WILLIAM LEROY GABLE (1892-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Carrabulle" when torpedoed in Gulf of Mexico 1942. CHRISTOPHER GADSDEN (1724-1805) Revolutionary leader from South Carolina. Delegate to the Continental Congresses. LYMAN J. GAGE (1836-1927) Secretary of the Treasury under McKinley 1896-1902. FERDINAND GAGNON (1849-1886) Pioneer, orator, lawyer, journalist, patriot. Preached to Franco- Americans the value of citizenship. Founded the Franco-American press. DAVID GAILLARD (1859-1913) Engineer in charge of Panama Canal. Gailard Cut is named for him. JOHN P. GAINES (1795-1857) Congressman from Kentucky. Governor of Oregon Territory 1850. FREDERIC W. GALBRAITH (1874-1921) Served on American sailing ships. Led the 147th Infantry at St. Mihiel during World War I. Elected National Commander of the American Legion 1920. CHRISTOPHER GALE (1679-1735) First Chief Justice of North Carolina 1712-1717. GEORGE GALE (1789-1861) Presbyterian clergyman, educator. Founded Oneida Institute in New York and Knox College in Illinois. JOSEPH GALE (1807-1881) Western pioneer and explorer. Rocky Mountain Fur Co. man. A pioneer to Oregon in 1834. Sailed as captain on "Star of Oregon". ZONA GALE (1874-1938) Journalist, novelist. Won Pulitzer Prize 1921. LAWRENCE GALLAGHER (1894-1943) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Melville E. Stone" was torpedoed off Cristobal in 1943. ALBERT GALLATIN (1761-1849) Statesman, diplomat. Senator from Permsylvania 1793. Congressman 1795-1801. Secretary of the Treasury 1801-1814. THOMAS H. GALLAUDET (1787-1851) Educator of the deaf. Founded first school for deaf 1817. JACOB H. GALLINGER (1837-1918) Congressman and Senator from New Hampshire. JOHN GALLUP (1593-1650) Coastal trader in Narragansett Bay area. Credited with fighting first naval battle in American waters during the Pequot War 1637. STEPHEN W. GAMBRILL (1873-1938) Congressman from Maryland 1924-1938. DEBORAH GANNETT (1760-1827) Young woman who, disquised as a man, served in the Revolutionary Army. HENRY L. GANTT (1861-1919) Engineer, industrial leader. Pioneered scientific management. LEKTOR GARBO (1891-1941) Arrested and executed by the Nazi in 1941. His first name was Ingvald - "Lektor" is Norwegian for "teacher". This ship was laid down as the ALFRED L. BAXLEY, but turned over to the Norwegian government and renamed. SILVESTOR GARDINER (1708-1786) Physician, lawyer, landowner. Founder of Gardiner, Maine. J. HOWLAND GARDNER (1871-1943) President of Society of Marine Architects. HARRY A. GARFIELD (1863-1942) Lawyer and college president. Son of President Garfield. AUGUSTUS H. GARLAND (1832-1899) Confederate Congressman and Senator. Governor of Arkansas 1874. Attorney General under Cleveland 1885-1889. HAMLIN GARLAND (1860-1940) Novelist. Won Pulitzer Prize 1921. DANIEL E. GARRETT (1869-1932) Congressman from Texas 1913-15; 1917-19; 1921-23; 1925-33. JOHN W. GARRET (1820-1884) Railroad executive, banker. President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 1858-1884. GEORGE P. GARRISON (1853-1910) Professor from Georgia. LINDLAY M. GARRISON (1864-1932) Lawyer from New Jersey who served as Secretary of War 1913-1916. WILLIAM LLOYD GARRISON (1805-1879) Publisher, editor. Dominant figure in the fight against slavery. WILLIAM GASTON (1788-1844) Congressman from North Carolina 1813-1817. JOHN W. GATES (1855-1911) Promotor, speculator. Known as "Bet A Million" Gates. RICHARD JORDAN GATLING (1818-1903) Inventor. Patented the Gatling gun in 1882. SOVETSKAYA GAVAN (????-????) Built as the Samuel A. Worchester and assigned to the USSR. L0U GEHRIG (1903-1941) First baseman for the New York Yankees 1934-1939. HENRY GEORGE (1839-1897) Joumalist, columnist, reformer. Editor of papers in San Francisco and Oakland. Candidate for mayor of New York. WILLIAM W. GERHARD (1809-1872) Physician. First to distinquish typhus from typhoid fever. GERONIMO (1829-1909) Chiricahua Apache warrior who led raids on Texas settlers 1885-86. ELBRIDGE GERRY (1744-1814) Statesman. Signer of the Declaration of Independence but refused to sign the Constitution. Delegate to the Second Continental Congress. Congressman from Massachusetts. Governor. Vice President under Madison 1812. GEORGE GERSHWIN (1898-1937) Composer. With brother Ira composed music for Broadway shows. LAWRENCE GIANELLA (????