HENRY T. RAINEY (1860-1934) Congressman from Illinois 1903-1934. Speaker of the House 1933. WALTER RALEIGH (1552-1618) English explorer, soldier, courtier. SAMUEL M. RALSTON (1857-1925) Senator from Indiana 1923-1925. Governor 1913-1917. WILLIAM C. RALSTON (1826-1875) Organizer of the Bank of California 1864. ALEXANDER RAMSEY (1815-1903) Territorial Governor of Minnesota 1849. Governor 1860-1863. Senator 1863-1875. U.S. Secretary of War 1869-1871. JAMES R. RANDALL (1839-1908) Poet. Composer of "Maryland, My Maryland". RICHARD RANDALL (1796-1829) A physician who was appointed the agent of the American Colonization Society in Liberia 1828. ROBERT R. RANDALL (1750-1801) Merchant, privateersman, philanthropist. Provided the funds for Seaman's Snug Harbor, at the suggestion of his friend Alexander Hamilton. Originally in New York, later Staten Island and today in South Carolina. CHARLES C. RANDLEMAN (1911-1942) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S.W.C. McTarnahan" was torpedoed in the Gulf of Mexico. EDMUND RANDOLPH (1753-1813) Secretary of State 1794. Member of Continental Congress. Governor of Virginia 1786-1788. First U.S. Attorney General 1789-1793. JOHN RANDOLPH (1773-1833) Congressman from Virginia 1799-1813; 1815-1817; 1819-1825; 1827- 1829; 1833. Senator 1825-1827. WALTER E. RANGER (1855-1941) Educator. Commissioner of Education, Rhode Island, 1905-1935. MATT. W. RANSOM (1826-1904) Senator from North Carolina 1873-1895. U.S. Minister to Mexico 1895. MARINA RASKOVA (1912-1943) Russian aviatrix who made several noteworthy long distance flights. Killed in World War II. ANTHONY RAVALLI (1811-1884) Jesuit missionary from Italy who worked with Father Peter DeSmet in Montana and Idaho, with Indian tribes. WILLIAM RAWLE (1759-1836) Lawyer, philanthropist, from Pennsylvania. JOHN A. RAWLINS (1831-1869) Aide de Camp to General Grant. U.S. Secretary of War 1869. WILLIAM M. RAYBURN (1840-1916) Confederate soldier. Father of Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn. H. H. RAYMOND (1864-1935) Steamship line executive. President of Mallory S.S. Co. 1914. Executive with many other steamship companies. Shipping Control Comm. 1914. HENRY J. RAYMOND (1820-1869) Associated with Horace Greeley on the New York Tribune. Established the New York Daily Times 1857. STEPAN RAZIN (1630-1671) Led unsuccessful revolt againt Tsar Alexis in late 17th century. Built as the" Cass Gilbert" this ship was assigned to the USSR. upon completion. GEORGE READ (1733-1798) Member of the Continental Congress from Maryland. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Senator from Deleware 1789-1793. OPIE READ (1852-1939) Author, humorist. Founded "The Arkansas Traveler" in 1882. JOHN H. REAGAN (1818-1905) Surveyor, lawyer. Congressman from Tennessee !875-1887. Senator 1887-1891. FRANK P. READ (1871-1942) 25 years with the Iowa 4-H Club. JOHN REED (1757-1845) Miner who made his fortune in the gold mines of North Carolina. SIMEON G. REED (1830-1895) Steamboat operator that setlled in Portland, Oregon, 1852. Partner in the Oregon Steam and Navigation Co. His fortune was used to found Reed College in 1911. THOMAS B. REED (1839-1902) Congressman from Maine 1877-1899. Speaker of the House 1889-1891. WALTER REED (1851-1902) Physician that figured out that yellow fever was transmitted by the mosquito. Walter Reed Hospital is named for him. ADA REHAN (1860-1916) Leading lady of the theatre in New York and London. DANIEL G. REID (1858-1925) Captilist. Director of U.S. Steel Co.. ELIAS REISBERG (1886-1943) Labor leader born in Russia. As official of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union he worked to eliminate the "sweatshop" operators. FELIX REISENBERG (1879-1939) Shipmaster, author of books on seamanship. His best known book is "Standard Seamanship for the Merchant Service". FREDERIC REMINGTON (1861-1909) Painter, sculptor, author. Considered unsurpassed in his works of Indians, cowboys, and frontiersmen. FRANCIS A. RETKA (1877-1938) Catholic priest who was superintendant of The Holy Family Orphan Asylum in 1915, at Emsworth, Pa. PAUL REVERE (1735-1818) Born in Boston. Became one of the better known patriots of the Revolutionary War. JOSEPH REYNOLDS (1822-1899) Union Major-General. Commanded a Division in Army of the Cumberland and later served as Chief of Staff. R. J. REYNOLDS (1850-1918) Founder of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. 