Lester Maul

Lester Maul

In Loving Memory of Lester Maul

My dad died this year and I already have him listed on the WWII page and the Honorguard page. The Lake Havasu VFW sent down honor guards from all five branches of the service for the funeral. My Dad finally got the recognition he deserved for helping our fellow servicemen during his time served getting the supplies they needed during the war. They were sitting ducks in the water at that time, and his ships went down and seen many of his fellow mates die. It was a beautiful service, one that he deserved, He was looking down on us that day, smiling, finally honored for the service provided to our soldiers, finally out of pain and suffering. Can you please list him on your site. He was my hero too. Thank You, Tanya Kozlowski WW-II Memorial Honoree Lester Andrew Maul BRANCH OF SERVICE U.S. Merchant Marine HOMETOWN St. Louis, MO HONORED BY Tanya Kozlowski, Stepdaughter ACTIVITY DURING WWII TRANSPORTED SUPPLIES TO OUR TROOPS. DECEASED JANUARY 26, 2005.

Lester Andrew Maul


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