JAMES B. EADS (1820-1897) Engineer and inventor. Invented the diving-bell. THOMAS EAKINS (1844-1916) Painter, sculptor, teacher. AMELIA EARHART (1897-1937) Aviator. First women to solo across Atlantic. Made first solo flight from Hawaii to U.S. mainland. Lost in South Pacific on flight around the world. JOSIAH EARL (1814-1892) Pioneered shipping of refrigerated fruit in California, 1870s. Register of U. S. Land Office, Inyo County 1873-1874. JAMES T. EARLE (1814-1882) President, Maryland Agriculture Society. JUBAL A. EARLY (1816-1894) Confederate general. WYATT EARP (1848-1929) Law officer and gunfighter. WILLIAM M. EASTLAND (1806-1843) Came to Texas in 1834 from Kentucky. Joined Texas Volunteers 1835. Taken prisoner and executed by Mexicans. GEORGE EASTMAN (1854-1932) Inventor, manufacturer, philanthropist. Founder of the Eastman Kodak Co. JOSEPH B. EASTMAN (1842-1902) Union army physician. JOHN H. EATON (1790-1856) Senator from Tennessee. Secretary of War 1829. Governor of Florida 1834-1835. WILLIAM EATON (1764-1811) Army officer and diplomat. Consul in Tunis during conflict with the Barbary Coast pirates. M. MICHEAL EDELSTEIN (1888-1941) Congressman from New York 1940-1941. ROBERT EDEN (1741-1784) Colonial Governor of Maryland 1768-1776. SIDNEY EDGERTON (1818-1900) Congressman from Ohio. First territorial Governor of Montana 1864 THOMAS A. EDISON (1847-1931) Inventor. JONATHAN EDWARDS (1703-1758) Congregational clergyman, theologian, philosopher. WILLIAM H. EDWARDS (1822-1909) Ethomologist, lawyer, businessman. CUSHING EELLS (1810-1893) Missionary to Indians in the Rocky Mountain area in 1830s and 1840's EDWARD EGGLESTON (1837-1902) Methodist pastor and bible agent. Novelist, historian. CARL B. EIELSON (1897-1929) Pilot on numerous Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. He was killed in crash at North Cape, Siberia, while on rescue flight to ship "Nanook". FREDERIC A. EILERS (1839-1917) Metalurgist. Leader in American lead-silver smelting. JOHN EINIG (1854-1912) Vice-President for many years of the Marine Engineers Asscociation. GEORGE ELDRIDGE (1812-1900) Hydrographer credited with making the first charts of the Atlantic Coast. First publisher of "Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book" 1875. CHARLES W. ELIOT (1834-1926) Educational leader. Responsible for making M.I.T. into a modern educational facility. STEPHEN B. ELKINS (1841-1911) Union soldier. Delegate from New Mexico to Congress 1873-1877. Secretary of War 1891-1893. Senator from West Virginia 1895-1911. Founded the town of Elkins, W.V. WILLIAM ELLERY (1727-1820) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Rhode Island. Member of Congress 1776-1785. JOHN L. ELLIOTT (1858-1925) Painter best known for his murals in Boston and Washington. MARSHALL ELLIOTT (1844-1910) American philologist. SIMON B. ELLIOTT (1830-1917) Forester, engineer. Active in railroads, coal mining and woolen mills. Member Pennsylvania Reservation Commission 1897. State Legislator in Pa., founder of Mansfield Classical Seminary, now Mansfield University in Northern Pennsylvania. Some information was provided by Chris McGann, Mansfield University public relations. CARLETON ELLIS (1876-1941) Research chemist, author. Has 750 patents. ORA ELLIS (1885-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. William C. McTarnahan" when it was torpedoed in the Gulf of Mexico 1942. HENRY L. ELLSWORTH (1791-1858) First U.S. Commissioner of Patents. OLIVER ELLSWORTH (1745-1807) Member of Continental Congress. Senator from Kentucky. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 1796-1799. JONATHAN ELMER (1745-1817) Member Continental Congress. Senator from New Jersey 1789. FRANK C. EMERSON (1822-1931) Governor of Wyoming 1927-1930. HARRINGTON EMERSON (1853-1931) Efficiency engineer. Responsible for the first cable Alaska to Asia. RALPH WALDO EMERSON (1803-1882) Essayist, poet. JOSEPH S. EMERY (1820-1909) Went to California in Gold Rush. Founded Emeryville, Cal. LEWIS EMERY JR. (1839-1924) Nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania during Lincoln years. WILLIAM F. EMPEY (1852-1904) President and manager of "The Guide" - a West Coast shipping newspaper - for 25 years. WILLIAM C. ENDICOTT (1826-1900) Secretary of War 1885-1889. LEIF ERICSSON (????-1025) Birth date unknown. 11th Century Norwegian navigator born in Iceland. Credited with making first landing on the North American mainland. ROBERT ERSKINE (1735-1780) Geographer, hydraulic engineer with Continental Army. SILVESTRE ESCALANTE (????-1779) Spanish missionary and explorer. Came to Sonora in 1768 and led expeditions to Santa Fe and Monterey. Later to Utah Lake and Colorado River. J. FRED ESSARY (1881-1942) Washington correspondent for the Baltimore Sun in 1920-30s. WILLIAM EUSTIS (1753-1825) Revolutionary War surgeon. Congressman from Massachusetts. Secretary of War 1809. Governor of Massachusetts 1823. ALFRED J. EVANS (1874-1944) Shipmaster who became Chief Surveyor for Board of Underwriters of New York. Responsible for many regulations governing hazardous cargoes. JOHN EVANS (1814-1897) Physician, railroad builder. Evanston, Illinois named for him. One of the founders of Northwestern University. Territorial governor of Colorado 1862-1865. Founded University of Denver. LAWTON B. EVANS (1862-1934) Educator, author. OLIVER EVANS (1755-1819) Inventor. Built first American steam engine. WILLIAM M. EVARTS (1818-1901) Attorney General 1868. Secretary of State 1877. Senator from New York. EDWARD EVERETT (1794-1865) Educator, statesman. Congressman from Massachusetts. Minister to England. President of Harvard. Secretary of State1852. Senator from Massachusetts. Vice President under Lincoln. FRANK H. EVERS (1867-1943) First ABS surveyor Port of San Francisco. RICHARD S. EWELL (1817-1872) Confederate Major General. THOMAS EWING (1789-1871) Senator from Ohio 1831. Secretary of the Treasury 1841. Secretary of the Interior 1849.

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