JEREMIAH M. DAILY (1871-1924) Manager of marine department of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce for many years. Prototype for "Jerry Dooley" in Cappy Ricks stories. SAM DALE (1772-1841) Pioneer, soldier, Indian fighter. Legislator in Alabama. MARCUS DALY (1841-1900) Miner, captalist. Organized the Anaconda Mining Co. in Montana. WILLIAM H. DALL (1845-1927) Naturalist specializing in molusks in Alaska. ALEXANDER DALLAS (1759-1817) Secretary of the Treasury 1814. TRISTAM DALTON (1738-1817) First U. S. Senator from Massachusetts. AUGUSTIN DALY (1838-1899) Playright, theatrical manager. LEOPOLD DAMROSCH (1832-1885) Conductor, composer, violinist. CHARLES A. DANA (1819-1897) Owner and editor of the New York Sun. RICHARD HENRY DANA (1787-1879) Poet and essayist. PETER V. DANIEL (1784-1860) Supreme Court Justice 1840-1860 from Virginia. ADDIE BAGLEY DANIELS (1869-1943) Wife of Secretary of Navy Josephus Daniels, appointed U.S. delegate to the World Women's Suffrage Conference at Geneva in 1921. VIRGINIA DARE (1587-????) The first English child born in America, at Roanoke, Virginia. RUBEN DARIO (1867-1916) South American poet and writer from Nicaragua. STEPAS DARIUS (1896-1933) Lithuanian aviator shot down by Nazi guards after completing a trans-Atlantic crossing in 1933. SAMUEL T. DARLING (1872-1925) Pathologist. Authority on tropical medicine. GUS W. DARNELL (1898-1942) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Tillie Lykes" was torpedoed off the Yucatan Peninsula in 1942. BYRON DARNTON (1897-1942) War correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune who lost his life in second World War in New Guinea. CLARENCE DARROW (1857-1938) Lawyer, social reformer. EUGENE B. DASKAM (????-????) Chief of the Division of Public Monies. Served from 1865-1920. FREDERICK L. DAU (1851-1943) Born in Hamburg, came to U.S. 1876 and operated fleet of ships in the Galveston Area. CHARLES DAURAY (1838-1931) Catholic educator born in Quebec, who settled in Rhode Island 1872 and founded Precious Blood Parish in Woonsocket 1875. JOHN DAVENPORT (1597-1669) Clergyman who settled colony in 1637 near New Haven, Conn. JOHN DAVEY (1825-1911) Served with U.S.C.@G.S. on Pacific coast and Alaska. Erected first astronomical observatory in California 1879. Professor of Geography University of California 1905. GEORGE DAVIDSON (1825-1911) Geographer who headed survey of Pacific Coast for purposes of navigation. Assisted in construction of the Lick Observatory. WILLIAM L. DAVIDSON (1746-1781) Revolutionary soldier killed on the Catawba River. Davidson College in North Carolina is named for him. WILLIAM R. DAVIE (1756-1820) Lawyer, Revolutionary War soldier. Governor of North Carolina. Founded the University of North Carolina. ARTHUR P. DAVIS (1861-1933) Hydraulic and irrigation engineer. CUSHMAN K. DAVIS (1838-1900) Governor of Minnesota 1873-1875. Senator from Minnesota 1887-1900. DAVID DAVIS (1815-1886) Supreme Court justice 1862-1877. Senator from Illinois 1877. GEORGE DAVIS (1830-1896) Attorney General of the Confederacy 1864-1865. JEFFERSON DAVIS (1808-1889) Senator from Mississippi. President of the Confederacy. JOHN W. DAVIS (1799-1859) Congressman from Indiana. Speaker of the House. Governor of Oregon Territory 1853-1854. MARK A. DAVIS (1909-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Virginia" when it was torpedoed off the mouth of the Mississippi River in 1942. MOLLIE MOORE DAVIS (1852-1909) Author from Alabama. NATHAN