GEORGE W. CABLE (1844-1925) Author. Specialized in stories of the old South. JOHN CABOT (1450-1498) Italian navigator in employ of England. In 1497 he discovered Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and explored West coast of Greenland. JUAN CABRILLO (1495-154S) Went to Mexico with Cortez in 1520. Discovered San Diego Bay, Santa Monica Bay, Monterey Bay, and the Channel Islands. LAMBERT CADWALADER (1743-1823) Revolutionary soldier and patriot. DAVID CALDWELL (1725-1824) Presbyterian clergyman prominent in patriotic affairs. JAMES CALDWELL (1734-1781) Presbyterian clergyman and patriot. JOHN C. CALHOUN (1782-1850) Statesman and political philospher from South Carolina. Vice President of U.S. 1924. RICHARD K. CALL (1791-1862) Territorial governor of Florida 1836-1839. GEORGE CALVERT (1580-1632) The first Lord Baltimore. Founded a Catholic colony in present day Maryland. JAMES C. CAMERON (1833-1918) Businessman, politician from Pennsylvania. Senator from Pennsylvania, and also served as Secretary of War 1876. WALTER CAMP (1859-1925) Promotor of American football. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL (1769-1848) Lawyer and diplomat from Tennessee. U.S. Senator 1811. Sect. of the Treasury 1914. Minister to Russia 1818-1820. JOHN A. CAMPBELL (1811-1889) Supreme Court Justice 1853-1861. PRINCE L. CAMPBELL (1861-1925) President of University of Oregon 1902-1925, WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL (1862-1938) Astronomer for the Lick Observatory. President of University of California 1923-1930. EDWARD CANBY (1817-1873) Union General from Kentucky. JAMES W. CANNON The James W. Cannon was named after James William Cannon ( 25 April 1852 - 19 December 1921 ) - Founder of Cannon Mills in North Carolina. JOSEPH G. CANNON (1836-1926) Speaker of the House from Illinois 1903-1911. BENJAMIN CARDOZO (1870-1938) Justice of the Supreme Court from New York 1932-1938. HALTON R. CAREY (1921-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost aboard the "S.S.W.D. Anderson" when it was torpedoed off of Florida in 1942. JOSEPH M. CAREY (1845-1924) Lawyer. Served as the first U.S. Senator from Wyoming 1890-1896. Governor of Wyoming 1911-1915. ROBERT D. CAREY (1878-1937) Governor of Wyoming 1919-1923. Senator 1930-1937. JOHN G. CARLISLE (1835-19i0) Governor of Kentucky 1871-1875. Congressman 1877-1891. Speaker of the House. Senator 1890-1893. Sect. of Treasury 1893-1897. LLOYD S. CARLSON (1922-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost when the "S.S. Arcata" was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Gulf of Alaska in 1942. ANDREW CARNEGIE (1835-1919) Industrialist, philanthrophist. Used his $350,000,000 to found the Public Library system and improve teaching standards. BENJAMIN CARPENTER (1865-1927) Merchant, industrialist from Chicago. JOSEPH CARRIGAN (1922-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost when the tanker "S.S. Ario" was torpedoed and sunk off North Carolina in 1942. CARLOS CARRILLO (1783-1852) Born Santa Barbara, Cal. Appointed Governor in 1831. CHARLES CARROLL (1787-1832) Revolutionary leader from Maryland. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Member Continental Congress. U.S. Senator from Maryland 1789. DANIEL CARROLL (1730-1796) Senator from Maryland in the First Congress. JAMES CARROLL (1854-1907) Responsible for solving the Yellow Fever problem and identifying it with the mosquito. JOHN CARROLL (1735-1815) First Roman Catholic bishop in the U.S.. Founder of Georgetown University in 1789. KIT CARSON (1809-1868) Trapper, guide, Indian agent, soldier. Was guide of the first Fremont expedition and shared in the conquest of California. WILLIAM CARSON (1845-1930) Civil engineer. Instructor at Washington College and at Tennessee. BERNARD