1875. JAMES FORD RHODES (1848-1927) Historian and author from Ohio. JEAN RIBAUT (1520-1565) French mariner. Started settlement in South Carolina 1562. ALICE H. RICE (1870-1942) American author. Best known for "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch". HENRY M. RICE (1816-1894) Indian trader, Minnesota pioneer. Senator from Minnesota 1858-1863. EDWARD RICHARDSON (1877-1944) Surgeon. Professor of gynecology Johns Hopkins. HENRY H. RICHARDSON (1838-1836) Architect who set the style in eastern U.S. in the late 19th century. JAMES B. RICHARDSON (1832-1911) Judge active in Boston politics. LUNSFORD RICHARDSON (1891-1944) President of Vick Chemical Co. 1929-1938. WILLIAM A. RICHARDSON (1821-1896) U.S. Secretary of the Treasury 1867-1873. REINHOLD RICHTER (1857-1898) First American officer killed in the Phillipines during Spanish- American War at the battle of Malate. Member of a regiment from San Francisco. HOWARD T. RICKETTS (1871-1910) Pathologist. Known for studies of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. WILLIAM J. RIDDLE (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Carrabulle" when it was torpedoed by the German sub "U-106" in 1942. ARTHUR RIGGS (1879-1942) Editor, author. Editor" Manila Daily Bulletin" and the magazine "Art and Archeology" 1925-1935. JACOB RIIS (1849-1914) Journalist, reformer. Through his writing in the New York Tribune he affected massive reforms in the slums of New York. JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY (1849-1916) Poet from Indiana. JOHN RINGLING (1866-1936) Circus owner. Ringling Brothers Circus. Financed the building of the original Madison Square Garden. Built railroads in Wyoming and Montana. EDWARD P. RIPLEY (1845-1920) President of the Atchison, Topeka @ Santa Fe Railroad 1896-1920. ALBERT C. RITCHIE (1876-1936) Governor of Maryland 1919-1934. DAVID RITTENHOUSE (1732-1796) Instrument maker, astronomer, mathematician. First director of the U.S. Mint 1792. DAREL M. RITFER (1922-1943) Merchant seaman killed on the "S.S. Henry Knox" in the Indian Ocean 1943. WILLIAM E. RITTER (1856-1943) Zoologist. Biology instructor University of California. Director of Scripps Institute of Oceanography. RAFAEL R. RIVERA (1921-1943) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. William C. Gorgas" in the North Atlantic when torpedoed by German submarine 1943. JOHN ROACH (1813-1887) Shipbuilder. Launched 126 ships 1872-1886 from yard in Chester, Pa. HENRY M. ROBERTS (1837-1923) Army engineer, parlementarian. Author of "Roberts Rules of Order". CLARENCE ROBERTS (1890-1942) Oklahoma county agent who wrote "The Business of Farming". ORAN M. ROBERTS (1815-1898) Governor of Texas 1878-1880. BEN ROBERTSON (1903-1943) Newspaperman. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Associated Press, Saturday Evening Post, New' York Herald Tribune. JAMES ROBERTSON (1742-1814) Pioneer, Indian fighter. Founded city of Nashville, Tenn. MORGAN ROBERTSON (1861-1915) Merchant seaman and author of sea stories. Best known "Where Angels Fear to Tread" 1899. THOMAS B. ROBERTSON (1779-1828) Congressman from Louisiana 1807-1812. Governor 1820-1824. JOHN N. ROBINS (1852-1923) Civil War soldier who founded shipyard of Handren and Robins at Erie Basin in1869. This eventually evolved into the Todd Corp. in 1915. ALBERT A. ROBINSON (1844-1918) Engineer who supervised the construction of the Atchinson, Topeka @ Santa Fe Railroad !871-1893. CHARLES ROBINSON (1818-1894) Physician, California pioneer and legislator. Moved to Kansas and became Governor 1861. EDWIN A. ROBINSON (1869-1935) Poet from Maine. HENRY M. ROBINSON (1881-1939) Presbyterian clergyman and educator. JAMES H. ROBINSON (1863-1936) Historian. Professor at Barnard and Columbia. JOSEPH T. ROBINSON (1872-1937) Congressman from Arkansas 1903-1913. Govemor 1913. Senator 1913- 1937. Senate Democratic leader 1923. Strong supporter of FDR. KNUTE ROCKNE (1888-1931) Football coach at Notre Dame 1918-1931. BERNARD L. RODMAN (1896-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Arcata" when it was shelled by Japanese submarine 1942 in Gulf of Alaska. CAESAR RODNEY (1728-1784) Member of the First Continental Congress from Deleware. President of Deleware 1778. JOHN A. ROEBLING (1806-1869) Engineer, bridge builder. Designer and builder of the Brooklyn Bridge which was completed by his son after he died. Founder of the John A. Roebling Wire Co. MOSES ROGERS (1779-1821) Steamboat captain. Commanded the "Phoenix" in 1809 when it made the first ocean voyage of a steam vessel. Commanded the "Savannah" on voyage to Liverpool 1819. ROBERT ROGERS (1731-1795) Leader of Rogers Rangers in the Indian Wars. W. B. ROGERS (1845-1914) Lawyer and author from Philadelphia, he operated boats on the Ohio River and became the first President of the Ohio Valley Improvement Assc. WILL ROGERS. (1879-1935) Humorist, actor. Killed in crash with Wiley Post near Pt. Barrow, on a trip around the world 1935. JAMES ROLPH (1869-1934) Successful in shipping and banking. Mayor of San Francisco for 19 years. Governor of California 1930. 