JOSEPH HABERSHAM (1771-1815) Revolutionary patriot from Georgia. Delegate to the Continental Congress. U.S. Postmaster General 1795-1801. WILLIAM HACKETT (1868-1927) Mayor of Albany, N.Y., 1922-1926. HENRY HADLEY (1871-1937) Composer, conductor in Seattle, San Francisco, New York. ROBERT L. HAGUE (1880-1939) Shipbuilder, ship operator. Manager of Marine Department of Standard Oil of New Jersey; Vice President and Director. CHARLES S. HAIGHT (1838-1891) Congressman from New Jersey 1867-1871. ANCIL F. HAINES (1872-1937) Founded Border Line Transportation (1912) a service between Puget Sound and British Columbia. Later served as executive with Admiral L/ne (1916) Dollar Line, and American Mail Line. EDWARD B. HAINES (1848-1911) Newspaper publisher in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. EDWARD E. HALE (1822-1909) Unitarian clergyman. Chaplin U.S. Senate 1903-1909. EUGENE HALE (1836-1918) Congressman from Maine 1869-1879. Senator 1881-1911. GEORGE E. HALE (1868-1938) Astronomer. Director of Mt. Wilson Observatory 1904-1923. NATHAN HALE (1755-1776) Revolutionary patriot. Martyred spy. "I regret I only have one life to give for my country". SARAH J. HALE (1788-1879) Editor of "Ladies Magazine"- one of the first of it's kind. THOMAS L. HALEY (1888-1943) Merchant seaman. Died from wounds received when the "S.S. Julia Ward Howe" was torpedoed off the Azores in 1943. E. G. HALL (1865-1938) President of the Minnesota State Federation of Labor 1911-55. CHARLES M. HALL (1863-1914) Chemist, manufacturer. Discovered process for making aluminum 1886. GRANVILLE S. HALL (1844-1924) Physcologist, philosopher, educator. LYMAN HALL (1724-1790) Physician. Signer Declaration of Independence. Member of the Continental Congress from Connecticut. Governor of Georgia 1785. OTIS E. HALL (1879-1936) Leader in the Kansas 4-H program. Author of 4-H Club pledge. WILLARD HALL (1780-1875) Deleware District judge who wrote the school laws 1829. RICHARD HALLIBURTON (1900-1939) Traveler and writer from Texas. Lost in North Pacific while trying to sail solo from Pacific Coast to Japan. MURAT HALSTEAD (1829-1908) War Correspondent. Editor Brooklyn Standard Union. WILLIAM S. HALSTEAD (1852-1922) Surgeon. Professor at Johns Hopkins. ALEXANDER HAMILTON (1755-1804) Statesman, Revolutionary War hero. ANDREW HAMILTON (1676-1741) Lawyer. His defense of publisher John Zenger established the precedent for freedom of the press in 1734. JOHN B. HAMILTON (????-1746) Colonial governor of New Jersey. Granted the first charter to the College of New Jersey - now Princeton. OR (1831-1879) Surgeon General 1879-1891 who developed a system for national control of epedemics. PAUL HAMILTON (1762-1816) Revolutionary soldier, planter, legislator. Governor of South Carolina 1804-1806. Secretary of the Navy 1809-1812. CYRUS HAMLIN (1811-1900) Missionary, educator from Maine. Founded Roberts College in Turkey. President of Middlebury College in Vermont 1880-1885. HANNIBAL HAMLIN (1809-1891) Lawyer, politician. Senator from Maine 1848-1857. Governor of Maine. Vice President under Lincoln during first term. A. B. HAMMOND (1848-1934) Lumberman. Developed the Missoula Mercantile Co. Built the Bitterroot Valley R.R., Astoria Columbia Pdver R.R.. President of the Hammond Lumber Co. and the Hammond Steamship Co. JOHN H. HAMMOND (1855-1936) Mining engineer. Worked with Cecil Rhodes and the Guggenheims in South Africa. WADE HAMPTON (1818-1902) Confederate soldier, planter, statesman from South Carolina. Governor 1876-1878 and Senator 1878-1891 from South Carolina. JOHN HANCOCK (1736-1793) Merchant, politician, Revolutionary soldier. