WILLIAM K. KAMAKA (1914-1943) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. James Smith" when it was torpedoed off French Guiana 1943, by German submarine U-510, while enroute Capetown to Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana. RUDOLPH KAUFFMAN (1853-1927) Editor and part owner of the Washington Evening Star. EDWARD KAVANAGH (1795-1844) Congressman from Maine 1831-1835. Governor of Maine 1843. THOMAS KEARNS (1862-1918) Senator from Utah 1901-1905. PHILLIP KEARNY (1814-1862) Civil War general who had served with Napoleon. Killed in Virginia after serving in 12 engagements. STEPHEN W. KEARNY (1794-1848) Mexican War soldier that helped capture Los Angeles in 1846 and later served as Governor of California 1847. LAURA KEENE (1826-1873) English actress playing Ford's Theatre the night Lincoln was assassinated. WILSON B. KEENE (1887-1935) Leading figure in establishment of American flag shipping to major ports of the world. Vice-president of Munson Line. CHARLES A. KEFFER (1861-1935) Horticulturist from Iowa. J. WARREN KEIFER (1836-1932) Congressman from Ohio. Speaker of the House 1881-1883. MINOR C. KEITH (1848-1929) Central American railroad builder and founder of United Fruit. WILLIAM KEITH (1839-1911) Landscape painter and engraver. HALL J. KELLEY (1790-1874) Teacher, surveyor who influenced American occupation of Oregon. OLIVER KELLEY (1826-1913) Farmer, land speculator. Founder of the Grange 1867. ELIJAH KELLOGG (1813-1901) Congregational clergyman. Writer of adventure stories. FRANK B. KELLOGG (1856-1937) Senator from Minnesota 1917-1923. Secretary of State 1925. VERNON L. KELLOGG (1867-1937) Biologist, writer. Professor at Stanford who assisted Hoover as food administrator during first World War. CLINTON KELLY (1808-1875) Pioneer Methodist minister who settled in Oregon City 1849. COLIN P. KELLY JR. (1915-1941) Army pilot, flying out of the Phillipines, who was credited with sinking the first Japanese ship of World War II on December 9, 1941. HOWARD A. KELLY (1858-1943) Surgeon, gynecologist. Professor at Johns Hopkins. JAMES K. KELLY (1819-1903) Senator from Oregon 1871-1877. LUTHER S. KELLY (1849-1928) Army scout known as "Yellowstone Kelly". WILLIAM KELLY (1770-1832) Senator from Alabama 1822-1825. JOSEPH I. KEMP (1873-1943) Seaman. 33 years at the Fore River Yard in Massachusetts as trial skipper, where he piloted every type of vessel that floats, including submarines. AMOS KENDALL (1789-1869) Postmaster General 1835-1837. GEORGE W. KENDALL (1809-1867) Founder of the "New Orleans Picayune" the first daily newspaper in Louisiana 1837. JOHN CHESTER KENDALL (1877-1941) Agriculturist. Professor Kansas State University. JOHN B. KENDRICK (1857-1933) Governor of Wyoming. Senator from Wyoming 1917-1933. WILLIAM H. KENDRICK (1882-1937) 4-H Club activist in West Virginia. GEORGE KENNY (1823-????) San Francisco pioneer who established first bookstore in S.F. in partnership with Hubert Howe Bancroft 1851. WILLIAM KENT (1851-1918) Mechanical engineer. Established the first physical testing labratory. MARK KEPPEL (1867-1928) Supt. of Schools for Los Angeles County 1903-1928. JAMES KERNEY (1873-1934) Editor of the Trenton Evening Times. Confidante of President Wilson Renamed "F. E. Weyerhaeuser" 1947. MICHEAL C. KERR (1827-1876) Congressman from Indiana 1865-1873; 1875-1876. HUGH L. KERWIN (1873-1937) Secretary of Labor 1917-1918. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY (1779-1843) Composer of our National Anthem 1814. JOSEPH H. KIBBEY (1853-1924) Justice of Supreme Court 1889-1893. Governor of Arizona 1905-1909. WALTER KIDDE (1877-1943) Mechanical engineer. Head of Walter Kidde @ Co. JOYCE KILMER (1886-1918) Soldier poet killed in World War I. Wrote "Trees". HUGH J. KILPATRICK (1836-1881) Union Army general. Minister to Chile 1865-1868. JAMES H. KIMBALL (1874-1943) Chief meteorologist in New York during the 1938 hurricane. His forecasts guided ships in and out of New York during both World Wars. SUMNER I. KIMBALL (1834-1923) Organizer of the U.S. Life Saving Service 1878. MARY CULLOM KIMBRO (1889-1942) Merchant seaman. Stewardess aboard the "City of Birmingham" lost when it was torpedoed off Cape Hatteras 1942. J. H. KINCAID (1826-1907) Name actually spelled KINKEAD. Served as Governor of Nevada 1879-1883. First Territorial Governor of Alaska 1884. CLARENCE KING (1842-1901) Geologist, mining engineer. Did notable work in the West 1860-1880. FRANKLIN H. KING (1848-1911) Agriculturist and educator. Devised the round silo for grain storage. JAMES KING (1791-1853) Financier and railroad executive from New York. RUFUS KING (1755-1827) Senator from New York 1789-1796; 1813-1825. STANTON H. KING (1867-1939) Sailor's missionary, author. Served 11 years in U.S. Navy. Author "Dog Watches at Sea" 1900. STARR KING (1824-1864) Unitarian clergyman from New York. Lyceum lecturer. THOMAS B. KING (1800-1864) Congressman from Georgia 1839-1843; 1845-1850. WILLIAM KING (1786-1853) Congressman from North Carolina 1811-1816. Senator from Alabama 1819-1844; 1848-1852. U.S. Vice President 1852-1853. MARY E. KINNEY (1859-1938) Oregon State legislator 1921-1925. Women's suffrage advocate. WILLIAM I. KIP (1811-1893) Episcopal clergyman and author from New York. Established the first Episcopal cathedral in San Francisco 1862. HARRY KIRBY (1902-1942) Merchant seaman who was the only one lost when the "S.S. Lebore" was torpedoed off of Cristobal in 1942. SAMUEL JORDON KIRKWOOD (1813-1894) Governor of Iowa 1860-1864. Senator 1866-1867. Governor 1876-1877. Senator 1877-1881. Secretary of Interior 1881-1882. BARNEY KIRSCHBAUM (1901-1943) Merchant seaman killed on the "S.S. Collingsworth" when sunk by a German submarine off Dutch Guiana in 1943. CLAUDE KITCHIN (1869-1923) Congressman from North Carolina 1901-1923. SEAMAN A. KNAPP (1833-1911) Agriculturist and educator. Developed the rice industry in the Southwest. ELWIN F. KNOWLES (1901-1943) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. John Harvey" when she blew up in the harbor of Bari, Italy, after being hit by German bombers 1943. HENRY KNOX (1750-1806) Revolutionary War general. Secretary of War 1789. PHILANDER C. KNOX (1853-1921) U.S. Attorney General 1901-1904. Senator from Pennsylvania 1904- 1909. Secretary of State 1909-1913. Senator 1917-1921. CONRAD KOHRS (1835-1920) German pioneer in Montana 1862, known as the "Cattle King". Member Territorial Assembly 1885 and Constitutional Convention 1889. THADDEUS KOSCIUSZKO (1746-1817) Polish patriot and Revolutionary War general. Dictator of Poland. LOUIS KOSSUTH (18012-1894) Hungarian patriot and statesman. NAVARCHOS KOUNDOURIOTIS (1855-1935) Greek admiral and statesman. First president of Greece 1924. WALTER FREDERICK KRAFT (1906-1943) Merchant seaman killed on the "S.S.M.H. DeYoung' when in the South Pacific 1943. FREDERIC A. KUMMER (1873-1943) American writer of fiction and musical comedy.

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