CARTER (1834-1912) Law professor Univertsity of Maryland and later provost. WILLIAM ASA CARTER (1922-1943) Merchant seaman. Lost in sinking of the" S.S. Samuel Gompers" when it was torpedoed in the Coral Sea in 1943. JACQUES CARTIER (1491-1557) French explorer and mariner. Discovered the St. Lawrence River and the area of Quebec and Montreal. PETER CARTWRIGHT (1785-1872) Methodist clergyman. Celebrated frontier preacher. Fame lies in the fact he was the man Abraham Lincoln defeated for congress. WILLIAM H. CARRUTH (1859-1924) Leading linguistic scholar and author of the west from Kansas. GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER (1864-1942) Negro educator and botanist. JOHN CARVER (1576-1621) Organizer of the Plymouth expedition and became the first Governor of Plymouth colony. JOHN S. CASEMENT (1829-1909) Chief contractor on Union Pacific's first transcontinental R.R. Union General in Civil War. MICHAEL CASEY (1857-1937) Labor leader born in Ireland. First President of Teamster Joint Council #7 in San Francisco 1907, the first Teamster Local West of the Mississippi. LEWIS CASS (1782-1866) Soldier and statesman. Governor of Michigan Territory. Senator from Michigan. Minister to France. Secretary of State 1857. A. J. CASSATT (1839-1906) Civil engineer, railroad executive. President of the Pennsylvania Railroad. MARY CASSAT (1845-1926) Artist famous for works in pastels and oils. RICHARD CASWELL (1729-1789) Revolutionary soldier and politician from Maryland. Governor of North Carolina in 1786. JOHN CATRON (1786-1865) Supreme Court Justice 1837-1865. A. J. CERMAK (1873-1933) Mayor of Chicago. Killed by assasin's bullet directed at President elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt. SEBASTIAN CERMENO (???%????) Spanish explorer entered Drake's Bay 1595 in command of the Spanish ship "San Agustin" and called the bay "San Francisco" - leading to later confusion of it's name. Date of birth and death unknown. GEORGE CHAFFEY (1848-1932) Canadian born engineer. Pioneer in promoting irrigation in California. Responsible for Los Angeles becoming the first all electric municipality in U.S.. Founded Chaffey College 1916, and Ontario, Ca. 1882. EUGENE T. CHAMBERLAIN (1856-1929) Associate editor of the Albany Journal. U.S. Commissioner of Navigation 1893. Delegate to the International Conference on Safety at Sea 1913. GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN (1879-1942) Novelist and consular officer. JOSHUA L. CHAMBERLAIN (1828-1914) President of Bowdoin University. Civil War general. Governor of Maine 1868-1870. WILLIAM I. CHAMBERLAIN (1837-1920) Agriculturist. President of Iowa Agriculture College 1886. JOHN CHANDLER (1762-1841) Revolutionary soldier. Senator from Maine 1820-1829. PAUL CHANDLER (1889-1943) President of Clarion College 1937-1943. WILLIAM ELLERY CHANNING (1780-1842) Unitarian clergyman from Rhode Island. JEREMIAH L. CHAPLIN (1776-1841) Baptist clergyman. President of Waterford College Maine. OMAR E. CHAPMAN (????- ????) Ship master of many Maine built ships. Captain of the famous clipper ship "Shenandoah", largest sailing ship built in U.S., from 1902-1907. OSCAR CHAPPELL (????-1942) Merchant seaman who lost his life on the tanker "S.S. Dixie Arrow" when torpedoed off North Carolina in 1942. CHIEF CHARLOT (1830-1910) Flathead Chief in Bitteroot area of Montana. SALMON P. CHASE (1808-1873) Statesman. Governor of Ohio. Secretary of Treasury trader Lincoln. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 1864-1873. SAMUEL CHASE (1741-1811) Lawyer and Revolutionary leader. Supreme Court Justice from Maryland 1796-1811. JOSEPH-AUGUSTIN CHEVALIER (1847-1929) Pioneer Catholic churchman in Maine and New Hampshire. LANGDON CHEVES (1776-1857) Lawyer, financier. Congressman from South Carolina 1809. BENJAMIN CHEW (1722-1810) Lawyer. Chief Justice Pennsylvania Supreme Court 1774. LYDIA M. CHILD (1802-1880) Abolitionist. GEORGE C. CHILDRESS (1804-1841) Author of Texas Declaration of Independence. Childress, Texas. GEORGE W. CHILDS (1829-1894) Publisher of the Philadelphia Public Ledger. RUSSELL H. CHITTENDEN (1856-1943) Bio-chemist. Instructor at Yale University. VALERY CHKALOV (1904-1938) Soviet aviator. In 1934 he flew non-stop Moscow to Vancouver, Washington. RUFUS CHOATE (1799-1859) Lawyer and statesman. Senator from Massachusetts 1841-45. JEAN P. CHOUTEAU (1758-1849) Fur trader. Co-founder of the St. Louis Fur Co. in 1809. E.A. CHRISTENSEN (1876-1922) With Charles Sudden he founded the Sudden @ Christensen Steamship Co. in 1901. WALTER M. CHRISTIANSEN (1896-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost his life when the "S.S.W.L. Steed" was torpedoed off the mouth of the Deleware River in 1942. WILLIAM H. CLAGETT (1838-1901) Delegate from Montana to Congress 1871-1873. WILLIAM C. C. CLAIBORNE (1775-1817) Congressman from Tennessee 1797. Governor of Mississippi Territory. First Senator from Louisiana and first Governor 1816. RAYMOND CLAPPER (1892-1944) United Press correspondent in 1920s. War Correspondent for Scripps- Howard who lost his life in plane crash in South Pacific 1944. ABRAHAM CLARK (1726-1794) Lawyer, surveyor. Signer of Declaration of Independence. Member of Continental Congress. Congressman from New Jersey 1791-1794. ARLIE CLARK (1893-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost when the "S.S. Hampton Roads" was torpedoed northwest of Cuba irt 1942. CHAMP CLARK (1850-1921) Congressman from Missouri. Speaker of the House 1911-19. EDGAR E. CLARK (1856-1930) Interstate Commerce Commissioner. Head of the Railroad Conductors of America. GEORGE ROGERS CLARK (1752-1818) Soldier, frontiersman, Indian fighter in Indiana and Illinois. JOHN T. CLARK (1766-1832) Governor of Georgia 1819. WILLIAM CLARK (1770-1838) Explorer. Member Lewis and Clark Expedition. Governor of Missouri Territory during War of 1812. WILLIAM S. CLARK (1826-1886) President Massachusetts Agricultural College. JOHN CLARKE (1609-1676) One of founders of Rhode Island. "Father of American Baptist". ALEXANDER S. CLAY (1853-1910) Senator from Georgia 1897-1903 and 1909-1915. CLEMENT CLAY (1816-1866) Congressman from Alabama 1829-1835. Governor 1836-1837. Senator 1837-1841. HENRY CLAY (1777-1852) Senator from Kentucky. Speaker of the House 1811. Secretary of State under President Adams. JOHN M. CLAYTON (1796-1856) Lawyer, statesman. Senator from Deleware. Secretary of State under President Taylor. GEORGE CLEEVE (1601-1667) Came to Maine in 1630 from England. Founder of Portland, ME. JAMES M. CLEMENTS (1849-1921) Well known in Northwest as lawyer and jurist. MOSES CLEVELAND (1754-1806) Pioneer and patriot. Served in Revolutionary War and later founded a trading post at the site of present day Cleveland, Ohio. RICHARD J. CLEVELAND (1773-1860) Merchant seaman. Extraordinary career is chronicled in his narrative "Commercial Voyages". NATHAN CLIFFORD (1803-1881) Congressman from Maine 1839-1843. Attorney General 1846-1848. Justice of the Supreme Court 1858-1881. DUNCAN CLINCH (1788-1849) Congessman from Georgia. THOMAS L. CLINGMAN (1812-1897) Confederate soldier. Congressman and Senator from North Carolina. DEWITT CLINTON (1769-1828) Statesman, philanthropist. Senator from New York 1802. Mayor of New York. Governor of New York. THOMAS CLYDE (????