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. President of the Second Continental Congress. First governor of Massachusetts 1780-1785. GEORGE HANDLEY (1752-1793) Revolutionary War patriot. Governor of Georgia 1788. NANCY HANKS (1783-1818) Abraham Lincoln's mother. MARK HANNA (1837-1904) Captilist, politician. Senator from Ohio 1897-1904. JOHN HANSON (1721-1783) Revolutionary War soldier. President of the Continental Congress. VIGGO HANSTEEN (1900-1941) Norwegian labor lawyer executed by the Germans in occupied Norway 1941. Ship laid down as the "George M. Shriver" and renamed by the Norwegian government upon completion, when it was turned over to Norway. NORMAN HAPGOOD (1868-1937) Publisher, reformer. Publisher of Collier's Weekly 1902-1912. JAMES HARLAN (1820-1899) Senator from Iowa 1855-1865. Secretary of the Interior 1865-1867. Senator 1867-1873. JOHN M. HARLAN (1833-1911) Justice of the Supreme Court 1877-1911. CORNELIUS HARNETT (1723-1781) Revolutionary statesman from North Carolina. Member of the Continental Congress. JACOB CHANDLER HARPER (1858-1939) Associated with Scripps newspapers as general counsel 1899-1915. ROBERT G. HARPER (1765-1825) Congressman from South Carolina 1795-1801. WILLIAM HARPER (1790-1847) Chancellor of Missouri Terrritory 1819-1823. Chancellor of South Carolina 1828-1830 and 1835-1847. JAMES F. HARRELL (????-1943) Master "S.S. Gulfstate" lost when torpedoed off Florida 1943. E. H. HARRIMAN (1848-1909) Railroad executive, captilist, steamship owner. D. W. HARRINGTON (????-????) Chief of the Division of General Accounts in the Treasury Dept. 1871- 1909. FRANCIS C. HARRINGTON (1887-1940) Administrator of the W.P.A.. Director Panama Canal Railroad Co. JONATHAN HARRINGTON (????-1775) First man killed in the Revolutionary War. At Lexington 1775. VINCENT HARRINGTON (1903-1943) Congressman from Iowa killed in action 1943 World War II. JOE HARRIS (1876-1933) Merchant on Market St., San Francisco. Proprietor of a uniform and outfitting store. Highly respected along the waterfront for many years. JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS (1848-1908) Author from Georgia. Famous for his "Uncle Remus" stories. JOHN P. HARRIS (1726-1791) Revolutionary soldier, fur trader. Founder Harrisburg, Pa. TOWNSEND HARRIS (1804-1878) Politician, diplomat. Consul to Japan 1855. Negotiated the earliest treaties with Japan 1857-1858. BENJAMIN HARRISON (1833-1901) President of the United States 1888-1892. PAT HARRISON (1881-1941) Senator from Mississippi 1924-1941. JAMES HARROD (1742-1793) Pioneer, soldier. Founded first settlement in Kentucky 1774. JOHN HART (1711-1779) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from Connecticut. Member of the Continental Congress. ROBERT W. HART (1880-1942) Master of the "S.S. San Jacinto' who was killed when the ship was shelled by a German submarine SE of Cape Hattras in 1942. BRET HARTE (1836-1902) Author. Best known work "Luck of Roaring Camp" 1870. THOMAS HARTLEY (1748-1800) Congressman from Pennsylvania 1789-1800. JOHN HARVARD (1607-1638) Early settler. Benefactor of Harvard College. HORACE H. HARVEY (1865-1938) Sea captain on Gulf Coast, instrumental in development of Louisiana link in intracoastal waterway system. JOHN HARVEY (????-1646) English sea captain who became Governor of Virginia 1635. OR JOHN HARVEY (1742-1807) Member Continental Congress. FERDINAND R. HASSLER (1770-1843) Surveyor charged with surveying the coast of the U.S. 1816. In effect was the founder of the U.S. Coast Survey. FELIX HATHAWAY (1798-1856) Northwest shipbuilder who built "Star of Oregon". KING HATHAWAY (1878-1944) Construction engineer. Professor of scientific management at Stanford University 1937-1944. JOHN HATHORN (1749-1825) Revolutionary War soldier born in Deleware. Member of the Continental Congress 1788. Congressman from New York 1795-1797. JOHN H. HATTON (1749-1825) Member of the Continental Congress. Brigadier General in Revolutionary War. PERCY D. HAUGHTON (1876-1924) Football coach at Cornell, Harvard, and Columbia. ERIC V. HAUSER (1864-1929) Organized Hauser Construction Co. in Portland, Oregon. Hotel owner. In World War I was V.P. of Grant Smith Porter Shipbuilding Co. JAMES E. HAVILAND (????