S. DAVIS (1817-1904) Physician. Founder of the American Medical Association. RICHARD HARDING DAVIS (1864-1916) Journalist and author. Gained fame covering foreign wars. RUFUS C. DAWES (1867-1940) President of the Chicago World Fair 1933. WILLIAM DAWES (1745-1799) Paul Revere's companion on his ride the night of April 18, 1775. ERNEST L. DAWSON (1892-1943) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Expositor" was torpedoed in the North Atlantic in 1943. WILLIAM R. DAY (1849-1923) Secretary of State under McKinley 1898. Supreme Court Justice 1903-1922. FELIPE DE BASTROP (1766-1827) Active in forwarding the American colonization of Texas. Bastrop, Texas, is named for him. JESSE DE FOREST (1575-1624) First settler of New Amsterdam (Manhattan). MICHAEL DE KOVATS (1724-1779) Cavalry leader during Revolutionary War, killed at Charleston. SIEUR DE LASALLE (1643-1687) French explorer in North America. Best known for his work on the Mississippi River. GASPAR DE PORTOLA (1723-1784) Spanish administrator and explorer in California, especially in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay area. MATTHEW P. DEADY (1824-1893) Practiced law in Oregon and became a U.S. District judge. JUAN BAUTISTA DE ANZA (1735-1781) Spanish explorer and colonial governor. Founder of San Francisco and Governor of New Mexico. HENRY DEARBORN (1751-1829) Physcian and soldier. Member of Washington's staff. Secretary of War 1801-1809. Congressman from Maine 1793. SAMUEL DE CHAMPLAIN (1567-1635) French explorer and Governor of Quebec. Explored the Great Lakes region. JOHN DEERE (1804-1886) Manufacturer of farm equipment. JUAN DE FUCA (16th century) Greek navigator sailing for the Spanish (actual name was Apostolos Valerianos) purported to have discovered the Straits that bear his name. It is highly doubtful. AMASA DELANO (1763-1823) Shipmaster and author. JANE A. DELANO (1862-1919) Teacher and nurse. Directed recruitment of nurses World War I. WARREN DELANO (1779-1865) Grandfather of FDR and 19th century entrepreneur in China. LORD DELAWARE (1577-1618) British colonial administrator in Virginia 1610-1618. ISAAC DELGADO (183%1912) With his uncle established sugar firm of Delgado and Co. in New Orleans. Best known for his philanthropy and Isaac Delgado Museum. PONCE DE LEON (1460-1521) Spanish explorer who came to America with Columbus. In his quest for the "Fountain of Youth" he discovered Florida. FELIPE DE NEVE (1740-1788) Spanish governor of California 1774-1786. Founder of Los Angeles 1881 and San Jose. Considered the best of the Spanish governors in California. JAMES W. DENVER (1817-1892) Lawyer, soldier. Congressman from California. Early governor of Kansas.. City of Denver is named for him. ELIAS H. DERBY (1739-1799) Wealthy New England shipowner and merchant. GEORGE H. DERN (1872-1936) Mine operator. Governor of Utah. Secretary of War 1933-1936. PETER DE SMET (1801-1873) Jesuit missionary in Northwest. DeSmet, Idaho, named for him. CHARLES DEVENS (1820-1891) Jurist and soldier. U.S. Attorney General 1887-1881. JAMES DEVEREUX (1766-1846) In 1799, as master of the "Franklin", he made his famous voyage to Japan and left the first detailed record of a ship trading in this era. DAVID DEVRIES (1592-1655) Established a small settlement on Staten Island. GEORGE DEWEY (1837-1917) Naval officer. Famous for his capture of Manila during the Spanish- American War. "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead". MELVIL DEWEY (1851-1931) Librarian. Established