0LE E. ROLVAAG (1876-1931) Author, educator. Professor of Norwegian at St. Olaf College, Minn. LEONARDO L. ROMERO (1909-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the S.S. "Stephen Hopkins" sunk by a German raider in the South Atlantic. KERMIT ROOSEVELT (1889-1943) Soldier. Son of Theodore Roosevelt. THEODORE ROOSEVELT (1858-1919) Author, soldier. President of United States 1901-1908. ELIHU ROOT (1845-1937) Secretary of War 1899-1901. Secretary of State 1905. Won the Nobel Peace Prize 1912. JANET LORD ROPER (1869-1943) Head of Missing Seamen Bureau. For many years she was with the Seamen's Church Institute, Battery St., New York. JOHN CARTER ROSE (1861-1927) Maryland jurist. Member of Teddy Roosevelt's "tennis cabinet". URIAH M. ROSE (1834-1913) Jurist and legal writer from Arkansas. WILLIAM S. ROSECRANS (1819-1898) Union army Major-General. Congressman from California 1881-1885. ABRAHAM ROSENBERG (1838-1925) Author, biblical scholar. Distinquished rabbi. JULIUS ROSENWALD (1862-1932) Merchant, philanthropist. President of Sears, Roebuck Co. 1910-1925. BETSY ROSS (1752-1836) Seamstress who made the first United States flag. EDMUND G. ROSS (1826-1907) Anti slavery advocate. Union soldier. Senator from Kansas 1866-1871. Governor of New Mexico Territory 1885-1889. GEORGE ROSS (1730-1779) Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Member of the First and Second Continental Congress, from Pennsylvania. J .D. ROSS (1872-1939) Electrical engineer for the city of Seattle. Ross Dam is named for him. JOHN ROSS (1790-1866) Cherokee chief. Head of the United Indian Nations 1839-1866. PONTUS H. ROSS (1879-1937) One of America's outstanding agricultural leaders in Arizona. JOHN H. ROSSETER (1869-1936) Director of operations for the War Shipping Board in World War I. President Sperry Flour Co.; V.P.W.R. Grace Co.; General Manager Pacific Mail S.S. Co. I921. ANDREW ROWAN (1857-1942) American army officer who, during the Spanish - American War, delivered the famous "Message to Garcia". JAMES ROWAN (????-????) Yankee fur trader. As Master of the "Hazard" he is credited with bringing the first ship, flying the U.S. flag, through the Golden Gate in 1799. ROBERT ROWAN (????-????) Captain in Revolutionary War from Bladen County, SC. Delegate to the Second Provincial Congress 1775. PETER TRIMBLE ROWE (1856-1942) First Episcopal bishop of Alaska. JOSIAH ROYCE (1855-1916) Educator. The most influencial American philosopher of his day. BEN A. RUFFIN (1878-1939) President of the Lions International Club of Virginia. THOMAS RUFFIN (1787-1870) Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court 1833-1852. SEGUNDO RUIZ-BELVIS (1829-1867) Patriot, abolitionist, jurist, from Puerto Rico. JAMES RUMSEY (1743-1792) Inventor of first steam vessel that propelled itself with steam and water out it's stem 1787. BENJAMIN RUSH (1745-1813) Physician, Revolutionary patriot. Member of the Continental Congress. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. RICHARD RUSH (1780-1859) U.S. Attorney General 1814-1817. Secretary of State briefly under Monroe. Secretary of the Treasury 1825. JEREMIAH M. RUSK (1830-1893) Governor of Wisconsin. Secretary of Agriculture 1889. THOMAS J. RUSK (1803-1857) Texas pioneer, soldier, jurist. Senator from Texas 1846. BRIGADIER GENERAL CLINTON W. RUSSELL (????-????) General in charge of Ft. Pickering (Memphis) 1809. This ship laid down as the "S.S. Robert W. Bingham". CHARLES M. RUSSELL (1865-1926) Artist specializing in Western art. IRWIN RUSSELL (1853-1879) Negro poet from Mississippi. EDWARD RUTLEDGE (1749-1800) Member of the Continental Congress from South Carolina. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Governor of South Carolina 1798-1800. ALBERT P. RYDER (1847-1917) Painter from New Bedford.

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