-1877) Builder and Commander of the first steamer built in Texas, 1842 BLACK HAWK (1767-1838) Sauk war chief. Protagonist of the Black Hawk War 1832. BENJAMIN HAWKINS (1754-1816) Senator from North Carolina 1789-1795. WILLIAM HAWKINS (1863-1937) Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas 1913-1921. GEORGE HAWLEY (1869-1934) Director of a number of coal and shipping companies in Boston. WILLIS C. HAWLEY (1864-1941) Congressman from Oregon 1907-1933. NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE (1804-1864) American author. Most famous "Twice Told Tales" 1837, "Scarlet Letter" 1850, "The House of the Seven Gables" 1851. JOHN HAY (1838-1905) Poet, journalist, historian. Secretary of State 1899-1905. PAUL HAMILTON HAYNE (1830-1886) Poet from South Carolina. ROBERT Y. HAYNE (1791-1839) Senator from South Carolina 1823-1832. Governor 1832-1834. ELWOOD HAYNES (1857-1925) Inventor. Built first successful horseless carriage. Obtained the first patent for stainless steel. WILLET M. HAYES (1859-1928) Made valuable contributions to agriculture in Iowa and N. Dakota. AUGUSTINE HEARD (1785-1868) Ship captain and merchant active in the China trade. DWIGHT B. HEARD (1869-1929) Investment banker. Activist for Arizona to become a state. LAFCADIO HEARN (1850-1904) Author bom in Greece. PHOEBE A. HEARST (1842-1919) Philanthropist. Wife of George Hearst. Mother of William Randolph Hearst. GRACE R. HEBARD (1861-1936) Activist in women's suffrage movement. HANS HEG (1829-1863) Union colonel killed at the Battle of Chickamauga. SAMUEL HEINTZELMAN (1805-1880) Soldier who distinquished himself in the Mexican War and was a corps commander trader McLennan in 1862. SVERRE HELMERSON (????-????) Norwegian patriot. Built as the "William Hodson" and turned over to the Norwegian government and renamed upon completion. HINTON R. HELPER (1829-1909) Author and businessman from North Carolina. CHARLES HENDERSON (1848-1915) Baptist clergyman and sociologist. DAVID B. HENDERSON (1840-1906) Congressman from Iowa. Speaker of the House 1899-1903.J. PINKNEY HENDERSON (1808-1858) First Governor of Texas 1846-1847. Senator 1857-1858. RICHARD HENDERSON (1735-1785) Lawyer from Carolina who promoted colonization of Tennessee. Founded the city of Nashville. THOMAS A. HENDRICKS (1819-1885) Congressman and Senator from Indiana. Also Governor 1873-1877, Vice president of the United States 1885. JOSHUA HENDY (1822-1891) New England machinery maker who went to California in 1848. Established plant in Sunnyvale where in both World Wars he made ship's engines. Premier maker of Liberty ship engines in World War II. LOUIS HENNEPIN (1640-1701) Catholic missionary and explorer who accompanied LaSalle. ROBERT HENRI (1865-1929) Painter and teacher. JOHN HENRY (1750-1798) Maryland delegate to the Continental Congress. U.S. Senator from Maryland. Governor of Maryland 1798. JOSEPH HENRY (1797-1878) First Director and Secretary of Smithsonian Institute. O. HENRY (1862-1910) Actual name William Sidney Porter. Short story writer. PATRICK HENRY (1736-1799) Revolutionary statesman and orator. "Give me liberty, or give me death". WILLIAM A. HENRY (1850-1932) Agriculturist. Professor University of Wisconsin. HILARY A. HERBERT (1834-1919) Congressman from Alabama. Secretary of the Navy 1893-1897. VICTOR HERBERT (1859-1924) Composer bom in Ireland. Founder American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. NICHOLAS HERKIMER (1728-1777) Revolutionary War General charged with the defense of the Mohawk Valley. AUGUSTINE HERMAN (1605-1686) First foreign bom naturalized Maryland citizen 1661. BINGER HERMANN (1843-1926) Congressman from Oregon 1885-1897, 1903-1907. MYRON T. HERRICK (1854-1929) Governor of Ohio 1904-1906. Ambassador to France 1912-14; 1921-29. FRED HERRLING (1889-1942) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Alaskan" was