the first library school in U.S. JAMES DE WOLF (1764-1837) Slave trader, manufacturer. Senator from Rhode Island 1821. SAMUEL DEXTER (1761-1816) Lawyer. Congressman and Senator from Massachusetts. Secretary of the Treasury 1801. Secretary of War 1800. M. H. DE YOUNG (1849-1925) Founded the San Francisco Chronicle in 1875. LORENZO DE ZAVALA (1789-1836) Signer of Texas Declaration 1836. Governor State of Mexico 1827. EDMUND F. DICKINS (1848-1923) For many years commanded the U.S. Coast @ Geodetic ship "Gedney" operating in Puget Sound and Southeastern Alaska. DONALD M. DICKENSON (1846-1917) Lawyer who headed the Democratic Party in Michigan. EMILY DICKENSON (1830-1886) Poet from Amherst. ANNA DICKENSON (1842-1932) Actress and playright. JOHN DICKENSON (1732-1808) Statesman. Member of the First and Second Continental Congresses. JOSEPH N. DINAND (1869-1943) Jesuit. President of Holy Cross. Bishop of Jamaica. NELSON DINGLEY (1832-1899) Governor of Maine 1874-1876. Congressman from Maine 1881-1899. JOHN A. DIX (1798-1879) Soldier and statesman. Senator from New York. Governor of New York. Minister to France. BEN F. DIXON (1845-1910) Ship was named for father and son of same name. Both were educators and soldiers. Son was killed in Battle of the Somme 1918. ARTHUR DOBBS (1689-1765) Colonial Governor of North Carolina 1754-1765. WILLIAM A. DOBSON (1854-1943) Naval architect. Chief draftsman Navy's Bureau of Construction. JOHN DOCKWEILER (1895-1943) Congressman from California 1933-1939. FRANK H. DODD (1844-1916) Publisher. Senior partner of Dodd, Mead @ Co. publishing firm. WILLIAM E. DODD (1869-1940) Historian. Ambassador to Germany 1930-1937. PHILLIP DODDRIDGE (1733-1832) Congressman from West Virginia 1829-1832. GRENVILLE M. DODGE (1831-1916) Chief engineer of Union Pacific R.R. 1866-1870. President 1892. HENRY DODGE (1782-1867) Territorial governor of Wisconsin 1836-1841. Senator from Wisconsin. MARY M. DODGE (1831-1905) Author. Editor of St. Nicholas Magazine 1873-1905. SANFORD B. DOLE (1844-1926) First Governor of the Territory of Hawaii 1900. JONATHAN P. DOLLIVER (1858-1910) Congressman from Iowa 1889-1900. Senator from Iowa 1900-1910. PETER DONAHUE (1822-1885) Capitalist. Founded Union Iron Works in San Francisco. JOHN A. DONALD (1853-1922) Founder of Steamship Line. Member of U.S. Shipping Board 1917-21. THOMAS DONALDSON (1815-1877) Born in Baltimore and admitted to bar 1843. One of founders of Maryland Historical Society. Member Maryland House of Delegates. ALEXANDER W. DONIPHAN (1808-1887) Lawyer, soldier, statesman. Active in Mexican War. IGNATIUS DONNELLY (1831-1901) Congressman from Minnesota 1863-1869. HAROLD DOSSETT (1914-1942) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Samuel Q. Brown" was torpedoed off Cuba in 1942. JAMES D. DOTY (1799-1865) Congressman and Governor of Wisconsin. ABNER DOUBLEDAY (1819-1893) Soldier in Civil War. Credited with founding baseball. DAVID DOUGLAS (1798-1834) Botanist that did considerable work on the Pacific Coast. The Douglas fir is named for him. STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS (1813-1861) Congressman and Senator from Illinois. Presidential candidate 1852. FREDERICK DOUGLASS (1817-1895) Abolitionist, orator, journalist. JAMES A. DRAIN (1870-1943) Commander of the American Legion 1924-25. From Spokane, Wash. DANIEL DRAKE (1785-1852) Physician. Founder of Ohio Medical College. EDWIN L. DRAKE (1819-1880) First per.son to prove there were oil