WILLIAM P. MACARTHUR (1814-1850) Navy officer, hygrographer. Commanded the first scientific survey of the Pacific Coast from Monterey to Columbia. FLORA MACDONALD (1722-1790) Scottish Jacobite heroine. Resided in North Carolina 1774-1779. THOMAS MACDONAUGH (1783-1825) Naval officer in the Tripoli Wars and War of 1812. EDWARD A. MACDOWELL (1861-1908) Musician, composer. His works were highly original and colorful. IRVIN MACDOWELL (1818-1885) Soldier in Mexican War and a General in the in Union Army. JULIAN W. MACK (1866-1943) Federal judge and friend of Chief Justice Brandeis. Chairman of Jewish delegation to the Peace Conference 1919. NORMAN E. MACK (1858-1932) Established the Sunday Times in Buffalo 1879. JOHN W. MACKAY (1831-1902) Founder of Postal Telegraph Co. in San Francisco. KENNETH A. J. MACKENZIE (1797-1861) Fur trader, merchant. Organized the Columbia Fur Co. in 1822. Active in the upper Missouri fur trade. WILLIAM MACLAY (1734-1804) Member of the first U.S. Congress from Pennsylvania Senator from 1789-1791. DONALD MACLEAY (1834-1897) Shipowner, banker, from Portland, Oregon. WILLIAM F. MACLENNAN (????-????) Worked for Treasury Dept. as Chief of Warrants, Estimates and Appropriations 1871-1909. ALEXANDER MACOMB (1782-1841) One of the first to attend West Point. Active in the War of 1812. Commanding General U.S. Army 1828. Head of the Corps of Engineers 1821. NATHANIEL MACON (1758-1837) Revolutionary soldier from North Carolina. Congressman Speaker of the House, Senator 1815-1828. FRANKLIN MACVEAGH (1837-1934) Wholesale grocer. Secretary of the Treasury 1909-13. WAYNE MACVEAGH (1833-1917) Attorney General 1881. Minister to Turkey and Italy. DOLLY MADISON (1768-1849) Wife of James Madison 1794. Actual first name Dolley. JAMES MADISON (1750-1836) Secretary of State 1801. President 1809-1817. JOHN N. MAFFITT (1819-1886) Confederate Navy officer, Commander of combat and blockade ships JAMES G. MAGUIRE (1853-1920) Congressman from California 1893-1899. PATRICK S. MAHONEY (1888-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S.J.A. Moffett" torpedoed off the Florida Keys in 1942. ALEXANDER MAJORS (1814-1900) Founder of the Pony Express in 1860. FRANKLIN P. MALL (1862-1917) Head of the Medical Departwtent Johns Hopkins 1914. EDMOND MALLET (1842-1907) Writer and historian influential in French-American circles. CLIFFORD D. MALLORY (1881-1941) Asst. Director of Shipping operations for War Shipping Board during the first World War. Founder of the Mallory Steamship Co. STEPHEN R. MALLORY (1813-1873) Senator from Florida 1851-1860. Confederate Secretary of the Navy DAULTON MANN (1893-1941) Vice-president of Panama Mail and Grace Line. HORACE MANN (1896-1859) Responsible for the public school system in the U.S.. Congressman from Massachusetts 1848-1853. JAMES MANNING (1738-1791) President of Rhode Island College 1765. JACOB S. MANSFELD (1835-1894) Brought first newspaper to Nevada. Established Pioneer News Bureau in Arizona. Drafted first charter for Tucson. First regent U. of Arizona. ARCHIBALD R. MANSFIELD (1871-1934) Clergyman active in New York City Seaman's Inststitue. RICHARD MANSFIELD (1854-1907) Foremost actor and opera singer in later part of Nineteenth Century. WILLIAM L MARCY (1786-1857) Senator from New York 1831-1833. Governor of New York 1833-1839. Secretary of War 1845-1849. Secretary of State 1853-1857. FRANCIS MARION (1732-1793) South Carolina Revolutionary War soldier known as "Swamp Fox". JOHN H. MARION (1836-1891) Editor of Prescott, Arizona, newspaper 1862. EDWIN MARKHAM (1852-1940) Oregon poet. Author of "The Man With a Hoe", one of the most popular poems of all time, first published in the San Francisco Examiner 1899. WARREN P. MARKS (1924-1943) Merchant seaman killed in the bombing of the "S.S. Timothy Pickering" while discharging in Sicily 1943. PERE MARQUETTE (1637-1675) Jesuit missionary and explorer. With Joliet he was the first to follow the course of the Mississippi River. DON MARQUIS (1878-1937) Journalist, humorist from Illinois. Wrote for New York Evening Sun. GEORGE A. MARR (1866-1943) Expert on Inland Waterways. Influential in making the Great Lakes one of the world's most important inland waterways. ANDREW MARSCHALK (????-1837) Brought first printing press to Mississippi 1797. Edited and printed several early Mississipi newspapers. GRANT P. MARSH (1834-1915) Mississippi River pilot and riverboat captain. Friend of Mark Twain. CHARLES H. MARSHALL (1792-1865) Sea captain, shipping executive. Commanded packet ships. Principal owner of the Black Ball Line. JAMES W. MARSHALL (1810-1885) Co-founder of gold in California with Sutter. JOHN MARSHALL (1755-1835) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 1801-1835. Secretary of State 1800. LOUIS MARSHALL (1856-1929) Publisher from New York. President of the American Jewish League. THOMAS R. MARSHALL (1854-1925) Governor of Indiana 1908. Vice President 1913-1921. Best known for "What this country really needs is a good 5 cent cigar". JOSE MARTI (1853-1895) Cuban patriot and author. ALEXANDER MARTIN (1740-1807) Governor of North Carolina 1782-84, 1789-92. U.S. Senator 1793-1799. JOSEPH H. MARTIN (1895-1943) World expert on poultry science, from Purdue University. LUTHER MARTIN (1748-1829) Revolutionary patriot from New Jersey. Lawyer who defended Aaron Burr at his treason trial 1807. O. B. MARTIN (1870-1935) Agricultural expert from South Carolina. FLORENCE MARTUS (1863-1943) Savannah character known as the "Waving Girl", who waved at seamen sailing in and out of that port for 43 years. Ships answered with 3 blasts. ROSS G. MARVIN (1880-1909) Arctic explorer who accompanied Peary party that discovered North Pole 1908-1909. Lost in the Arctic 1909. WINTHROP L. MARVIN (1863-1926) Steamship official. Member U.S. Merchant Marine Committee 1901- 1904. General Manager American Steamship Association. THOMAS G. MASARYK (1850-1937) First president of Czechoslovakia 1918-1935. JOHN MASON (1600-1672) Settled in Massachusetts 1633. Founded Windsor, Mass. 1635. COTTON MATHER (1662-1727) Puritan clergyman, scholar, author. STEPHEN T. MATHER (1867-1930) As Assistant Secretary of the Interior he was the organizer of the National Park Service. CHRISTY MATHEWSON (1880-1925) Baseball pitcher with the New York Giants who won 511 games. CLARENCE H. MATSON (1872-1943) As Port Commissioner was responsible for the development of Los Angeles Harbor. WILLIAM MATSON (1849-1917) Foumder of the Matson Navigation Co. BRANDER MATTHEWS (1852-1929) Author born in New Orleans. Taught literature at Columbia 1892-1924. GEORGE MATTHEWS (1855-1911) Editor of the Buffalo Express. STANLEY MATTHEWS (1824-1889) Senator from Ohio 1877-1879. Supreme Court Justice 1881-1889. MATTHEW MAURY (1806-1873) Naval officer, oceanographer. Did the first in depth studies of winds and currents. Responsible for the uniform system of recording oceanographic data. HIRAM S. MAXIM (1840-1916) Inventor of the "Maxim" machine gun 1883. LUCIEN B. MAXWELL (1818-1873) Frontiersman, rancher, Indian fighter who served with the Fremont Expedition 1845-1846. WILLIAM W. MAYO (1818-1911) Surgeon. Father of the famous Mayo brothers. MAYO BROTHERS (1861-1939) William Mayo. (1865-1939) Charles Mayo. Surgeons who founded the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. 