torpedoed off the coast of Brazil in 1942. CHARLES H. HERTY (1867-1938) Chemist. Specialized in the research of pine products. DAVID HEWES (1821-1915) Railroad booster from San Francisco who donated the Golden Spike that joined the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific at Promotory Heights, Utah, in 1869, completing the first transcontinental railroad. JOSEPH HEWES (1730-1779) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from North Carolina. Member of the Continental Congress. Head of the Continental Navy. ABRAM S. HEWITT (1822-1903) Iron manufacturer, philanthropist. Congressman from New York 1875-1887. Mayor of New York 1886. PETER COOPER HEWITT (1861-1921) Scientist, inventor. Best known for invention of the vapor mercury lamp in 1903. Pioneer in development of high speed motorboats. THOMAS HEYWARD (1746-1809) Signer of the Declaration of Independence from South Carolina. JOHN GRIER HIBBEN (1861-1933) Presbyterian clergyman. President of Princeton 1912-1932. JAMES B. HICKOCK (1837-1876) Stage driver, soldier, scout, gunfighter, known as "Wild Bill". FREDERICK C. HICKS (1872-1925) Congressman from New York 1915-1923. MIGUEL HIDALGO (1753-1811) Mexican priest and revolutionary. DANIEL HIESTER (1747-1804) Revolutionary patriot. Congressman from Pennsylvania 1789-1796, and Maryland 1801-1804. EUGENE W. HILGARD (1833-1916) Geologist. First to recognize the relationship between soil analysis and agriculture.A. P. HILL (1825-1865) Confederate General. BENJAMIN H. HILL (1823-1882) Congressman from Georgia 1875-1877. Senator 1877-1882. DANIEL H. HILL (1821-1889) Lt. General Confederate Army. President University of Arkansas, JAMES J. HILL (1838-1916) Founder, builder, and President of Great Northern Railroad. ROBERT T. HILL (1858-1941) Geologist. THOMAS HILL (1829-1908) Landscape painter. Emphasized romantic elements of Western scenery MORRIS HILLQUIT (1869-1933) Lawyer, author. Leader of the Socialist Labor Party. GEORGE H. HIMES (1844-1940) Oregon pioneer 1853. Curator Oregon Historical Society 1898-1940. WALKER D. HINES (1870-1934) Director of the U.S. Railroad Administration 1917-1920. EDWARD N. HINTON (1910-1942) Merchant seaman lost when the "S.S. Carrabulle' was torpedoed in the Gulf of Mexico 1942. EATHAN H. HITCHCOCK (1798-1870) Soldier, author. Union General. GILBERT M. HITCHCOCK (1859-1934) Publisher of the Omaha World Herald. Congressman from Nebraska 1903-1905; 1907-1911. U.S. Senator 1911-1923. WILLIAM D. HOARD (1836-1913) Editor "Hoard's Dairyman" 1885. Governor of Wisconsin 1888-1891. JAMES HOBAN (1762-1831) Architect. Designed the White House and supervised it's construction. Rebuilt it after it's destruction in War of 1812. RICHMOND P. HOBSON (1870-1937) Naval officer. Congressman from Alabama 1907-1915. WILLIAM HODSON. (1891-1944) New York commissioner of Public Welfare 1934-1944. Upon completion it was assigned to the Norwegian government and renamed "Sverre Helmerson". RICHARD MARCH HOE (1812-1886) Inventor and manufacturer of newspaper machines. JAMES S. HOGG (1851-1906) Governor of Texas 1891-1895. ROBERT F. HOKE (1837-1912) Confederate General from North Carolina. BEN HOLLADAY (1819-1897) Started stage service that evolved into the Wells-Fargo. DONALD H. HOLLAND (1920-1943) Merchant seaman killed on the "S.S. John Motley" when it was hit by German bombers at Bari, Italy, in 1943. JOHN P. HOLLAND (1840-1914) Inventor that conceived the first modem submarine. JOSIAH G. HOLLAND (1819-1881) Editor of the Springfield Republican, Scribner's Monthly, and the Century Magazine. PARK HOLLAND (1752-1844) Maine pioneer surveyor and Revolutionary War soldier. CYRUS K. HOLL1DAY (1826-1900) Founder and builder of Topeka, Kansas. President of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad. J0SEPH H. HOLLISTER Namesake unknown. Recent research (2011) suggests that information in Captain Robert O. Deschamps' book, "The