HENRY FAILING (1834-1898) Merchant and financier in Portland, Oregon, late 1800s. President of the First National Bank of Portland. CHARLES S. FAIRCHILD (1842-1924) Secretary of the Treasury 1887. LUCIUS FAIRCHILD (1831-1896) Governor of Wisconsin 1866. Minister to Spain 1880. JOHN FAIRFIELD (1797-1847) Congressman and Senator from Maine. Governor 1838. JAMES W. FANNIN (1804-1836) Died in the Mexican War along with 338 of his men in 1836. EDMUND FANNING (1769-1841) Sea captain, explorer. Discovered the Fanning Islands. WILLIAM G. FARGO (1818-1881) Founder of Wells, Fargo, @ Co 1850. Mayor of Buffalo 1862. GEORGE L. FARLEY (1873-1941) Supt. of Schools, Brockton, Mass. State 4-H leader. MOSES G. FARMER (1820-1893) Teacher, inventor. Pioneer in electricity. DAVID G. FARRAGUT (1801-1870) Admiral famous for his success at the Battle of New Orleans. F. SOUTHALL FARRAR (1871-1940) District Agent in charge of extension work for 30 years in Southside, Virginia. Organized first 4-H club in Virginia 1909. JAMES A. FARRELL (1863-1918) President of the U.S. Steel Corporation 1911. WALLACE R. FARRINGTON (1871-1933) Governor of Hawaii 1921-1929. JACOB SLOAT FASSETT (1853-1924) Congressman from New York 1905-1911. ROBERT FECHNER (1876-1939) Executive of the Master Association of Machinist. Director of the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930s. MORRIS C. FEINSTONE (1878-1943) Executive Secretary-Treasurer of United Hebrew Trades 1915-1943. DEXTER W. FELLOWS (1871-1937) Famous showman and press agent with Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Bros. circus. JOE FELLOWS (186S-1942) Founder of San Francisco Yacht and Launch Co 1890. Became known as the builder of the finest yachts of his time. JAMES FERGUS (1813-1902) Montana pioneer, mining and cattle, 1862. Member of the Montana Constitutional Convention 1884. RENALD FERNALD (1595-1656) Became New Hampshire's first surgeon 1630. Active in Portsmouth. WOODBRIDGE N. FERRIS (1853-1928) Governor of Michigan. Senator from Michigan 1923-1928. ELISHA P. FERRY (1825-1895) Governor of Washington Territory 1872. First Governor of the State of Washington 1890 - 1893. REGINALD A. FESSENDEN (1866-1932) Inventor. Pioneer in radio communications. WILLIAM P. FESSENDEN (1806-1869) Congressman and Senator from Maine. Secretary of the Treasury during the Civil War. W. P. FEW (1867-1940) First president of Duke University 1910-1924. WILLIAM FEW (1748-1828) Revolutionary soldier, banker. Delegate to the Continental Congress and the Consitutional Convention. Senator from Georgia 1789-93. CYRUS W. FIELD (1819-1892) Merchant, capitalist. Promotor of the first Atlantic cable. DAVID DUDLEY FIELD (1805-1894) Lawyer. His personal fame derives for his fight for the codification of municipal and international law. EUGENE FIELD (1850-1895) Author, poet. Best known for his "Little Boy Blue". STEPHEN JOHNSON FIELD (1816-1899) Supreme Court Justice 1863. JAMES T. FIELDS (1817-1881) Publisher. Editor of the Atlantic Monthly 1861-1870. EDWARD A. FILENE (1860-1937) Merchant who transformed a small family business into a large Boston department store. CHARLES J. FINGER (1869-1941) Writer of juvenile books. Awarded Newberry Medal 1924. CARLOS J. FINLAY (1833-1915) Physician. First to recognize that the mosquito was the transferring agent of yellow fever 1881. JOHN M.T. FINNEY (1863-1942) Surgeon. Professor at Johns Hopkins. BENJAMIN A. FISHER (1900-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Alcoa Guide" when she was shelled and sunk in 1942, 300 miles East of Cape Hatteras. STANLEY R. FISHER (1922-1942) Merchant seaman died from exposure in lifeboat after his ship the "S.S. Potlatch" was torpedoed in mid-Atlantic 1942. JOHN F. FISKE (1744-1797) Naval officer in Revolutionary War. MINNIE M. FISKE (1865-1932) Actress from New Orleans. Considered one of the most potent forces in the American theatre. GEORGE K. FITCH (1877-I91S) Author from Illinois. JOHN FITCH (1743-1798) Metal craftsman and inventor. First builder of steamboat 1787. