published in 1851. WINFIELD S. STRATTON (1848-1902) Colorado mine operator and philanthropist. JOHN STRAUB (????-????) Educator from Oregon. IDA STRAUS (1849-1912) New Yorker who help found Knickerbocker Hospital. Active in many charitable hospitals in New York area. Lost on Titanic in 1912. OSCAR S. STRAUS (1850-1926) Lawyer, diplomat. Secretary of Commerce 1906-1909. CALAB STRONG (1745-1819) Senator from Massachusetts 1789-1796. Governor 1800-1807; 1812-1816. WILLIAM STRONG (1808-1895) Congressman from Pennsylvania 1847-1851. Supreme Court Justice 1870-1880. While outfitting, this ship was assigned to the Norwegian government and renamed "Roald Amundsen". GILBERT STUART (1755-1828) Potrait painter most famous for his two life potraits of Washington. GRANVILLE STUART (1834-1918) Montana pioneer who found gold in the Deer Lodge Valley 1898. J.E.B. STUART (1833-1864) Confederate general. ROBERT STUART (1785-1848) Fur trader and partner of Jacob Astor in the Pacific Fur Co. 1810. JONATHAN STURGES (1740-1819) Member of the Continental Congress. Congressman from Connecticut 1789-1793. WILLIAM STURGIS (1782-1863) Boston merchant in the China trade. Massachusetts legislator. PETER STUYVESANT (1610-1672) Dutch colonial governor and statesman. Director General of New Netherlands 1646. WILLIAM L. SUBLETTE (1799-1845) One of five brothers in the early western fur trade. Partner with William Ashley in the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. MARISCAL SUCRE (1795-1830) Fought to liberate Bolivia from Spain and was elected it's president in 1826. JAMES SULLIVAN (1744-1808) Govemor of Massachusetts 1807-1808. JOHN L. SULLIVAN (1858-1918) Pugilist. Champion 1882-1892. Defeated by James Corbett 1892. JOHN SULLIVAN (1740-1795) Revolution War general. Member of the Continental Congress. President of New Hampshire 1786-1789. LAWRENCE T. SULLIVAN (1889-1942) Merchant seaman lost on "S.S. Lemuel Burrows" when it was torpedoed off of Atlantic City in 1942. LOUIS SULLIVAN (1856-1924) Architect who contributed to the era of the skyscraper in America. THOMAS SULLY (1783-1872) Foremost potrait painter of his day. OWEN SUMMERS (1850-1911) Canadian who emigrated to Oregon 1875. Spanish American War General. Appraiser of Customs, Port of Portland. CHARLES SUMNER (1811-1874) Senator from Massachusetts 1851-1874. THOMAS H. SUMNER (1807-1876) While master of the "Cabot", he discovered a new method of position line navigation known as the" Sumner Line". WILLIAM G. SUMNER (1840-1910) Yale educator and writer. Episcopal clergyman. THOMAS SUMTER (1734-1832) Revolutionary war soldier from South Carolina. SUN-YAT-SEN (1866-1925) Chinese Nationalist revolutionary leader and founder of the Chinese Republic. BILLY SUNDAY (1862-1935) Evangelist. Professional baseball player 1883-1891. ADOLPH SUTRO (1830-1898) Mining engineer. Mayor of San Francisco 1894-1896. JOHN A. SUTTER (1803-1880) California colonizer, who's property was the source of the gold discovery that led to the California gold rush in 1849. DAVID L. SWAIN (1801-1868) Governor of North Carolina 1882-1835. President of the University of North Carolina post 1835. JAMES SWAN (1754-1830) Massachusetts legislator and speculator. NOAH H. SWAIN (1804-1884) Justice of the Supreme Court 1862-1881. JOHN E. SWEET (1832-1916) Mechanical engineer, educator. Pioneered the development of high speed steam engines. JOHN SWETT (1830-1913) California public school administrator and opponent of political influence in the schools. JANE G. SWISSHELM (1815-1884) Teacher, women's rights reformer. THOMAS W. SYMONS (1849-1920) Military engineer. "Father" of the New York State barge canal. NACHMAN SYRKIN (1867-1924) Longtime worker for a Jewish national homeland. Founder of the Jewish American Congress.

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