1889. FILLIP MAZZEI (1730-1816) Italian who came to Virginia in 1773 and introduced grapes, olives, and other fruits. Confidante of Thomas Jefferson. WILLIAM G. MCADOO (1853-1930) Congressman from New Jersey 1883-1891. Assistant Secretary of the Navy 1893-1897. Senator from California 1933-1938. Secretary of the Treasury 1913-1918. Candidate for President 1920 and 1924. CHARLES A. MCALLISTER (1867-1932) Marine engineer. Chief Engineer of the Revenue Cutter Service U.S. Coast Guard. President Ameican Bureau of Shipping 1919. ROBERT R. MCBURNEY (1837-1898) Responsible for the organization of the YMCA. JOHN L. MCCARLEY (1916-1942) Merchant seaman killed in the bombing and strafing of the "S.S. Pan Kraft" off Iceland 1942. LORENZO C. MCCARTHY (1881-1941) Catholic theologian who became President of Providence College 1927, at which time he was regarded as youngest college president in U.S. MORTON M. MCCARVER (1807-1875) Founded town of Tacoma, Wash. C. K. MCCLATCHY (1858-1936) Editor of the Sacramento Bee 1884. JAMES H. MCCLINTOCK (1864-1934) Arizona journalist and soldier. Commanded a troop of "Rough Riders" in Spanish American War 1898. CYRUS H. MCCORMICK (1808-1884) Inventor of the reaping machine 1831. JAMES MCCOSH (1811-1894) Presbyterian clergyman. President of Princeton 1868. ISAAC MCCOY (1784-1846) Baptist missionary in Indonesia. W.W. MCCRACKIN (1842-1913) Early day banker in Butte and Hamilton, Montana 1880s. GEORGE W. MCCRARY (1835-1890) Congressman from Iowa 1869-1877. Secretary of War 1877-1879. CHARLES A. MCCUE (1879-1942) Agriculturist with the U.S. Forest Service. HUGH MCCULLOCH (1808-1895) Secretary of the Treasury 1884. JOSEPH S. MCDONAGH (1878-1944) Union official with the International Brotherhood of Electricians. ANGUS MCDONALD (1878-1944) President of Southern Pacific R.R. 1932. JOHN MCDONOGH (1779-1850) Merchant and philanthropist in New Orleans. BERT MCDOWELL (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Virginia" was torpedoed off the mouth of the Mississippi in 1942. GEORGE B. MCFARLAND (1866-1942) Known as the "Grandfather of Modern Medicine in Thailand". He served the .Bangkok community as doctor and dentist for 25 years. THOMAS A. MCGINLEY (1880-1940) Graduated Yale 1901. President of Duff Manufacturing, Pittsburgh. JOHN J. MCGRAW (1873-1934) Manager of the New York Giants 1902-1932. CHARLES N. MCGROARTY (????-????) Public Department Service, U.S. Treasury. WILLIAM II. MCGUFFEY (1800-1873) President of Ohio University 1839. Famous for "McGuffey Reader". PETER J. MCGUIRE (1852-1906) Bom in Philadelphia. One of the founders of A.F. of L. 1886. Founder of Labor Day. JAMES MCHENRY (1785-1845) Irish poet and novelist from Baltimore. Author of historical tales. JOHN H. MCINTOSH (1858-1941) General council for New York Life. SAMUEL MCINTYRE (1757-1811) Architect. Renowned wood carver. CHARLES D. MCIVER (1860-1906) President of the North Carolina College for women 1892-1906. GEORGE P. MCKAY (1838-1918) A leader in development of the "Great Lakes Trade". Pioneered construction of steel ships on Great Lakes. JAMES I. MCKAY (1792-1853) Congressman from North Carolina 