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD (1896-1940) Novelist. "The Great Gadsby' 1925 considered his best work. THOMAS FITZSIMONS (1741-1811) Revolutionary soldier. Member Continental Congress. Congressman from Pennsylvania 1789-1795. THOMAS F. FLAHERTY (1880-1933) Labor leader representing National Federation of Post Office Clerks for 20 years. Born Napa, Cal. CHRISTOPHER S. FLANIGAN (1876-1943) Identified with shipping in the Sabine, Texas, area. Opened ports of Lake Charles, Beaumont, Port Arthur. GEORGE H. FLANDERS (1821-1892) Sea captain who arrived in Oregon 1849 and settled in Portland. Became prominent businessman and donated land for first railroad station. GEORGE FLAVEL (1823-1893) Shipmaster. Early Columbia River Bar pilot 1850, and Astoria, Oregon, businessman. WALTER L. FLEMING (1874-1932) Educator, historian. Civil war expert. DUNCAN U. FLETCHER (1859-1936) Senator from Florida 1909-1936. FRANK FLOWERS (1875-1944) Spanish-American War veteran served aboard the Leviathan during World War I. Later Chief Steward and Purser with U.S. Lines. JOHN B. FLOYD (1806-1863) Governor of Virginia. Secretary of War 1857-1860. WILLIAM FLOYD (1734-1821) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from New York. Member of the Continental Congress. JERRY S. FOLEY (1876-1941) Lumberman from Minnesota. Later president of the Brooks-Scanlon holdings in Florida. CHARLES J. FOLGER (1818-1884) Secretary of the Treasury 1881. JOSEPH W. FOLK (1869-1923) Governor of Missouri 1905. HENRY S. FOOTE (1804-1880) Senator from Mississippi 1847-1852. Governor 1852-1854. CLEVELAND FORBES (????-1857) Sea captain who commanded the first U.S. steamer, S.S. California to round Cape Horn and pass through the Golden Gate to San Francisco 1848. JOHN MURRAY FORBES (1771-1831) Lawyer and diplomat. ROBERT B. FORBES (1804-1889) Sea captain, China merchant, writer. CORNELIUS FORD (1867-1935) President New Jersey State Federation of Labor 1902-1913. U. S. Public printer 1913. MILTON J. FOREMAN (1863-1935) Lawyer, military man. Lt. General 1931. National commander of the American Legion. NATHAN B. FORREST (1821-1877) Confederate general. CHARLES FORT (1874-1932) Writer, critic of modern science. ALCEE FORTIER (1856-1914) Educator, author, historian at Tulane. WALTER FORWARD (1786-1852) Congressman from Pennsylvania 1822-1825. Secretary of the Treasury 1841-1843. ABIEL FOSTER (1735-1806) Congregational clergyman active during Revolutionary War. Congressman from New Hampshire 1789. JOHN W. FOSTER (1836-1917) Lawyer, Union soldier, diplomat, Secretary of State 1892-1893. RUFUS E. FOSTER (1871-1943) Judge. Commander of Spanish American War Veterans 1941-1942. STEPHEN C. FOSTER (1826-1864) Song writer from Pennsylvania. "Old Folks at Home .... My Old Kentucky Home .... Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming .... Old Black Joe". THEODORE FOSTER (1752-1828) Senator from Rhode Island 1790-1803. PERCY E. FOXWORTH (1906-1943) Assistant Director of the F.B.I. under Edger Hoover. GABRIEL FRANCHERE (1786-1863) Fur trader. Helped found Astoria, Oregon. DAVID R. FRANCIS (1850-1927) Mayor of St. Louis. Governor of Missouri 1889. Secretary of the Interior 1896. Ambassador to Russia. JAMES B. FRANCIS (1815-1892) Hydraulic engineer, inventor. JOSEPH FRANCIS (1801-1893) Inventor, manufacturer. Inventor of the unsinkable lifeboat. MELLO FRANCO (1871-1943) Brazilian representitive to the League of Nations. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790) Printer, author, inventor, philanthropist, statesman, diplomat, scientist. ALEXANDER V. FRASER (1804-1868) Commander of Revenue Marine 1844-1848. This is the forerunner of the U.S. Coast Guard. MARY WILKINS FREEMAN (1852-1930) Author best known for writings on New England rural life. F. T. FRELINGHUYSEN (1817-1885) Senator from New Jersey 1866-1877. Secretary of State 1881-1885. JOHN C. FREMONT (1813-1890) Explorer, soldier, politician. Explored the Southwest and Califomia. Senator from California 1850. Presidential candidate 1856. BENJAMIN BROWN FRENCH (1800-1870) Commissioner of Public Buildings during Lincoln administration. Identified John Wilkes Booth as Lincoln's murderer. DANIEL CHESTER FRENCH (1850-1931) Sculptor. Sculpted Lincoln statue at Lincoln Memorial. SAMUEL G. FRENCH (1818-1910) Soldier. General in the Confederate Army. BARBARA FRIETCHIE (1766-1862) Defied General Jackson at Frederick, Maryland, during the Civil War, by waving the Stars and Stripes from her window. WILLIAM PIERCE FRYE (1831-1911) Lawyer. Congressman and Senator from Maine. Constant supporter of a strong Merchant Marine. HAWKINS FUDSKE (????-1942) Merchant seaman who lost his life on the "S.S Esso Bolivar". MARGARET FULLER (1810-1850) Journalist, critic, social reformer. MELVILLE W. FULLER (1833-1910) Lawyer from Illinois. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 1888. ROBERT FULTON (1765-1815) Civil engineer, inventor. Designed the first practical steam vessel, the "Cleremont" 1807. STEPHEN FURDEK (1855-1915) Catholic priest who worked among the Slovaks in U.S. ANDREW FURUSETH (1854-1938) Labor leader. President of the International Seamans Union.

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