IRVING BABBITT (1865-1933) Teacher and author, neo-humanist. ISAAC BABBITT (1799-1862) Inventor. Invented a superior alloy lining. A widely used bearing metal was named for him. S. M. BABCOCK (1843-1931) Agricultural chemist. Best known for the invention of the milk-fat test which bears his name. SARA BACHE (1744-1808) Only daughter of Ben Franklin. Widely known for her patriotism and benevolence. HENRY BACON (1866-1924) Architect. Greatest achievement was the Lincoln Memorial. NATHANIEL BACON (1647-1676) Colonial leader. Leader of the "Jamestown Rebellion" against Governor Berkeley. ROBERT BACON (1860-1919) Banker, diplomat, soldier. Partner in J. p. Morgan @ Co., Assistant Secretary of State (1905-1909). GEORGE E. BADGER (1795-1866) Jurist. Secretary of the Navy. Senator from North Carolina 1846-55. WILLIAM S. BAER (1872-1931) Orthopedic surgeon. Discoverer of the cure for osteomyelitis. FREDERICK H. BAETJER (1874-1933) Physician. Pioneered the use of Xrays at great personal sacrifice. DONALD W. BAIN (1841-1892) Long associated with official and civic life of North Carolina. Adjutant, North Carolina Militia, 1863. BERNARD N. BAKER (1854-1918) President of the Atlantic Transport Line, Atlantic & Pacific Transport Company, and member of the U. S. Shipping Board during W.W.I. EDWARD D. BAKER (1811-1861) Lawyer. Congressman from Illinois (1845-1847)(1849-1851). Republican Senator from Oregon (1860-1861). Killed in action with the Union army during Civil War. Baker, Oregon, was named for him. GEORGE L. BAKER (1868-1941) Maygr of Portland, Oregon, 1917-1933. HOBART BAKER (1892-1918) Princeton sport star considered one of the best college hockey players of all time. Member of Air Force in France during First World War. Killed 1918. Member National Football Hall of Fame. NEWTON D. BAKER (1871-1937) Lawyer. Mayor of Cleveland. Secretary of War under President Wilson (1916). RAYMOND T. BAKER (1877-1935) Banker identified with the development of mining in Nevada. Ambassador to Russia (1914-1916). ALLEN C. BALCH (1864-1943) Electrical engineer. President Midland Counties (Cal.) Public Service Co.; Fresno City Water Co. ABRAHAM BALDWIN (1754-1807) Founder of University of Georgia. Congressman and Senator from Georgia. HENRY BALDWIN (1780-1844) Jurist. Practiced law in Pennsylvania. Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Jackson. (1830). LOAMMI BALDWIN (1744-1807) Chief engineer on the Middlesex Canal. Credited with developing the apple tree that produces the Baldwin apple. JOHN BALL (1818-1889) Irish politician and alpinist. First president of Alpine Club (1867). MARY BALL (1709-1789) Mother of George Washington. LOUIS BAMBERGER (1855-1944) Established Bamburger's department store in Newark, N.J. 1892. Philanthropist. Radio station owner (WOR). SIMON BAMBERGER (1847-1926) Governor of Utah 1917-1921). GEORGE BANCROFT (1800-1891) Historian and diplomat. Secretary of the Navy under President Polk. Established Naval Academy at Annapolis. HUBERT HOWE BANCROFT (1832-1918) Historian. Publisher in San Francisco that wrote many books tracing the natives of the Bay area. WILLIAM B. BANKHEAD (1874-1940) Congressman from Alabama. Speaker of the House (1936-1940). Father of Tallulah Bankhead, a famous actress. ROBERT J. BANKS (1917-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost aboard the "S.S. Gulfamerica" when it was torpedoed in 1942, 5 miles off Jacksonville, Fla.. Upon completion the ship assigned to the Norwegian government and renamed "Vadso'. PHINEAS BANNING (1831-1885) Dominant figure in transportation business in Southern California in mid 1800s. Responsible for the development of Wilmington, Cal., as a port. FREDERICK BANTING (1891-1941) Canadian physician and phyciologist. Discoverer of insulin. JOHN BANVARD (1815-1891) Painter and writer. ALEXANDER BARANOF (1746-1819) Explorer and fur trader. Directed the affairs of the Russian American Fur Company in Alaska. (1790-1818). JAMES