Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II Part 5

From Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II

Ronald LaVack, Dewey LaVack and Valmar LaVack. Bob Hubbard and Joe Digani on the Cape San Antonio. John Tpledo and Duane Gadberry on the Roger Clark. John K Mitchell on the Santa Elisa

Tom Lyons and Frank Grasso. Clarke, Madden, Garrity and Reese on the James L Breck. Walter Hughes and Lt Shadley on the Edward L Logan. James McKaig and Gerry Harbin. Muntz, Plunkett, Taylor and Kulick

Ken Hathaway and Don LaBreque. Ensign John McDonald and Ensign Tom Brady. Raimo, Orozco, and Frederickson. Corliss, Faulkner and Bridges. Frank Lumpkins, Lee Briggs and Charles McLaughlin on the Colorado Springs

Wolf Mountain. Dyer and Hauch on the Wakkewa. Carroll, Shultz, Koyodi, Ortaleva, Proia, and Berlin. Schusteff and Furman on the Thaddeus Kosciusyko. Jones, Audette and Bishop

The Russell Sage. The Winslow. The Charles D McIver. The Winslow. Postma and Klansky on the Paco

The Louis Weule. Sawyer, Bell and Cohen on the Zachary Taylor. Rust and Hannon. The S B Hunt. The Russell Sage. Leonardso and Searle.

The Black Jack. Penna and Alarion on the Thaddeus Kosciusyko. Ted Quinn and Elmer Haydon. The Winslow. Sowles and Robinson in Seattle.

Richard Wayne Lyon. Marvin Ross Ankrum, The Sollon Turman crew. Isadore Appelhanz. The John B Hood crew

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