-????) Founder and owner of Clyde S.S. Co. and the Agwillines consortium. Active in the formation of the Todd Shipyard Corp. GEORGE CLYMER (1739-1813) Signer of Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Member of the Continental Congress from Pennsylvania. Member of Congress 1789. ELIJAH COBB (1768-1848) Sea captain from Massachusetts. Writer of famous autobiography "Elijah Cobb - Cape Cod Skipper". HOWELL COBB (1815-1868) Congressman from Georgia. Governor of Georgia. IRVING S. COBB (1876-1944) Humorist and journalist from Kentucky. SAMUEL S. COBB (1899-1942) Merchant seaman lost aboard the "S.S. Alcoa Guide" when it was torpedoed in 1942, 300 miles East of Cape Hatteras. NEGLEY D. COCHRAN (1863-1941) Editor of the Toledo News-Bee. Fame lies in his long fight to establish freedom of the press from improper court control. WILLIAM CODDINGTON (1601-1678) Early Rhode Island settler. Founder of Newport in 1639. WILLIAM F. CODY (1846-1917) Scout and showman known as "Buffalo Bill". JAN PIETERSZOON COEN (1587-1629) Governor of the East India Co. HOWARD E. COFFIN (1873-1937) Chief engineer and Vice president of the Hudson Motor Co. GEORGE COGGESHALL (1784-1861) Seaman, privateer from Connecticut. Author of several volumes detailing the history of the American privateer. GEORGE M. COHAN (1878-1942) Songwriter, producer and playright. JOSIAH COHEN (1840-1930) Pittsburgh barrister who helped write the Code of Ethics, not only for the bar, but the judiciaries of the states and nation. SUSAN COLBY (1817-1919) First teacher of the New London Academy 1838. which became Colby College and named in her honor. CHARLES J. COLDEN (1870-1938) Congressman from California 1933-1938. CHARLES N. COLE (1887-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost aboard "S.S. Lemuel Burrows" in 1942 when it was torpedoed off Atlantic City. CORNELIUS COLE (1822-1924) Congressman and Senator from California. ROY JAMES COLE (1906-1943) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Expositor" was torpedoed in the North Atlantic in 1943. WILLIAM T. COLEMAN (1824-1893) California merchant who became head of the Vigilantes in San Francisco 1851-1856. ISAAC COLES (1747-1813) Revolutionary soldier. Congressman from Virginia in the First Congress 1789-1791, and the Third and Fourth Congress 1793-1797. SCHUYLER COLFAX (1823-1885) Congressman from Indiana. Speaker of the House 1863. Vice- President 1869-1873. ALLEN G. COLLINS (1912-1943) Merchant seaman. Killed when the "S.S. John Bascom' was bombed at Bari, Italy, in 1943. EDWARD K. COLLINS (1802-1878) Owner of the Collins Line, which operated ships between New York, Boston, and England. NORMAN J. COLLINS (1827-1911) Journalist and lawyer from Indiana, who became the first Secretary of Agriculture 1889. SAMUEL COLT (1814-1862) Inventor and manufacturer, maker of the first multi-shot pistol which bears his name. JOHN COLTER (1775-1813) Trapper and explorer who served with the Lewis and Clark Expedition and did extensive exploration in the Yellowstone region. WALTER COLTON (1797-1851) Congregational clergyman from Vermont. Navy chaplain. Played a notable part in the conquest of California. M. E. COMERFORD (????-1939) One of the first operators of theatres in Pennsylvania and New York. THOMAS CONDON (1822-1907) Congregational clergyman and geologist. Missionary to Oregon who later taught at University of Oregon. HUTCHINSON I. CONE (1871-1941) Naval officer who served as head of U.S. Bureau of Shipping. JOSEPH V. CONNOLLY (1895-1944) Editor. President of International News Service. HENRY GROVES CONNOR (1852-1924) Federal district judge from North Carolina. Author of the "Connor Act". CHARLES M. CONRAD (1804-1878) Congressman and Senator from Louisiana. Secretary of War. JOHN CONSTANTINE (1849-1930) First Panama Canal pilot. Worked first as a harbor pilot with the French Interoceanic Canal Co. and then as Master of the crane ship "Lavalley". BENJAMIN CONTEE (1755-1815) Episcopal minister. Maryland delegate to the Continental Congress and later served as member of