BARBOUR (1785-1842) Governor of Virginia. U.S. Senator. Secretary of War 1825-1828. PHILLIP P. BARBOUR (1783-1841) Lawyer, statesman. Congressman from Virginia. Supreme Court Justice (1836-1841). JOSE C. BARBOSA (1857-1921) Physician, journalist. Political leader who advocated statehood for Puerto Rico. PENELOPE BARKER (1728-1794) Revolutionary patriot from North Carolina who persuaded women to quit drinking tea or buy British cloth and resist paying British taxes. SAMUEL K. BARLOW (1795-1867) Pioneer. Lead an Oregon immigrant party to Willamette Valley 1845. Later constructed toll road from the East into the valley. HENRY BARNARD (1811-1900) Educator. Credited with stimulating the growth of free public education. RALPH W. BARNES (1899-1940) Newspaper correspondent with New York Herald Tribune. P.T. BARNUM (1810-1891) Founder of circus that was billed as "The Greatest Show on Earth". OSCAR F. BARRETT (1860-1935) President of the Barrett Line, operator of tugs and barges on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. WESLEY W. BARRETT (1922-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost when the tanker "S.S. Rawleigh Warner" was torpedoed off the mouth of the Mississippi in 1942. J. RUFINO BARRIOS (1835-1885) Guatemala politician. President of Guatemala 1873. DAVID F. BARRY (1854-1934) Photographer of Western Indians. Famous for portrait of Sitting Bull. JOHN BARRY (1745-1803) Naval officer. Commanded the "U.S.S. United States" in 1794. Eventually became head of the U.S. Navy. WILLIAM T. BARRY (1785-1835) Lawyer, statesman. Leader of Democratic party in Kentucky. Became Governor 1821. Served as U.S. Postmaster General 1829-1835. CARL G. BARTH (1860-1939) Mechanical engineer. Pioneer of scientific management for industry. FREDERICK BARTHOLDI (1834-1904) French sculptor. Designer of the Statue of Liberty. JOSIAH BARTLETT (1729-1795) Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Member of Continental Congress. First Governor of New Hampshire 1793. CLARA BARTON (1821-1912) Organizer of the American Red Cross. FRANCIS S. BARTOW (1816-1861) First Confederate general to fall in the Civil War. The city of Bartow, Florida, is named for him. JOHN BARTRAM (1699-1777) First native American botanist. Carried out the first hyberdizing experiments in America. JOHN BASCOM (1827-1911) Alaska's first educator. President University of Wisconsin 1874-1887. JOHN S. BASSETT WII (1867-1928) Historian, writer. Professor at Smith College and Duke University. RICHARD BASSETT (1745-1815) Statesmen from Delaware. Governor of Delaware 1799-1801. EDWARD BATES (1793-1869) Congressman from Missouri. Served as Attorney General under Lincoln WII becoming the first Cabinet officer from west of the Mississippi River (1861-1864). KATHERINE L. BATES (1859-1929) Educator and poet. Author of "America the Beautiful". ROBERT BATTEY (1828-1895) Physician and surgeon. Served with Confederate Army and best known for his work with hernias. KEMP P. BATTLE (1831-1919) Educator. President University of North Carolina (1876). EPHRAIM W. BAUGHMAN (1835-1921) Columbia River navigator who was granted the first "Pilot of Steamboats License" ever granted in the West 1860. Instrumental in the development and naming of Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington. ALFRED L. BAXLEY (1992-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost aboard the "S.S. Cardonia' when it was torpedoed by a German submarine off Haiti in 1942. Launched as the "Lektor Garbo" and turned over to Norwegian government. JAMES A. BAYARD (1767-1815) Statesman, diplomat. Congressman from Delaware (1797-1803). Senator (1805-1813). THOMAS F. BAYARD (1828-1898) Senator from Deleware. Secretary of State under President Cleveland. This ship launched as "Edvard Greig' for Norwegian Government. CECIL N. BEAN (1870-1940) Marine engineer. Supervising Inspector for Bureau of Marine Inspection, Gulf District, 1919-1939. Aid ROBERT S. BEAN (1854-1931) Oregon judge. Served as Chief Justice of Oregon 1894-1896. DAN BEARD (1850-1941) Artist and naturalist. Founder Boy Scouts of America. Mt. Beard in Alaska is named for him. STEPHEN BEASLEY (1714-1814) Revolutionary War ship commander. Later shipowner and shipyard operator in Philadelphia. Held grant to land now covered by Harrisburg, Pa. WILLIAM BEAUMONT (1785-1853) Army surgeon. Pioneer in the study and understanding of the functions of the stomach. J. C. W. BECKHAM (1869-1940) Senator from Kentucky. Governor of Kentucky 1900-1907. WILLIAM BECKNELL (1796-1865) Explorer, trader. Pioneered the Santa Fe trade. HENRY WARD BEECHER (1813-1887) Clergyman, publisher. As pastor of the Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn he was one of the most influential people of his day. LYMAN BEECHER (1775-1863) Presbyterian minister. Father of Henry Ward Beecher. MARTIN BEHRMAN (1864-1926) Mayor of New Orleans 1904-1920. DAVID BELASCO (1853-1931) Actor, dramatist, producer. ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL (1847-1922) Inventor of the telephone. JOHN BELL (1797-1869) Congressman from Tennessee 1827-1841. Secretary of War under President Harrison. Later served as U.S. Senator 1847-1859. EDWARD BELLAMY (1850-1898) Author. Founded the Springfield Daily News 1880. ELIZABETH C. BELLEMY (1837-1900) Teacher and author of books on life in the south. WILFRED R. BELLEVUE (1911-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost when the "S.S. Joseph M. Cudahy" was torpedoed off Florida in 1942. GEORGE BELLOWS (1822-1925) Painter, lithographer, illustrator. AUGUST BELMONT (1816-1890) Banker trained in Europe by the Rothchilds who became their agent in the U.S.. Served as Minister to the Netherlands 1853-1857. STEPHEN VINCENT BENET (1898-1943) Poet and novelist. Born in Pennsylvania and educated at Yale. JOSE G. BENITEZ (1851-1880) Puerto Rico's most popular lyric poet. JUDAH P. BENJAMIN (1811-1884) Lawyer and statesman. Senator from Louisiana 1852-1861. Served as head of the Confederate War Department. PARK BENJAMIN (1849-1922) Author, patent lawyer. Wrote on scientific subjects. FLOYD BENNETT (1890-1928) Navy pilot. Associate of Admiral Byrd on polar explorations. JAMES GORDON BENNETT (1795-1872) Reporter, editor, publisher. Founded the New York Herald in 1835. RISDEN T. BENNETT (1840-1913) Congressman from North Carolina 1883-1887. HENRY L. BENNING (1814-1875) Jurist, statesman, Confederate soldier. EGBERT BENSON (1746-1833) Revolutionary leader. New York jurist considered second only to Alexander Hamilton in legal learning. SIMON BENSON (1852-1942) Captilist. Responsible for many inovations in the lumber business in Oregon. Designed first sea-going log raft. Built the Benson Hotel and Columbia River Gorge Hotel. THOMAS HART BENTON (1782-1858) Senator from Missouri for 30 years. CHRISTIAN BERGH (1763-1843) Shipbuilder. Built the frigate "President". HENRY BERGH (1811-1888) Son of Christian Bergh. Founded the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1866. VITUS BERING (1680-1741) Danish navigator in the service of Peter the Great of Russia. Conducted voyages of exploration in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. GEORGE BERKELEY (1685-1753) Irish philospher and churchman. An early settler in Rhode Island. EMILE BERLINER (1851-1929) Inventor of microphone, gramaphone and, with his son, built the first helicopter (1919). ALBERT J. BERRES (1873-1940) Secretary- Treasurer Metal Trades Dept. of A.F. of L.. Secretary Motion Picture Producers of America. MARTHA BERRY (1866-1942) American educator. Worked mostly in back country of Georgia and established the Berry School for mountain children. EDWARD J. BERWIND (1848-1936) Business executive, capitalist. Largest owner of coal mines in U.S. WILLIAM BEVAN (1895-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost on the "S.S. David H. Atwater" when it was shelled by a German submarine off Virginia in 1942. GEORGE M. BIBB (1776-1859) Senator from Kentucky. U.S. Secretary of Treasury. 