-1941) Merchant seaman died when the "S.S. Prusa" was torpedoed south of Hawaii by Japanese submarine in 1941. PIERRE GIBAULT (1737-1804) Catholic missionary in the Illinois area. JOHN GIBBON (1827-1896) Civil War general. In charge of the forces that rescued the Custer massacre survivors. Defeated Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce in 1887. ABIGAIL GIBBONS (1801-1893) Teacher, philanthropist, abolitionist. CARDINAL GIBBONS (1834-1921) Bishop of Baltimore. Became second American cardinal 1886. FLOYD GIBBONS (1837-1939) War correspondent, radio commentator. J. WILLARD GIBBS (1839-1903) Mathematician, physcicist. ERNEST W. GIBSON (1871-1940) Senator from Vermont 1933-1940. Congressman 1923-1933. HOWARD L. GIBSON (1901-1939) Vigorous promoter of 4-H clubs in Kansas and Wyoming. CASS GILBERT (1859-1934) Architect. Designed New York Custom House, Woolworth Building, Supreme Court Building, Washington Memorial Bridge. Ship was assigned to the USSR and renamed "Stepan Razin". FRANK GILBRETH (1868-1924) Efficiency engineer. WILLIAM B. GILES (1762-1830) Lawyer, statesman. Congressman from Virginia 1801-1803. Senator 1804-1815. Governor 1827-1830. LAURA DRAKE GILL (1860-1926) Educator. Pioneer in vocational placement. CORNELIUS GILLIAM (1798-1848) Born in North Carolina. Led an immigration party to Oregon 1844. Killed in the Indian Wars in Willamette Valley 1848. JAMES M. GILLIS (1811-1865) Naval officer, astronomer. Designed and equipped the first U.S. Naval observatory. CHARLOTTE P. GILMAN (1860-1935) Social reformer, lecturor. NICHOLAS GILMAN (1755-1814) Congressman and Senator from New Hampshire 1805-1814. GEORGE GIPP (1895-1920) Notre Dame's first All-American, considered one of the best alltime running backs. Died of pneumonia 1920. STEPHEN GIRARD (1750-1831) Merchant, financier, philanthropist, shipmaster. Girard College is a monument to his generosity. WILLIAM GLACKENS (1870-1938) Painter, illustrator. CHARLES C. GLOVER (1846-1936) Banker. Responsible for many public projects in Washington D.C. including Corcoran Art Gallery, Rock Creek Park, American University. HARRY L. GLUCKSMAN (1889-1944) Leader in the development of Jewish Community Centers in U.S. LEON GODCHAUX (1824-1899) Pioneer in the sugar industry who built the first refinery in Louisiana. LOUIS A. GODEY (1804-1878) Publisher of Godey's Ladies Book and other magazines. EDWARD L. GODKIN (1831-1902) Journalist. Editor New York Evening Post 1883-1900. G. W. GOETHALS (1858-1928) Engineer, soldier. Builder of the Panama Canal. T. S. GOLD (1818-1906) Farmer, editor. Helped found Storrs Agriculture College grew into the University of Connecticut. J0SEPH GOLDBERGER (1874-1929) Medical researcher from Bellevue Hospital who directed pellagra research 1913-1925, while at Hygienic Laboratory in Washington, D.C. T. GOLDSBORO (1805-1877) Naval officer. Explored coast of California and Oregon 1849-1850. Commander of the fleet that captured Roanoake Island during the Civil War. SAMUEL GOMPERS (1850-1924) Labor leader bom in London. Started with Cigar Makers Union 1864. JOHN GOODE (1829-1909) Confederate soldier. Congressman from Virginia 1875-1881. GEORGE E. GOODFELLOW (1855-1910) Known as the"gtmfighter's doctor" in Tombstone 1880. BENJAMIN GOODHUE (1748-1814) Merchant, legislator. Senator from Massachusetts 1796-1800. BERTRAM G. GOODHUE (1869-1924) Architect. Designed the Chapel at West Point, St. Thomas church in New York. University of Chicago chapel. JAMES M. GOODHUE (1810-1852) Lawyer, editor. Published the Minnesota Pioneer - the first newspaper in the territory. CHARLES GOODNIGHT (1836-1929) Cattleman from Texas. Ranch embraced 1,000,000 acres and 10,000 cattle. Developed one of America's finest beef herds. CHARLES GOODYEAR (1800-1860) Inventor who perfected vulcanization of rubber which contributed to the mass production of tires. Founded company that bears his name. JOHN B. GORDON (1832-1904) Confederate General. Senator from Georgia. Governor of Georgia. JOHN ROBERT GORDON (1918-1943) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. NathanieI Greene" was torpedoed off Oran, Algeria, in 1943. WILLIAM C. GORGAS (1854-1920) Sanitation engineer. Responsible for ridding the Canal Zone of yellow fever during it's construction. U.S. Surgeon General 1914. FERDINANDO GORGES (1566-1647) English mariner, soldier, colonist. He was granted charter to cotonize what is now the State of Maine in 1639. ARTHUR P. GORMAN (1839-1906) Senator from Maryland 1881-1889. JOHN GORRIE (1803-1855) Physician. Pioneer in the development of mechanical refrigeration. Granted the first patent in 1851. SAMUEL GORTON (1592-1677) English colonist. Settled the areas of Plymouth and Newport. BARTHOLOMEW GOSNOLD (1572-1607) English navigator and colonizer. Made first landing on the southern coast of Maine. Founded settlement at Cape Cod. Was captain of the ship "Godspeed" which carried the original settlers to Jamestown. JOHN F. GOUCHER (1845-1922) Methodist clergyman. Founded Goucher College in Baltimore. W. R. GRACE (1832-1904) Merchant, captilist. Founder of W, R. Grace @ Co. 1865. Mayor of New York 1880-1888. HENRY W. GRADY (1850-1889) Journalist from Georgia. Co-owner "Atlantic Constitution" 1879. WILLIAM A. GRAHAM (1804-1875) Senator from North Carolina 1840-43. Governor 1845-1849. Secretary of the Navy 1850-1852. EDWARD L. GRANT (1883-1918) Professional baseball player for New York Giants and Philadelphia who died a hero in World War I. ASA GRAY (1810-1888) Botanist. Founder of the National Academy of Scientist 1863. CARL R. GRAY (1867-1939) President of the Great Northern R.R. and Union Pacific R.R. HORACE GRAY (1828-1902) Supreme Court Justice from Massachusetts 1882-1902. HOWARD GRAY (1878-1944) Asst. Administrator of Public Works Administration 1937-1939. ROBERT GRAY (1755-1806) Navigator, fur trader. As captain of the "Columbia" he was the first American to circumnavigate the globe. Discoverer of the Columbia River 1792, and Gray's Harbor. WILLIAM CRANE GRAY (1750-1825) Merchant, ship owner. Lt. Governor of Massachusetts 1810. Privatee in Revolutionary War. WILLIAM H. GRAY (1810-1889) Member of the Whitman expedition to the Northwest 1833. Author of the book "History of Oregon". WILLIAM J. GRAY (1850-1933) Entered towboat business 1875 and became V-P and General Manager of San Francisco Drydock Co. His license as Master, is one of the oldest on record with the U.S. Steamboat Inspection Service. WILLIAM GRAYSON (1736-1790) Revolutionary soldier. Aide to Washington. Member of the Continental Congress from Virginia. Senator from Virginia 1789-1790. HORACE GREELEY (1811-1872) Editor, political leader. Founder of the New York Tribune. Presidential candidate 1872. "Go west young man". NATHANAEL GREENE (1742-1786) Revolutionary general from Rhode Island. CHRISTOPHER GREENUP (1750-1815) Congressman from Kentucky 1792-1797. Governor 1804-1808. THOMAS W. GREGORY (1861-1933) Texas lawyer. U.S. Attorney General 1914-1919. EDVARD GRIEG (1843-1907) Composer from Norway. This ship built as the "Thomas F. Bayard". WILFRED GRENFELL (1865-1940) English physician who worked with the natives of Labrador. He was the founder of the Seaman's Institute. Knighted in 1927. WALTER Q. GRESHAM (1832-1895) Union Major General. Postmaster General. Secretary of State 1893-95. ZANE GRAY (1872-1939) Author of western romances and adventure stories. ROBERT C. GRIER (1794-1870) Jurist from Pennsylvania. Supreme Court justice 1846-1870. BENJAMIN H. GRIERSON (1826-1911) Civil War general under Grant at Vicksburg. SAMUEL GRIFFIN (1746-1810) Soldier. Congressman from Virginia 1789-1795. MILLEN GRIFFITH (1828-1896) Started Shipowners @ Merchants Tug Co., 1849, in San Francisco with John D. Spreckels as partner (the "Red Stack" tugs). Pioneered tugs and the whaling and salmon cannery industry in Alaska. JOHN W. GRIFFITHS (1809-1882) Naval architect. Designed the clipper ships "Rainbow" 1845 and "Sea Witch" 1846. JAMES W. GRIMES (1816-1872) Governor of Iowa 1854-1858. Senator from Iowa 1859-1869. JOSIAH B. GRINNELL (1821-1891) Congregational clergyman. Railroad promotor. Founded the town of Grirmel, Iowa, and Grinnel College. ROGER GRISWOLD (1762-1812) Congressman 1795-1805, and Governor of Connecticut 1812. JONATHAN GROUT (1737-1807) Congressman from Massachusetts to First Congress. FELIX GRUNDY (1777-1840) Congressman from Tennessee 1811-1815. Senator 1829-1838. U.S. Attorney General 1838-1839. TOMAS GUARDIA (1832-1882) Costa Rica military leader and politician. In 1876 became the dictator of Costa Rica. M. M. GUHIN (1871-1942) Educator in South Dakota. Founded "The Young Citizens Leaugue". JAMES GUNN (1867-1927) Pioneer industrial engineer. Assisted in organizing the Harvard Business School. JAMES GUTHRIE (1792-1869) Railroad promotor from Kentucky. Founded University of Louisville. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury 1853-1857. Senator 1865-1868. BUTTON GWINNETT (1735-1777) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia. Member of the Continental Congress 1776-1777. Governor of Georgia 1777.

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