reserves within the earth's surface. Founded oil company in Pennsylvania. FRANCES DRAKE (1545-1596) English navigator. Famous for his victory over the Spanish Armada in 1588. GEORGE N. DRAKE (1923-1942) Merchant seaman lost aboard the "S.S. Olean" when it was torpedoed off North Carolina coast in 1942. This ship completed as the "Carl Oftedal". JOSEPH RODMAN DRAKE (1795-1820) Poet. CHARLES A. DRAPER (1897-1943) Radio operator on the "S.S. Walter Gresham". Lost when ship was torpedoed by U-221, in 1943, west of Ireland. Enroute New York to Scotland. JOHN W. DRAPER (1811-1882) Chemist. Pioneered photography and long-distance telegraphy. JOHN DRAYTON (1766-1822) Jurist, legislator and author. Governor of South Carolina 1800-02. JOHN DREW (1853-1927) Actor. Played important part in the growth of the American theater J. H. DRUMMOND (1827-1902) Lawyer. Active in Maine politics. WILLIAM J. DUANE (1780-1865) Secretary of the Treasury 1830. JUAN PABLO DUARTE (1813-1876) Founder of the Dominican Republic 1844. JULIEN DUBUQUE (1762-1810) First white settler in Iowa 1788. Dubuque, Iowa, named for him. EDWARD B. DUDLEY (1789-1855) Congressman from North Carolina. Governor of North Carolina. EDWIN H. DUFF (1874-1944) Prominent Washington, D.C. admiralty laywer. Spent most of his life aiding in development of an extensive Merchant Marine. FRANCIS P. DUFFY (1871-1932) Catholic chaplain of the "Fighting 69th" regiment in World WarI. JAMES B. DUKE (1856-1925) Founded the tobacco industry in North Carolina. Duke University is named for him. SIEUR DULUTH (1636-1710) French explorer in the Lake Superior area. JULIA L. DUMONT (1794-1857) Became known as one of the greatest teachers in Indiana. PAUL DUNBAR (1872-1906) Negro poet from Ohio. WILLIAM DUNBAR (1749-1810) Planter, scientist, meteorologist. JAMES DUNCAN (1857-1928) Labor leader. First elected vice-president of A.F.L. ABIGAIL S. DUNIWAY (1834-1915) Leader of the women's suffrage movement in the Northwest. FINLEY PETER DUNNE (1867-1936) Author, humorist, with the Chicago Post. CLYDE AUSTIN DUNNING (1921-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Sam Houston" when it was torpedoed N.W. of the Virgin Islands in 1942. ALFRED I. DUPONT (1864-1935) With his cousin he formed E.I. Dupont Powder Co. in 1902. This was an outgrowth of the old E.I. duPont de Nemours @ Co. Later he moved to Florida and founded paper mills and manufacturing industries and banks. PIERRE S. DUPONT (1739-1817) Capitalist. Partner in family powder company E.I. duPont de Nemours. HENRY DURANT (1802-1875) Congregational clergyman. First president of the University of California, which he helped found. Mayor of Oakland, California. GEORGE DURANT (1632-1691) Recipient of the first land grant on record in North Carolina. In 1677 he led a revolt against the then acting governor. CHARLES E. DURYEA (1861-1938) Inventor and automobile manufacturer. LEO J. DUSTER (1894-1943) World War I veteran from Iowa. Prominent in the American Legion. GABRIEL DUVAL (1752-1844) Congressman from Maryland. Supreme Court Justice 1811-1835. WILLIAM P. DUVAL (1784-1854) Congressman from Kentucky. Governor of Florida 1822-1834. ANTONIN DVORAK (1841-1904) Composer born in Romania. Correction: Born in a Bohemian village, Nelahozeves near Prague (today the Czech Republic) TIMOTHY DWIGHT (1752-1817) Congregational clergyman. President of Yale 1795-1817. LEWIS L. DYCHE (1857-1915) Zoologist, taxidermist.

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