1844-1845. MARY BICKERDYKE (1817-1901) Nurse. Aided sick and wounded in Civil War. THOMAS W. BICKETT (1869-1921) Lawyer, politician. Governor of North Carolina 1916-1920. NICHOLAS BIDDLE (1786-1844) Statesman, financier. President of Bank of United States 1823-1839. JOHN BIDWELL (1819-1900) Pioneer, politician from Ohio. Member of the first immigrant train to California. Active in obtaining California independence from Spain. Was the first to discover gold on the Feather River. AMBROSE BIERCE (1842-1914) Columnist for Hearst's San Francisco Examiner. FREDERICK BILLINGS (1823-1890) Lawyer, railroad executive, philanthropist. Original partner in the Northern Pacific R.R.. The town of Billings, Montana is named for him. JESSE BILLINGSLEY (1810-1880) Early Texas settler. Elected to the First Texas Congress. HIRAM BINGHAM (1789-1869) Congregational clergyman. Missionary to the Sandwich Islands. Translated the Bible into Hawaiian. ROBERT W. BINGHAM (1871-1937) Newspaper proprietor, diplomat. Ambassador to England. HORACE BINNEY (1780-1875) Lawyer. Congressman from Pennsylvania. JAMES G. BIRNEY (1792-1857) Anti-slavery advocate from Kentucky. Presidential candidate 1840 and 1844. JERIMIAH S. BLACK (1810-1883) Lawyer, statesman. U.S. Attorney-General under Buchanan and later Secretary of State until Lincoln's inauguration. VAN LEAR BLACK (1875-1930) Captilist. President of Fidelity Trust of Baltimore (1920). Publisher of the Baltimore Sun. JOE C. S. BLACKBURN (1838-1918) Lawyer, Confederate soldier. Congressman and Senator from Kentucky (1875-1907). WILLIAM BLACKSTONE (1595-1675) New England colonist. First settler in what is now Boston. ELIZABETH BLACKWELL (1821-1910) First women medical doctor of modem times. Received M.D. in New York 1849. JAMES G. BLAINE (1830-1893) U.S. Congressman from Maine. Speaker of the House. Secretary of State and presidential candidate 1884. FRANCIS PRESTON BLAIR (1791-1876) Journalist, politician from Kentucky. He served in President Jackson's so called "Kitchen Cabinet". JAMES BLAIR (1655-1743) First president of William and Mary College in Virginia. JOHN BLAIR (1732-1800) Jurist, patriot. Delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Justice of the Supreme Court 1789-1796. FRANCIS N. BLANCHET (1795-1883) Catholic missionary to the Northwest. Established missions in Walla Walla, Vancouver, and Astoria. Elevated to a bishop in 1843. RICHARD BLAND (1710-1776) Virginia planter. Delegate to the Continental Congress. THEODORIC BLAND (1742-1790) Virginia planter, physician, Revolutionary soldier. H. G. BLASDEL (1825-1900) Merchant and miner. First elected Governor of Nevada. Governor 1864-1870. SAMUEL BLATCHFORD (1820-1893) Lawyer, jurist. Specialist in maritime and patent law. Justice of the Supreme Court 1882-1893. HENRY H. BLOOD (1872-1944) Governor of Utah 1932-1944. TIMOTHY BLOODWORTH (1736-1814) U.S. Senator from North Carolina 1795-1807. WILLIAM BLOUNT (1749-1800) Politician. Delegate to the Constitutional Convention 1887. Governor of Tennessee Territory in 1790. U.S. Senator 1796. WILLIAM D. BLOXHAM (1835-1911) Planter and public servant. Governor of Florida 1881. MURRAY M. BLUM (1920-1943) Merchant seaman lost aboard the "S.S. Leonidas S. Polk" in 1943. FRANZ BOAS (1858-1942) Anthropoligist. President America Academy of Anthropology. O. L. BODENHAMER (1829-1933) World War I veteran from Arkansas elected National Commander American Legion 1929-1930. ALBERT M. BOE (1916-1944) Merchant seaman. Killed in explosion aboard "USAT FS-214" in 1944. EDWARD W. BOK (1863-1930) Editor, author, philanthrophist. Editor of the Ladies Home Journal. SIMON BOLIVAR (1783-1830) Known as "The Liberator". South American revolutionary leader, soldier and statesman from Caracas. JAMES B. BONHAM (1807-1836) Lawyer. One of the defenders of the Alamo. Bonham, Texas named for him. JOSE BONIFACIO (1763-1838) Hero