1831-1849. THOMAS MCKEAN (1734-1817) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Pennsylvania. WILLIAM W. MCKEE (1916-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Bienville, sunk by Japanese bombers in the Bay of Bengal 1942. JOSEPH MCKENNA (1843-1926) Congressman from California 1885-1892. U.S. Attorney General 1897- 1898. Supreme Court Justice 1898-1925. WILLIAM M. MCKINLEY (1843-1901) Congressman from Ohio 1877-1891. Governor 1891-1896. President of the U.S. 1896-1901. He was assassinated in Buffalo 1901. JOHN MCKINLEY (1780-1852) Senator from Alabama 1826-1831. Congressman 1833-1835. Supreme Court Justice 1837-1852. COLLIN MCKINNEY (1873-1944) Justice of the Supreme Court of Tennessee 1918-1944. LOUIS MCLANE (1786-1857) Congressman from Deleware 1817-1827. Senator 1827-1829. Secretary of the Treasury 1831-1833. Secretary of State 1833-1834. President of Baltimore and Ohio R.R. 1837-1847. JOHN MCLEAN (1785-1861) Congressman from Ohio 1813-1816. Postmaster General 1823 -1829. Supreme Court Justice 1829-1861. WILLIAM L. MCLEAN (1852-1931) Publisher, philanthropist. Published the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin. Reorganized the United Press in 1900. GEORGE B. McCLELLAN (1826-1885) Explorer and Union General during Civil War. Presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket 1864. JOHN MCLOUGHLIN (1784-1857) Fur trader. Chief factor of the Hudson Bay Co. Established Fort Vancouver, the present city of Vancouver, Wa. 1825. AUGUSTINE B. MCMANUS (????-????) Graduate of N.Y. schoolship "St. Marys' 1895. Spanish War vet. Many years with Hydrographic Bureau. Inagurated the ice patrol by the Coast Guard after Titanic disaster. JOHN T. MCMILLAN (1885-1943) President Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Co. 1930-1943. CHARLES L. MCNARY (1874-1944) Senator from Oregon 1917-1940. McNary Dam is named for him. R. NEY MCNEELEY (1883-1915) North Carolina legislator appointed Consul to Aden 1915. L. H. MCNELLY (1844-1877) Texas Ranger who established law and order southern Texas 1870s. JAMES B. MCPHERSON (1828-1864) Union General during the Civil War from Ohio. JOHN R. MCQUIGG (1865-1928) Lawyer, banker, from Ohio. Served in World War 1 and became commander of the American Legion 1925. ELWOOD MEAD (1858-1936) Irrigation engineer from Indiana. Director of the American Bureau of Reclamation 1924. GEORGE G. MEADE (1815-1872) Soldier, engineer. Constructed the lighthouses on Chesapeake. Major General during the Civil War. THOMAS F. MEAGHER (1823-1867) Irish born Union Civil War general. Governor of Montana 1865. OTTO MEARS (1840-1941) Russian born Colorado pioneer 1865. Constructed several toll roads and the Rio Grande Southern Railroad in southwestern Colorado. MILTON B. MEDARY (1874-1929) Architect. Designed the Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge. Noted for his use of the Gothic style. JOSEPH M. MEDILL (1823-1899) Newspaperman. Founded the Cleveland Leader. Co-founder of the Chicago Tribune. Founder of the Republican party. EZRA MEECH (1773-1856) Congressman from Vermont 1810-1821; 1825-1827. JOSEPH L. MEEK (1810-1875) Oregon pioneer. Settled in the Willamette Valley 1840. EZRA MEEKER (1830-1928) Oregon and Washington pioneer 1851. HENRY MEIGGS (1811-1877) Lumber merchant, railroad builder. Absconded to Peru leaving a million dollars debt. Became head of Chilean Railroad. JOHN W. MELDRUM (1843-1936) Wyoming pioneer 1868. First U.S. Commissioner Yellowstone