Larry LaFontaine

Larry LaFontaine

Lawrence LaFontaine

Larry LaFontaine did not linger after Pearl Harbor. He was aboard his first ship in early June, 1942 and served aboard seven merchant ships and a fleet ship before the war was over. Larry was a proud member of the WWII US Navy Armed Guard Service. He served aboard the SS R J Hanna, SS William H Seward, SS Fitz John Porter, SS Waipio, SS Richmond, SS Gilbert M Hitchcock, SS Alcoa Polaris and the USS Arlington (APA-174). There is no need to ask where Larry went. The answer would have to be "everywhere." Like so many Navy Armed Guards, Larry traveled all over the world. Larry and his lovely wife, Phyllis, now live in Olympia, Washington, one of the real beauty spots of the world. Larry may be contacted by email at FIREMANLARRY5@COMCAST.NET .

Shown below is a picture of the SS Richmond


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