of Brazilian Independence 1822. BENJAMIN BONNEVILLE (1796-1878) Soldier. Best known for his fur trading expeditions and his exploration of the Rocky Mountains. DANIEL BOONE (1734-1820) Pioneer and Indian fighter. Lead first group of settlers into present day Kentucky in 1775. REBECCA BOONE (1738-1813) Born Rebecca Bryan she married Daniel Boone in 1756. EDWIN BOOTH (1833-1893) Actor. Considered the greatest actor of his day. He was the brother of John Wilkes Booth who assasinated Lincoln. WILLIAM E. BORAH (1865-1940) U.S. Senator from Idaho 1907-1940. GUTZON BORGLUM (1871-1941) Sculptor and painter from Idaho. Best known for his work on the Mount Rushmore National Monument. FREDERICK BOUCHARD (1880-1941) New York harbor tugboat skipper who in 1918 founded the Bouchard Transportation Co.. Today one of the largest on the East Coast. ELIAS BOUDINOT (1740-1821) Lawyer. Revolutionary statesman. Close associate of Washington. President of the Continental Congress 1782. Congressman from New Jersey 1789- 1795. Director of U.S. Mint 1795-1805. BENJAMIN BOURNE (1755-1808) Revolutionary soldier and jurist. Served in the first four Congresses from Rhode Island. GEORGE S. BOUTWELL (1818-1905) Politician and lawyer. Governor of Massachusetts. Congessman and Senator. Secretary of Treasury 1869-1873. MARION MCKINLEY BOVARD (1847-1891) Associated with the founding of University of Southern California and it's first president 1880-1891. NAPOLEON B. BOWARD (1857-1910) Governor of Florida 1905-1909. NATHANIEL BOWDITCH (1773-1838) Astronomer, mathmatician, seaman. Published the first edition of his "Practical Navigator" in 1799. JAMES BOWDOIN (1752-1811) Merchant, diplomat. Minister to Spain. Benafactor of Bowdoin College in Maine. JAMES BOWIE (1796-1836) Texas soldier. Instrumental in freeing Texas from Mexico. Died at the famous Battle of the Alamo. Inventor of the Bowie knife. SAMUEL BOWLES (1851-1915) Editor and publisher of the Springfield Republican. WILLIAM D. BOYCE (1858-1929) Millionare publisher from Chicago who brought the Boy Scout movement from England to U.S. 1915. LINN BOYD (1800-1859) First name actually LYNN. Congressman from Kentucky. Speaker of the House (1851-1855). EMMETT D. BOYLE (1879-1926) Governor of Nevada (1915-1923). PATRICK C. BOYLE (1846-1920) Pioneer in the oil industry born in Ireland. Publisher of the "Oil and Gas Journal'; "Derrick's Handbook of Petroleum"; "Oil City Derrick". JOHN M. BOZEMAN (1835-1867) Trailmaker. Opened Bozeman cattle trail from Texas to Virginia City, Montana, 1863-1865. WILLIAM BRADFORD (1589-1657) Pilgrim father. Signed the Mayflower Compact. Served as English governor of Plymouth colony 1622-1656. THOMAS BRADLEE (1885-1931) Director of Vermont Agriculture Extension Services 1913-1931. JOSEPH P. BRADLEY (1813-1892) Lawyer, Supreme Court Justice 1870. ANNE BRADSTREET (1612-1672) Came to Massachusetts in 1630. Poet. CYRUS T. BRADY (1861-1920) New York Episcopal clergyman. Novelist. JOHN G. BRADY (1848-1918) Governor of Alaska 1897-1906. MATHEW B. BRADY (1823-1896) Photographer. Famous for his monumental photo coverage of the Civil War. ANNA H. BRANCH (1893-1937) Poet and author. JOHN BRANCH (1782-1862) Planter and politician. Governor of North Carolina and U.S. Senator. Secretary of the Navy 1829-1831. LOUIS D. BRANDEIS (1865-1941) Supreme Court Justice 1916-1939. SAMUEL BRANNAN (1819-1889) California pioneer and printer. Published the first San Francisco newspaper the "California Star". SALVADOR BRAU (1842-1912) Journalist, dramatist, poet. Official historian of Puerto Rico. CARTER BRAXTON (1736-1797) Revolutionary statesman. Member of the Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia. JAMES H. BREASTED (1865-1935) Eygptologist, archeologist, historian. JAMES L. BRECK (1818-1876) Episcopal clergyman. Missionary in Wisconsin and Minnesota. JOHN C. BRECKENRIDGE (1821-1875) Statesman and soldier from Kentucky. Confederate Secretary of War. LAWRENCE