Park. MARIE M. MELONEY (1883-1943) Ne Mattingly to 1904. Editor of "Women's Magazine" 1914-1920. HERMAN MELVILLE (1819-1891) Author of "Moby Dick" 1851. PEDRO MENENDEZ (1519-1574) Spanish naval officer who colonized Florida and massacred French. EDWIN T. MEREDITH (1876-1928) Journalist, publisher. Founded "Better Homes and Gardens" 1922. Secretary of Agriculture 1920-1921. WILLIAM M. MEREDITH (1799-1873) Secretary of the Treasury 1849-1850. GEORGE E. MERRICK (1886-1944) Developer of Coral Gables, Fla.. Founder of the University of Miami. JOHN MERRICK (1859-1919) Negro insurance executive who founded North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance. LEON S. MERRILL (1864-1933) Agroculturist. Federal Food Administrator 1917-1918. AUGUSTUS S. MERRIMON (1830-1892) Senator from North Carolina 1873-1879. ISRAEL J. MERRITT (1829-1911) Salvage expert, inventor. Patented pontoon device for raising sunken vessels. LEONIDAS MERRITT (1824-1926) Prospector who discovered the Masabi Range of ore in Minnesota 1887. JESSE H. METCALF (1860-1942) Senator from Rhode Island 1924-1937. GEORGE VON L. MEYER (1858-1918) U.S. Postmaster general 1907-1909. Secretary of the Navy 1909-1913. MOINA MICHAEL (1869-1944) Georgia educator who organized veteran's memorial "Poppy Day"in 1918. CHRISTIAN MICHELSEN (1857-1925) First Premier of Norway 1905-1907. ALBERT A. MICHELSON (1852-1931) Phycicist. Main contribution was the measuring the velocity of light. GEORGE MIDDLEMAS (1829-1903) Pioneer shipbuilder on Pacific Coast. Was president of A.B. Patrick Co. and the Middlemas Co. ARTHUR MIDDLETON (1742-1787) Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Member of the Continental Congress. Congressman from South Carolina. HENRY MIDDLETON (1770-1846) Governor of South Carolina 1810-1812. Congressman 1815-1819. Minister to Russia. BENJAMIN R. MILAM (1788-1835) Fought for Texas independence and was killed at the Alamo. JOHN MILLEDGE (1757-1818) Congressman from Georgia 1792-1793; 1795-1799; 1801-1802. Governor of Georgia 1802-1806. Senator 1806-1809. BEN H. MILLER (1908-1942) War correspondent for Baltimore Evening Sun killed in World War II. HARVEY C. MILLER (1827-1916) Largest land owner in the West, owning 22,000 square miles in California, Oregon and Nevada. HENRY MILLER (1800-1874) Physician who founded the Louisville Medical College. JAMES B. MILLER (1776-1851) War of 1812 general who became Governor of Arkansas 1819-1825. JOAQUIN MILLER (1839-1913) Poet and early Oregon settler. "Man with a Hoe" his best known work JOHN MARTIN MILLER (1910-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Potlatch" in 1942, when it was torpedoed by the German submarine U153, east of the Virgin Islands in 1942. JOHN MILLER (1901-1943) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Deer Lodge" when torpedoed off South Africa 1943. SAMUEL F. MILLER (1816-1890) Justice of the Supreme Court from Iowa 1862-1890. WEBB MILLER (1892-1940) Foreign correspondent for United Press. ABBOT L. MILLS (1858-1927) Employed by A. A. Low Bros. operating clipper ships in China and California trade. Moved to Oregon in 1882 and became prominent banker in Portland. ANSON MILLS (1834-1924) Union soldier and Indian fighter, surveyor. Platted E1 Paso, Texas, and gave the city it's name 1866. CLARK MILLS (1810-1883) Sculptor, pioneer bronze founder. Responsible for the statue of Andrew Jackson, Lafayette Square, Washington D.C. ENOS A. MILLS (1870-1922) Naturalist, author. Creator