Congress. EDWARD COOK (1738-1808) Revolutionary War soldier and statesman. Active in Pennsylvania government. JAMES COOK (1728-1779) English explorer and navigator. H. WEIR COOK (1892-1943) Member of Eddie Rickenbacher's 94th Aero Squadron in World War I, and one of the first air mail pilots. JAY COOKE (1821-1905) Banker, financier from Ohio. INA COOLBIRTH (1841-1928) Poet who worked with Bret Harte on the "Overland Monthly". THOMAS M. COOLEY (1824-1898) Professor of Law University of Michigan known for his law volumes. CALVIN COOLIDGE (1872-1933) Governor of Massachusetts. President of United States 1923. J. FRANK COOPER (1885-1943) Joined Goodyear Co. 1913. Built and put in service all stratosphere ballons made in this country including USS Shenandoah, Akron and Macon. JAMES FENIMORE COOPER (1789-1851) Novelist from Cooperstown, N.Y.. "Last of the Mohicans", "The Pathfinder", and "The Deerslayer", considered his best works. PETER COOPER (1791-1883) Manufacturer, inventor, philanthropist. Cooper Union in NewYork was founded by him. ROYAL S. COPELAND (1868-1938) Physician, teacher, writer. Senator from New York 1932-1938. Author of the "Copeland Act", an anti-tmion law against merchant seaman. JOHN S. COPLEY (1738-1815) Artist, painter. LIONEL COPLEY (1648-1693) Colonial governor of Maryland 1692. HENRY W. CORBETT (1827-1903) Senator from Oregon 1867-1873. JAMES J. CORBETT (1866-1933) Pugilist from San Francisco. "Gentleman Jim". Defeated John L. Sullivan for the world title in 1892. G. H. CORLISS (1817-1888) Inventor, manufacturer. Developer of the steam engine. EZRA CORNELL (1807-1874) Capitalist, inventor. Worked with S. B. Morse in development of the telegraph line. Founder of Western Union. FRANCISCO CORONADO (1510-1554) Spanish explorer. Expeditions included Lower California, Grand Canyon, Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, and much of Mexico. GEORGE B. CORTELYOU (1862-1940) President of Consolidated Edison of New York. THOMAS CORWIN (1794-1865) Congressman and senator from Ohio. Minister to Mexico. 1861-64. EDWARD P. COSTIGAN (1874-1939) Senator from Colorado 1930-1936. HENRY GILBERT COSTIN (1898-1918) World War I Congressional Medal of Honor winner. BENJAMIN F. COSTON (1820-1848) Chief scientist Washington Navy Yard and inventor of the Coston Signal Flare in the 1850s. SALLIE S. COTTON (1846-1929) Club woman from North Carolina. This ship assigned to the Norwegian government while under construction and renamed "Ole Bull". JESSE COTTRELL (1878-1944) Editor and diplomat. Editor "Tucson Citizen". JOHN H. COUCH (1811-1870) Ship captain 'who brought load of trade goods from Hawaii to Willamette Fails 1840. Later set up trading post in Portland. RICHARD COULTER (1788-1852) Congressman from Pennsylvania 1827-1835. WILLIAM A. COULTER (1849-1936) Marine artist working in San Francisco area. Did considerable work of area after 1906 earthquake and fire. JAMES H. COURTS (1889-1943) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Expositor" was torpedoed by a German submarine while enroute Belfast to New York in 1943. ROBERT G. COUSINS (1859-1933) Congressman from Iowa 1893-1909. CHARLES G. COUTANT (1840-1913) Historian of Wyoming who authored "History of Wyoming" 1899. WILLIAM COX (1898-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. David Atwater" when it was torpedoed by a German submarine off Virginia in 1942. RALPH A. CRAM (1863-1942) American architect and author. Exponent of the Gothic style. HART CRANE (1899-1932) Poet from Ohio. STEPHEN CRANE (1871-1900) Novelist. Author of "Red Badge of Courage" 1895. F. MARION CRAWFORD (1854-1909) Novelist and historian. GEORGE G. CRAWFORD (1869-1936) Engineer, metalurgist. President of Jones and Laughlin Steel 1930. THOMAS CRAWFORD (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost aboard the "S.S. Maiden Creek" when torpedoed off Algeria in 1942. WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD (1772-1834) Senator from Georgia. Secretary of War I815. Secretary of Treasury. HEBER M. CREEL (1855-1932) Author of a dictionary of the Cheyenne language. THOMAS CRESAP (1702-1790) Trader and pioneer who settled in Maryland. GEORGE CRILE (1864-1943) Surgeon and biologist. Founder of Cleveland Medical Hospital in 1924. Noted for studies of shock. FLORENCE CRITTENTON (1878-1882) Died at age of four, and her millionair father established homes to aid unfortunate girls throughout the world in her name. JOHN J. CRITTENDEN (1787-1863) Senator from Kentucky. U.S. Attorney General 1850. Governor of Kentucky for a short time. CHARLES CROCKER (1822-1888) California merchant, railroad builder, capitalist. President of the Southern-Pacific R.R.. DAVY CROCKETT (1786-1836) Frontiersman. Congressman from Mississippi. Died in the Battle of the Alamo 1836. EDWARD H. CROCKETT (1911-1943) Member of the Associated press. Died in the torpedoing of a British naval vessel in 1943. HERBERT D. CROLY (1869-1930) Publisher and author. Editor of the "New Republic" 1914. WILLIAM CROMPTON (1806-1891) Inventor of textile machinery. JOHN CROPPER (1755-1821) Member of the Continental Army from Maryland who was publicly commended by Washington. JASPER F. CROPSEY (1823-1900) Painter, architect. Designed New York's Sixth Ave. Elevated Station. NATHANIEL CROSBY (1812-1856) Oregon pioneer born in Maine. Columbia River boat captain. Built first frame house in Portland at Front and Main Sts. 1847. CHARLES H. CUGLE (1881-1931)) Master mariner who wrote books on navigation and seamanship in early 20th century. Wrote "Practical Advanced Navigation". FRANK J. CUHEL (1903-1943) Mutual Broadcasting's foreign correspondent who was killed in crash of Pan America's "Yankee Clipper" at Lisbon 1943. FRANCIS D. CULKIN (1874-1943) Congressman from New York 1928-1943. JOHN W. CULLEN (1838-1939) Oregon pioneer who became a Methodist minister in 1868. J. S. CULLINAN (1860-1937) Corporate executive. Creator and head of three major oil companies. ALBERT B. CUMMINS (1850-1926) Governor of Iowa. Senator from Iowa 1909-1926. THOMAS F. CUNNINGHAM (1864-1937) Shipping and railroad executive. President of Mississippi Shipping Co.; Lykes S. S. Company. NATHANIEL CURRIER (1813-1888) Lithographic printer and publisher. "Currier @ Ives". DAVID A. CURRY (1860-1917) American sociologist. Started Camp Curry in Yosemite Park. GEORGE L. CURRY (1820-1878) Territorial Governor of Oregon 1854. Editor of Oregon Free Press. J. L. M. CURRY (1825-1903) Statesman, author. Educator from Georgia. ANDREW G. CURTIN (1815-1894) Governor of Pennsylvania 1861-1867 and Congressman 1881-1887. BENJAMIN R. CURTIS (1809-1874) Supreme Court Justice 1851-1857. CHARLES GORDON CURTIS (1860-1936) Congressman and Senator from Kansas. Vice President of the U.S. 1929-1933. CYRUS H. K. CURTIS (1850-1933) Publisher. Founder of Curtis Publishing Co. GLENN CURTIS (1878-1930) Aircraft designer. Founder of Curtis Aviation Co. JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD (1878-1927) Novelist. HARVEY CUSHING (1869-1939) Famous neurologist and surgeon. JOSIAPH NELSON CUSHING (1840-1905) Baptist missionary to Burma. WILLIAM CUSHING (1732-1810) Supreme Court Justice 1789-1810. Administered oath of office to Washington at his second inaguration. CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN (1816-1876) World acclaimed actress. GEORGE A. CUSTER (1839-1876) Civil War general. Famous for "Custer's Last Stand" at the Little Bighorn in Montana 1876. MANASSEH CUTLER (1742-1823) Baptist clergyman. Colonizer of Ohio.

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