J. BRENGLE (1878-1936) Chief Executive officer for American Marine Insurance Syndicates. R. C. BRENNAN (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost on the "S.S. Nathaniel Hawthorne" when it was torpedoed off Isla de Margarite enroute New York from Georgetown. MARGARET BRENT (1600-1670) America's first feminist. First woman in Maryland to hold land in her own right. EPHRAIM BREVARD (1744-1783) Surgeon in the Continental Army from North Carolina. DAVID J. BREWER (1837-1910) Supreme Court Justice 1889. BENJAMIN H. BREWSTER (1816-1888) Attorney General of the United States 1881-1884. WILLIAM BREWSTER (1567-1644) Pilgrim father. Was second in command of the Pilgrims when they landed at Plymouth in 1620. LAURA BRIDGMAN (1829-1889) The first blind person to be systematically educated. JIM BRIDGER (1804-1881) Fur trader, frontiersman, scout. Connected with the Northwest Fur Company. First white man to the Great Salt Lake 1824. ANSEL BRIGGS (1806-1881) First Governor of Iowa 1846. LEBARON RUSSELL BRIGGS (1855-1934) Educator. Dean at Harvard. President of Radcliffe. ANDREW BRISCOE (1810-1849) Early Texas cattleman and railroadman. Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence 1836. BENJAMIN H. BRISTOW (1832-1896) Lawyer. Statesman. U.S. Secretary of Treasury 1874. CHARLES A. BROADWATER (1840-1891) Pioneer builder and businessman in Montana - primarily in the transportation business. Associate of Jim Hill in construction of Great Northern. O. L. BRODENHAMER (1889-1933) National Commander of the American Legion 1929-1930. JOHN M. BROOKE (1826-1906) Naval officer. Oceanographer. Charted bottom of the North Pacific. After serving in the Confederate Navy in the Civil War, he became Bureau Chief of the U.S. Department of Hydrography. HEYWOOD BROUN (1888-1939) Newspaper columnist. Author. Organizer of the American Newspaper Guild in 1933. War correspondent for the New York Tribune. ROBERT F. BROUSSARD (1864-1918) Senator from Louisiana. NAPOLEAN B. BROWARD (1857-1910) Governor of Florida 1905-1909. ALBERT G. BROWN (1813-1880) Lawyer, politician. Congressman from Mississippi 1848-1861. Governor of Mississippi. ALEXANDER E. BROWN (1852-1911) Inventor, manufacturer. Inventor of the Brown Hoisting Machine used in coal mines and ore mines. HADLEY F. BROWN (1877-1935) General Manager Maryland Drydock Co. 1921, later became President. HAROLD H. BROWN (1917-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost in the sinking of "S.S. David H. Atwater" off of Virginia in 1942. HENRY B. BROWN (1836-1913) Jurist. Expert in Admiralty Law. Supreme Court Justice 1890-1906. JOHN W. BROWN (1867-1941) Organized the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Active in the United Mine Workers. Established Local 4 of the Industrial Union of Marine Shipbuilding Workers of America. JOSEPH A. BROWN (1733-1785) Scientist. Conducted experiments in electricity and mechanics. JOSEPH E. BROWN (1821-1894) Lawyer. Governor of Georgia 1857-1865. U.S. Senator 1880-1891. JUAN FLACO BROWN (1800-1859) "Lean John" Brown, an American settler in early California, who made a famous ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1846 to get reinforcements for American troops beseiged in Los Angeles. The"Paul Revere of California". MOSES BROWN (1738-1836) Manufacturer and philanthropist. Was one of the first cotton manufacturers in the United States. NOAH BROWN (1770-1850) Shipbuilder from New York who built gunboats for the Navy and helped design and build Perry's fleet on Lake Eire. Co-founder of Brown and Bell. TABITHA BROWN (1780-1858) Pioneer woman on the Oregon trail 1846-1858. TARLETON BROWN (1757-1846) Organized "The Rangers" to protect families on Savannah River during Revolutionary War. Later with General Marion "The Swamp Fox". EDWARD BRUCE (1879-1943) Friend of FDR and member of the Commission on Fine Arts. MATTHEW BRUSH (1877-1940) President of the Boston Elevated R.R. Co.. President of the