of the Rocky Mountain National Park. ROBERT MILLS (1781-1.855) Architect, engineer. First native born professional architect. JOHN MINTO (1822-1915) Early Astoria, Oregon, settler 1844. PETER MINUIT (1580-1638) Director General of the Dutch colony of New Netherlands. Purchased Manhattan Island for $24.00 in 1626. A. PALMER MITCHELL (1872-1936) Member of the 61st and 63rd Congresses from Pennsylvania. U.S. Attorney General 1919-1921. ALEXANDER MITCHELL (1817-1.887) Banker, railroad builder, politician. President of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad. Congressman from Wisconsin 1871-1875. BILLY MITCHELL (1879-1936) Army aviator responsible for the growth of the U.S. Air Force. ELISHA MITCHELL (1793-1857) Presbyterian clergyman, geologist, botanist. Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina, the highest peak in eastern U.S., is named for him. JOHN MITCHELL (1870-1919) Labor leader. President of the United Mineworkers. JOHN P. MITCHELL (1879-1918) Mayor of New York City 1913. Killed in World War I. MARIA MITCHELL (1818-1889) Astronomer, educator. Professor of Astronomy Vassar College 1865. SILAS WEIR MITCHELL (1829-1914) Physician, author. Union Army surgeon. T. E. MITCHELL (1874-1944) Mining engineer who developed the Anaconda Copper Mine - the greatest ore deposit ever discovered. RICHARD MOCZKOWSKI (????-1942) Merchant seaman on the "S.S. Stephen Hopkins" sunk in the South Atlantic 1942. HELENA MODJESKA (1840-1909) Polish-American Shakespearean actress. MICHAEL JAMES MONOHAN (1893-1942) Merchant seaman killed on the "S.S. Gulf America", when torpedoed by the U-123, 5 miles off Jacksonville, in 1942. FRANK ADAIR MONROE (1844-1927) Judge. Confederate soldier from Maryland. HARRIET MONROE (1860-1936) Poet from Illinois. Founder, editor "Poetry: A Magazine of Verse". JAMES MONROE (1758-1831) President of the United States 1817-1825. RICHARD MONTGOMERY (1738-1775) Revolutionary War general killed in the seige of Quebec. DWIGHT L. MOODY (1837-1899) Evangelist who stimulated the YMCA on college campuses. SAMUEL MOODY (1676-1747) Instrumental in founding Congressional Church in Providence, R.I. WILLIAM H. MOODY (1853-1917) Congressman from Massachusetts 1895-1902. Secretary of the Navy 1902-1904. Attorney General 1904. Supreme Court Justice 1906-1910. WILLIAM VAUGHN MOODY (1869-1910) Poet, playwright, educator, from University of Chicago. ALFRED MOORE (1755-1810) Revolutionary War soldier, jurist from North Carolina. Supreme Court Justice 1799-1804. ANDREW MOORE (1752-1821) Revolutionary War soldier. Congressman from Virginia 1789-1797. Senator 1804-1809. EDWIN W. MOORE (1810-1865) Naval officer from Virginia. Commanded the Republic of Texas Navy JAMES BENNETT MOORE (1899-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Masmar" off of Iceland in 1942. JAMES MOORE (????-1706) Indian trader born in Ireland. Settled Charleston 1675. Governor of South Carolina 1700-1703. His birth date is unknown. R. WALTON MOORE (1859-1941) Congressman from Virginia 1919-1931. RANSOM A. MOORE (1861-1941) Agronomist from Wisconsin. RICHARD B. MOORE (1871-1931) Chemist. Credited with the use of helium in balloons. ROGER MOORE (1838-1900) Confederate officer from North Carolina. Prominent in state and local affairs in the Reconstruction era. MICHAEL MORAN (1832-1906) Originally boat operator on the Erie Canal. Moved to New York and started tug boat business. Built his first tug in 1878. PETER MORAN (1841-1914) Landscape