Liberty Ships: The People Behind The Names," that this ship was named after a Presbyterian clergyman with this name seems highly unlikely. DAVID HOLMES (1770-1832) Congressman from Virginia 1797-1809. Governor of Territory of Mississippi 1809-1817. Governor of State of Mississippi 1817-1820. Senator from Mississippi 1820-1825. GEORGE R. HOLMES (1895-1939) Newspaper correspondent and radio commentator for NBC. JOHN HOLMES (1773~1843) Congressman from Massachusetts 1817-1820. Senator from Maine 1820-1827 and 1829-1833. JOSEPH A. HOLMES (1859-1915) Mining engineer. First Director of the Bureau of Mines 1910. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES (1809-1894) Educator, poet. OR his son (1841-1935) of the same name. Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1902-1932. BENJAMIN HOLT (1774-1861) American composer who lived in Boston, Mass. JOHN T. HOLT (????-????) Famous Baltimore sea captain. JOSEPH HOLT (1807-1894) Postmaster General 1859-1861. Secretary of War 1861. ANTON M. HOLTER (1831-1921) Norwegian immigrant who started ltumber industry in Montana 1863. Hardware merchant in Helena. Territorial legislator 1878, State legislator 1889. WINSLOW HOMER (1836-1910) Painter. Preeminent as a realistic marine painter. ANDREAS HONCHERENKO (1830-1916) First known Ukranian immigrant to U.S.. Founded the "Alaska Herald" when Alaska was acquired from Russia. JOHN.B. HOOD (1831-1879) Confederate General. VERNON S. HOOD (????-1943) Merchant seaman lost on "S.S. John Drayton", torpedoed by Italian submarine "Leonardo Da Vinci", off Durban, South Africa, 1943. JOSEPH HOOKER (1814-1879) General appointed Commander of the Army of the Potomac during Civil War. THOMAS HOOKER (1586-1647) Congregational clergyman who settled in the Hartford area 1636. WILLIAM HOOPER (1742-1790) Member of the Continental Congress from North Carolina. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. JOHN HOPE (1868-1936) Educator of negro youths. President of Atlanta University. CYRIL G. HOPKINS (1866-1919) Agriculture chemist and inventer. ESEK HOPKINS (1718-1802) Sea captain. Commander in Chief oś the Continental Navy. ISAAC S. HOPKINS (1841-1914) Methodist clergyman and educator. ]OHNS HOPKINS (1795-1873) Merchant, philanthropist. Largest stockholder of the Baltimore and Ohio R.R.. Donated 7 million dollars for the establishment of the hospital and university that bears his name. MARK HOPKINS (1802-1887) Philosopher, theologian, educator. OR could be named after the Mark Hopkins of early California history who co-founded the Union Pacific R.R. RICHARD J. HOPKINS (1873-1944) Lt. Governor of Kansas 1911-1912. STEPHEN HOPKINS (1707-1785) Signer Declaration of Independence. Govemor Rhode Island 1755-68. HARRIET HOSMER (1830-1908) Sculptor from Boston. EDWARD S. HOUGH (1863-1924) Designed and superintendant on construction of wooden ocean going steamers during World War I, known As the "Hough" type. First person to use geared turbines in steam schooners on Pacific Coast. ALANSON B. HOUGHTON (1863-1941) industrialist, diplomat. President of Corning Glass Co. Congressman from Massachusetts. Ambassador to Great Britain. SHERMAN O. HOUGHTON (1828-1914) Congressman from California 1871-1875. Mayor of San Jose. EDWARD M. HOUSE (1858-1938) Advisor to President Wilson. DAVID F. HOUSTON (1866-1940) Educator. President of Texas A@M and University of Texas. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of the Treasury 1920-1921. SAM HOUSTON (1793-1863) Lawyer, soldier, statesman. Governor of Tennessee 1827. President of the Republic of Texas 1841. U.S. Senator from Texas 1846-1859. RICHARD HOVEY (1864-1900) Poet from Illinois. EDWIN D. HOWARD (1923-1943) Merchant seaman killed when the "S.S. John L. Motley" was blown up at Bari, Italy, after being hit by German bombers in 1943. JAMES E. HOWARD (1815-1876) Founder of a shipyard on the Ohio River that built over 3000 mostly riverboats to operate on Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. SIDNEY HOWARD (1891-1939) Dramatist. Won Pulitser Prize in 1924 for his play"They Knew They Wanted". ELIAS HOWE (1819-1867) Inventor of the sewing machine 1846. FREDERICK C. HOWE (1867-1940) Lawyer and reformer from Pennsylvania. JULIA WARD HOWE (1819-1910) Poet, reformer. Wrote "Battle Hymn of the Republic". ROBERT HOWE (1732-1786) Revolutionary War general from North Carolina. SAMUEL G. HOWE (1801-1876) Reformer. Husband of Julia Ward Howe. CLARK HOWELL (1863-1936) Editor of Atlantic Constitution. THOMAS HOWELL (1842-1912) Oregon pioneer and botanist. WILLIAM TERRY HOWELL (1917-1942) Merchant seaman killed on "S.S. Carribule' when it was torpedoed in the Gulf of Mexico in 1942. WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS (1837-1920) Author. First president of the Academy of Arts and Letters. JOHN HOWLAND (1873-1926) Pediatrician. Opened the first pediatric clinic in U.S. at Johns Hopkins 1912. WILLIAM D. HOXIE (1866-1925) Marine engineer. Improved tubing and boilers on ships. HENRY L. HOYT (1823-????) Arrived in Portland 1850. River pilot for Pacific Mail ss Co. 1860. Marshal of Portland for 5 years. Became one of the city's largest landowners. JOHN W. HOYT (1831-1912) Educator. Governor of Wyoming Territory 1878-1882. First president of the State University of Wyoming. ALES HRDLICKA (1869-1943) Anthropoligist. First president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologist. ELBERT HUBBARD (1856-1915) Author and lecturer. ARTHUR M. HUDDELL (1869-1931) President of the International Union of Operating Engineers. CASSIUS HUDSON (1873-1940) State agent for North Carolina under the Extension Service 1914-1922. DANIEL HUGER (1779-1854) Senator from South Carolina 1843-1845. DAVID E. HUGHES (1831-1900) Inventor of the microphone 1878. DUDLEY M. HUGHES (1848-1927) Congressman from Georgia 1909-1917. ARTHUR M. HULBERT (1870-1937) New Jersey 4-H Club leader and pioneer in educational methods. WILLIAM HUME (1830-1902) Pioneer in the salmon industry along the Columbia River. ANDREW A. HUMPHREYS (1810-188S) Soldier, scientist. Civil War general. Chief of the Corps of Engineers. THOMAS F. HUNT (1862-1927) Agriculturist. WARD HUNT (1810-1886) Justice of the Supreme Court 1872. WILSON P. HUNT (1782-1842) Fur trader and merchant. Partner in the Pacific Fur Co. One of the first settlers in Astoria, Oregon, 1812. ROBERT M. T. HUNTER (1809-1887) Congressman and Senator from Virginia. Secretary of War for the Confederacy. ANDREW T. HUNTINGTON (????-????) Served in Treasury Dept. 1885-1914. Division of Loans and Currency. BENJAMIN HUNTINGTON (1736-1800) Delegate to the Continental Congress from Connecticut. Congressman in the First Congress. COLLIS P. HUNTINGTON (1821-1900) Railroad executive, captilist. President of the Southern Pacific R.R. HENRY E. HUNTINGTON (1850-1927) Railroad executive and philanthropist. Founded Huntington Library and the Huntington Art Gallery. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON (1731-1796) Signer of the Declaration of Independence and member of the Continental Congress from Connecticut. Governor of Connecticut 1786-1796, EDWARD N. HURLEY (1864-1933) Industrialist. Chairman of the U. S. Shipping Board 1917. W. WALTER HUSBAND (1871-1942) Assistant Secretary of Labor 1925-1942. GROVER C. HUTCHERSON (1919-1943) Merchant seaman killed on the "S.S. Timothy Pickering" when it was bombed while anchored in Sicily 1943. ANNE HUTCHINSON (1591-1643) Pioneer religous liberal in Massachusetts. Murdered by Indians 1643. J. S. HUTCHINSON (1752-1793) Physician, patriot, from Pennsylvania. THOMAS W. HYDE (1841-1899) Civil War General. Founder Bath Iron Works, Maine. 1884. WILLIAM DEWITT HYDE (1858-1917) Congregational clergyman. President of Bowdoin College 1885.

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