American International Shipbuilding Corp. at Hog Island during first World War. MACK BRUTON BRYAN (1907-1939) Merchant seaman. Lost when the"S.S. City of Rayville" struck a German mine in Bass Straits in 1939, becoming the first American seaman to lose his life in World War 11. WILLIAM J. BRYAN (1860-1925) Political leader. Congressman from Nebraska 1890. Three time Democratic Presidential nominee. Secretary of State under Wilson. E. A. BRYAN (1855-1941) Educator. President Washington State College 1893-1916. This ship was destroyed in an explosion at Pt. Chicago in 1944. All on board were killed. WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT (1794-1878) Poet, editor. Editor of the Saturday Evening Post 1829-1878. JAMES BUCHANAN (1791-1868) Fifteenth President of the U.S.. PAUL BUCK (1901-1942) Merchant seaman. Master of the "S.S. Stephen Hopkins" when it was shelled and sunk by German raiders in the South Atlantic 1942. CHARLES BULFINCH (1763-1844) Architect. Mostly around Boston. Designed the State Capital and the work on the wings and central part of the Capital in Washington. THOMAS BULFINCH (1796-1867) Author. "The Age of Fable" 1855. "The Age of Chivalry" 1858. OLE BULL (1810-1880) Norwegian concert violinist, composer, orchestra conductor. This ship laid down as the "Sallie S. Cotton" and turned over to the Norwegian government upon completion and renamed. PAUL BUNYON (Mythical) Legendary hero of American lumber camps. Best known for his tales about "Babe" his blue ox. LUTHER BURBANK (1849-1926) Plant breeder. Did most of his work in the Santa Rosa area. He produced many of the better varieties of vegetated plants. JOHN W. BURGESS (1840-1931) University professor. Organized the first school of political science at Columbia College in New York. AEDANUS BURKE (1743-1802) Revolutionary soldier, Congressman, jurist. JOHN BURKE (1875-1936) Roman Catholic clergyman. Editor of "The Catholic World". ALBERT S. BURLESON (1863-1937) Congressman from Texas. Postmaster General 1913-1921. EDWARD BURLESON (1798-1851) Frontiersman. Commander at the seige of the Alamo. Vice President of the Republic of Texas. ANSON BURLINGAME (1820-1870) Diplomat. Congressman from Massachusetts. Ambassador to China. DAVID G. BURNET (1788-1870) Politician and frontiersman. President of the Republic of Texas 1836. E. A. BURNETI (1865-1941) Educator. Chancellor University of Nebraska 1899-1907. PETER H. BURNETF (1807-1895) Oregon pioneer. Later Governor of California 1849. WILLIAM D. BURNHAM (1847-1919) Captain in the Cape Horn trade who became one of the founders of American-Hawaiian Steamship Company. ROBERT F. BURNS (1919-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost when the "S.S. Topa Topa' was torpedoed off French Guiana in 1942. AMBROSE E. BURNSIDE (1824-1881) Union General during Civil War. Governor of Rhode Island 1866-1868. Senator from Rhode Island 1875-1881. JOHN BURROUGHS (1837-1921) Author and poet. EDWARD W. BURTON (????-1942) Merchant seaman lost on "S.S. Mercury Sun" when torpedoed off the coast of Cuba in 1942. DAVID BUSHNELL (1742-1824) Inventor. Known as "Father of the Submarine". HORACE BUSHNELL (1802-1876) Congregational clergyman from Connecticut. OVID BUTLER (1800-1881) Founded Butler University in Indiana 1849. PIERCE BUTLER (1866-1939) Justice of the Supreme Court from Minnesota 1923-1939. KENYON L. BUTTERFIELD (1868-1935) President of Michigan State College 1924-1928. JAMES A BUTTS (1926-1942) Merchant seaman. Lost on the "S.S. Santa Rita" when it was torpedoed and shelled by German submarine in 1942 off Puerto Rico. WILLIAM N. BYERS (1831-1903) Surveyor, pioneer. Founded Denver 1859. Founder and editor of the Rocky Mountain News. The mineral Byerite is named after him. WILLIAM BYRD (1674-1744) Planter, colonial official. Son of founder of Richmond, Virginia. WILLIAM D. BYRON (1895-1941) Congressman from Maryland 1939-1941.

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