EDWARD J. O'BRIEN (1890-1941) Author, editor from Boston. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN (1744-1818) Revolutionary naval officer from Maine. His capture of the British schooner "Margaretta" in 1775 was the United States' first naval victory. MATTHEW J. O'BRIEN (????-1898) Chief engineer on the Confederate ship "Alabama" when it was sunk by the Union ship "Kearsarge" in 1864, off Cherbourg, France. Later was U.S. Supervisor of Steam Vessels in New Orleans. RICHARD O'BRIEN (1758-1824) Privateer from Maine. Minister to Algiers, 1796. CARDINAL O'CONNELL (1859-1944) Archbishop of Boston who was made a Cardinal, 1911. EUGENE E. O'DONNELL (????-????) Shipmaster. Served with U.S. Shipping Board World War I. Vice President of C.H. Sprague and Son, 1918. President Eastern Steamship Line, 1928. FRANCIS J. O'GARA (1917-1981) The only living person to have a Liberty ship named for him. WSA representitive on the "S.S. Jean Nicolet," sunk in the Indian Ocean, 1944. The crew was massacred by the Japanese but O'Gara was taken prisoner and found alive in a prisoner of war camp in 1945. EDWIN JOSEPH O'HARA (1923-1942) Merchant seaman aboard the S.S. "Stephen Hopkins" when it was sunk in the South Atlantic, 1942. BERNARDO O'HIGGINS (1778-1842) Chilean soldier and statesman. Dictator of Chile, 1822. JAMES J. O'KELLY (1735-1826) North Carolina Methodistpreacher and anti-slavery leader. RALPH T. O'NEIL (1888-1940) Commander of the American Legion, 1930-1931. ANNIE OAKLEY (1860-1926) Markswomen born in Ohio. Attraction in circuses. ADOLPH S. OCHS (1858-1935) Newspaper publisher of Chattanoga Times, 1878, and New York Times, 1896. Spent his later life in philanthropy and public causes. JOHN MARY ODIN (1801-1870) Catholic clergyman. Archbishop of New Orleans, 1861. CARL OFTEDAL (1907-????) Journalist jailed by Nazis in 1940 and released at war's end. This ship laid down as the "George N. Drake." Transferred to the Norwegian government while under construction and renamed "Carl Oftedal." FRANCIS B. OGDEN (1783-1857) Engineer. Pioneer in designing steamboat engines. PETER SKENE OGDEN (1793-1854) Fur trader, explorer. First to reach the Great Salt Lake region. Ogden, Utah, is named for him. WILLIAM B. OGDEN (1805-1877) New York land developer. Moved to Chicago and became its first mayor 1837. First president of Union Pacific Railroad, 1862. RICHARD J. OGLESBY (1824-1899) Union General. Governor of Illinois, 1865-1869; 1872-1873; 1885-1889. Senator, 1873-1879. JAMES OGLETHORPE (1696-1785) English colonist who settled Georgia, 1733. FREMONT OLDER (1856-1935) Printer, editor, reformer. Editor of San Francisco Bulletin, 1895, and San Francisco Call, 1918. JAMES OLIVER (1822-1908) Cooper, foundryman, inventor. Worked mainly in the design and manufacture of plows. RICHARD OLNEY (1835-1917) U.S. Attorney General, 1893-1894. Secretary of State, 1895. LEIF M. OLSEN (1913-1942) Merchant seaman on the "S.S. Caddo" lost when it was torpedoed in the North Atlantic, 1942. JULIUS OLSEN (1873-1943) Professor at Hardin-Simmons College in Abilene, Texas, 1902-1942. FLOYD B. OLSON (1891-1936) Farmer- Labor leader. Governor of Minnesota, 1931-1936. SOTOR ORTYNSKY (1866-1916) Catholic prelate. Greek Catholic Bishop of the United States, 1907. BEN T. OSBORNE (????-????) Executive Secretary, Oregon State Federation of Labor. CHIEF OSCEOLA (1800-1838) Seminole Chief. Leader of the Second Seminole War. J. C. OSGOOD (1851-1926) President of the Colorado Coal and Iron Co. WILLIAM OSLER (1849-1919) Professor of clinical medicine at the University of Pennsylvania for 21 years. The greatest medical figure of his time. ELISHA GRAVES OTIS (1811-1861) Mechanic, inventor. Invented the elevator, 1861. HARRISON GRAY OTIS (1765-1848) Congressman from Massachusetts, 1797-1801. Senator, 1817-1822. Mayor of Boston, 1829-1832. JAMES OTIS (1725-1783) Political leader of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1761-1765. WILLIAM B. OTWELL (1877-1941) His paper "Otwell's Farmer Boy" gave impetus to the movement which grew to become today's 4-H Club program. RICHARD V. OULAHAN (1867-1931) Newspaperman with the New York Times and New York Sun. CHIEF OURAY (1833-1880) Chief of the Utes who led negotiations with the U.S. that lead to the Treaty of 1868 with the seven Ute tribes. LEE S. OVERMAN (1854-1930) Senator from North Carolina, 1903-1930. JOHN OWEN (1849-1939) Lumberman. President of the John Owen Lumber Co. in Wisconsin. ROBERT DALE OWEN (1801-1877) Social reformer. Congressman from Indiana, 1843-1847. Helped establish the Smithsonian Institution. THOMAS W. OWEN (1866-1920) Founder of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. MICHAEL J. OWENS (1859-1923) Inventor that perfected the first bottle blowing machine, 1895.

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