HELEN HUNT JACKSON (1830-1885) Author from Massachusetts. HOWELL E. JACKSON (1832-1895) Justice of Supreme Court 1893-1895. Senator from Tennessee 1881-1886. JAMES JACKSON (1757-1806) Congressman from Georgia 1789-1791. Senator 1801-1806. RACHEL JACKSON (1768-1849) Wife of President Andrew Jackson. SAM JACKSON (1851-1912) Presbyterian minister and author from New York. SHELDON JACKSON (1834-1909) Presbyterian missionary to the Rocky Mountain states and Alaska. First Superintendant of Schools in Alaska 1885-1909. T. J. JACKSON (1824-1863) "Stonewall" Jackson. Confederate General. WILLIAM H. JACKSON (1835-1903) Confederate General from Tennessee. MELVILLE JACOBY (1917-1942) Time-Life correspondent during World War II killed in Australia. WILLIAM JAMES (1842-1910) Philosopher, psychologist at Harvard. EDWARD G. JANEWAY (1841-1911) Pathologist. Dean of New York University. TH0MAS J. JARVIS (1836-1915) Confederate soldier. Governor of North Carolina 1879-1885. JOHN JAY (1745-1829) Member of the Continental Congress from New York. First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1790. JOSEPH JEFFERSON (1829-1905) Actor who spent 71 years on the American stage. THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) Statesman, author, scientist, architect. Third President of the United States. SAMUEL L. JEFFERY (1920-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the tanker "S.S. Ario" when it was torpedoed and shelled off of Cape Lookout, North Carolina, in 1942. C. FRANCIS JENKINS (1867-1934) Physicist and inventor. Invented the movie projector. JONATHAN JENNINGS (1784-1834) Congressman from Indiana. Governor of Indiana 1816. W.S. JENNINGS (1863-1920) Governor of Florida 1901-1905. WILLIAM F. JERMAN (1914-1942) Merchant seaman on the tanker "S S. Cities Service Empire" lost when it was sunk in 1942, off Bethel Shoals, by German submarine. SARAH ORME JEWETT (1849-1909) Author from Maine. HENRY JOCELYN (1606-????) Deputy Governor of Province of Maine 1646. Chief Justice 1646. ALLEN JOHNSON (1870-1931) Teacher and writer of history and geography. DAVID B. JOHNSON (1856-1928) Founder and president of Winthrop College 1886, in South Carolina. JAMES W. JOHNSON (1871-1938) Educator active in the NAACP. KYLE V. JOHNSON (1904-1944) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Maiden Creek II" when it was sunk off of the coast of Algeria in 1944. MARTIN JOHNSON (1884-1937) Explorer, and motion picture producer of travel films. REVERDY JOHNSON (1796-1876) Senator from Maryland 1845-1849. RiCHARD M. JOHNSON (1780-1850) Congressman and Senator from Kentucky. Vice-president of the United States 1837-1841, under Van Buren. ROY K. JOHNSON (1918-1942) Merchant seaman killed in the shelling and torpedoing of the "S.S. Alaskan" off the coast of Brazil in 1942. THOMAS JOHNSON (1732-1819) Member of the Continental Congress from Maryland. First elected governor of Maryland in 1777. Justice of the Supreme Court 1791-1793. WILLARD R. JOHNSON (1914-1943) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Yankee Arrow" in 1943 off Bizerte. WILLIAM JOHNSON (1771-1834) Supreme Court Justice from South Carolina1804-1834. WILLIAM W. JOHNSON (1841-1927) Mathmatician at U.S. Naval Academy. DANIEL L. JOHNSON (1907-1942) Merchant seaman lost on "S.S. Caddo" in the North Atlantic 1942, when torpedoed by the German Submarine U-518, enroute Baytown to Iceland. JOSEPH E. JOHNSON (1807-1891) Confederate General. Congressman from Virginia 1879-1881. SAMUEL JOHNSTON (1733-1816) Revolutionary leader from North Carolina. Governor of North Carolina 1787-1789. Senator from North Carolina 1789-1793. T. A. JOHNSTON (1848-1934) Co-founder of the Kemper Military School 1872, in Missouri. LOUIS JOLIET (1645-1700) With Marquette, was the first to explore the Mississippi. ANSON JONES (1798-1858) Last President of the Republic of Texas 1844-1846. C. H. M. JONES (1886-1944) Ship news reporter for New York American. Known as "Casey Jones" to newspapermen. Later assistant to the President of Todd Shipyards. CHARLES C. JONES (1831-1893) Lawyer and historian. Author "History of Georgia" 1883. JEROME K. JONES (1837-1916) Merchant. Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Maritime Committee. JOHN PAUL JONES (1747-1792) Merchant captain, naval officer. Revolutionary War hero. PAUL DAVID JONES (1921-1944) Merchant seaman who died trying to rescue the Master of the "S.S. Bostonian" from the pump room in 1944. RUSSELL R. JONES (1912-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Masmar" off Iceland 1942, when it was sunk by mines, enroute Murmansk to New York. WILIAM A. JONES (1817-1900) Author. Librarian at Columbia University 1861-1865. WILLIE JONES (1741-1801) Revolutionary leader from North Carolina. DAVID STARR JORDAN (1851-1931) First president of Stanford University 1891-1913. ROBERT JORDAN (1641-1697) Clergyman from South Portland, Ma. Owner of Trelawny Plantation. HAROLD A. JORDAN (1911-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Bailadier" in 1942 when it was torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic, enroute New York to Reykjavik. CHIEF JOSEPH (1840-1904) Nez Perce chief considered to be the greatest of all Indian strategists. Lead his people on a 1000 mile retreat from Idaho to Montana. FRED E. JOYCE (1890-1942) Merchant seaman killed in the shelling and torpedoing of the "S.S. Sawokla" off of Madagascar in 1942. BENITO JUAREZ (1806-1872) Mexican statesman. President of Mexico 1860. ADONIRAM JUDSON (1788-1850) Baptist missionary to Burma. HARMON JUDSON (1846-1927) Attorney General under Cleveland. Governor of Ohio 1908. GEORGE W. JULIAN (1817-1899) Congressman from Indiana 1849-1851; 1861-1871. SOLOMON JUNEAU (1793-1856) Founder of Milwaukee, where he had established a trading

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