and animal painter. Won high repute in field of animal painting. FRANCISCO M. MOREHEAD (1799-1842) Central America statesman born in Honduras. First President of the Confederation of Central America. JOHN M. MOREHEAD (1796-1866) Governor of North Carolina 1841-1845. JOSE M. MORELOS (1765-1815) National hero of Mexico. Follower of the patriot Hidalgo. CHARLES MORGAN (1795-1878) Shipping and railroad owner. Owner of the Morgan Line, running between New York and New Orleans and Texas. DANIEL MORGAN (1736-1802) Revolutionary general commanding troops in North Carolina. JOHN MORGAN (1824-1907) Senator from Alabama 1877-1907. JUSTIN S. MORRILL (1810-1898) Congressman from Vermont 1855-1867. Senator 1866-1898. LOT MORRILL (1812-1883) Governor of Maine 1858-1860. Senator 1863-1876. Secretary of the Treasury 1876-1877. GOUVERNEUR MORRIS (1752-1816) Member of the Continental Congress. Minister to France 1792. Senator from New York 1800-1802. IRA NELSON MORRIS (1875-1942) Diplomat, author. Minister to Sweden. LEWIS MORRIS (1726-1798) Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Member of the Congress 1775-1777, from New York. ROBERT MORRIS (1734-1806) Considered the man that financed the American Revolution. Member of the Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Senator from Pennsylvania 1789-1795. PATRICK H. MORRISSEY (1862-1916) Second Grand Master Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen 1895-1908. DWIGHT W. MORROW (1873-1931) Financier, diplomat. Partner in J. P. Morgan and Co. Ambassador to Mexico. Senator from New Jersey 1930-1931. SAMUEL F. B. MORSE (1791-1872) Artist. Inventor of the telegraph 1844. Invented the "Morse Code". J. STERLING MORTON (1832-1902) Secretary of Agriculture 1893. JOHN MORTON (1724-1777) Signer of the Declaration of Independence and member of the Continental Congress from Pennsylvania. JOHN S. MOSBY (1833-1916) Confederate calvary officer. WILLIAM D. MOSELEY (1795-1863) Born in North Carolina. Governor of Florida 1844-1851. JOHN L. MOTLEY (1814-1877) Historian, diplomat. Minister to Austria and England. LUCRETIA MOTT (1793-1880) Reformer, Quaker preacher. Active in women's rights movement. WILLIAM MOULTRIE (1730-1805) Revolutionary War general. Governor of South Carolina 1792-1796. F. A. C. MUHLENBERG (1750-1801) Member of the Continental Congress. Congressman from Perms, 1789-1797. Speaker of the House. JOHN MUIR (1838-1914) Naturalist, explorer, conservationist. Responsible for the establishment of the Yosemite National Park. WILLIAM MULHOLLAND (1855-1935) Superintendant and engineer of the Los Angeles Waterworks. ORSON D. MUNN (1824-1907) Publisher and co-owner of the "Scientific American". FRANK A. MUNSEY (1854-1925) Publisher. Owner of N.Y. papers "Sun" "Herald" and "Telegram". JOSEPH MURGAS (1864-1929) Catholic priest from Slovakia. Artist and scientist. Had patents on "Tone System of Wireless Telegraphy" which he sold to Marconi. JOHN H. MURPHY (1840-1922) Head of the Afro-American newspaper chain. THOMAS W. MURRAY (1903-1943) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. William C. McTarnahan" when it was damaged by enemy action in the Gulf of Mexico 1943. EDWIN MUSICK (1894-1938) American aviator who commanded first flight of the "China Clipper" in first trans Pacific passenger service. JOHN F. MYERS (????-????) Founder of Oregon Blind Trade School in Portland. Pioneer in adult education for the blind.

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