ABNER NASH (1716-1786) Member of the Constitutional Congress from Virginia. Also member of the Continental Congress. Governor of North Carolina 1781. FRANCIS NASH (1742-1777) Revolutionary soldier from Virginia. Nashville, Tennessee, was named in his honor. This ship assigned to Norwegian government upon completion and renamed "Fridt Job Nansen". THOMAS NAST (1840-1902) Political cartoonist. Responsible for the Democrats Donkey symbol. JOSE NAVARRO (1795-1870) Army officer who advocated Texas Independence from Mexico. Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. ROBERT NEIGHBORS (1815-1859) Texas pioneer born in Virginia. Indian agent 1847. KNUTE NELSON (1843-1923) Norwegian born Civil War soldier. Congressman from Minnesota 1883-1889. Governor of Minnesota 1892-1895. Senator from 1895-1923. SAMUEL NELSON (1792-1873) Justice of the Supreme Court 1845-1872. THOMAS NELSON (1738-1789) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia. Governor of Virginia 1781. WILLIAM R. NELSON (1841-1915) Founder and owner of the Kansas City Star 1880. JOSIAH NELSON CUSHING (1840-1905) Baptist missionary in Burma. JAMES W. NESMITH (1820-1885) Senator from Oregon 1861-1867. EDWIN S. NETTLETON (1831-1901) Engineer responsible for most irrigation systems in Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho. ETHELBERT NEVIN (1862-1901) Composer from Pennsylvania. ANDREW J. NEWBURY (1845-1919) Shipmaster appointed Commissioner of Pilotagefor New Jersey, 1888. President of Marine Society of New York. Trustee of Sailor's Snug Harbor 1900- 1908. STANFORD NEWEL (1839-1907) Minister to the Netherlands 1897-1905. FREDERICK H. NEWELL (1862-1932) Chief Engineer of the Reclamation Service 1902-1907. ROBERT NEWELL (1807-1869) Trapper, Oregon pioneer. One of the first settlers in the Willameette Valley 1840. FRANCIS G. NEWLANDS (1848-1917) Senator from California 1903-1917. CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT (1565-1617) Mariner who served with Drake. Headed the party of colonist to Virginia and selected the site of Jamestown 1607. WILLIAM FORD NICHOLS (1849-1924) Episcopal clergyman from New York. Bishop of California 1893. ELIZA JANE NICHOLSON (1849-1896) Co-owner of the "New Orleans Picayune" 1876-1896. JOSEPH H. NICHOLSON (1770-1817) Congressman from Maryland 1799-1806. JOHN G. NICOLAY (1832-1901) Journalist. President Lincoln's private secretary. JEAN NICOLET (1598-1642) 17th century French explorer in the Great Lakes area. JOSEPH N. NICOLLET (1786-1843) Surveyor of the upper Mississippi and Missouri 1838. JOHN I. NOLAN (1874-1922) Congressman from California 1913-1923. CHARLES NORDHOFF (1830-1901) Journalist, seaman. Served in the merchant marine and became managing editor of the New York Evening Post. LILLIAN NORDICA (1859-1914) Actress from Maine. Real name Lillian Norton. FRANK NORRIS (1870-1902) Journalist, novelist, war correspondent during Sanish-American War. GEORGE W. NORRIS (1808-1875) Professor of clinical surgery University of Pennsylvania. JOHN G. NORTH (1823-1872) Norwegian emigrant to California in 1849. Shipbuilder who built first three masted schooner on West Coast, the "Susan and Kate Denin" 1860. ELIPHALET NOTT (1773-1866) Presbyterian clergyman, educator, inventor. CROSBY S. NOYES (1825-1908) Journalist. Co-owner Washington Star 1855. THOMAS NUTTALL (1786-1859) Botanist, orthanoligist. Explorer of the Arkansas, Missouri and Red Rivers. Also explored Columbia River 1834. EDGAR W. NYE (1850-1896) Journalist, humorist. Authored "History of the Unitewd States" 1894. JAMES W. NYE (1814-1876) Territorial Governor of Nevada 1861. Senator from Nevada 1864-1873.

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