Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II Part 4

From Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II

Crew of the Lyons Creek , Duffy, Pop, Ellemberg, Diegan, Alesiani. Crew of the William M Eastland, George Barber, Forrest Murphy and Ted Homchick. Paul Barrow and Bill Walker.

Don Donley, Ray Bottomly and Bob Ketchum. Postma, Klansky and Moore aboard the Paco. Gygi and Johnson on the Bosch Fontein. Lt D E Perkins with Fuzzy Wuzzies.

Robert Young, Stuart Fulcher, Daniel Kelly and Leon Gomon on the John H McIntosh. Wink Winkler and Red Muntz. Donald L Geske, Hansen and Cribb on the Samuel H Walker. Ed Sypur, and Fat Rule on the Charles D McIver

Harvey Bishop and Ben Jones. 3"50 gun crew on the John Gibbons. Gun crew of the James Fenimore Cooper swimming. McWorther and McHugh from the Thaddeus Kosciusyko.

Griffiths, Brown, MacEwen and Ray in Italy. Hansell, Pepin and Topalian on the Benjamin Chew. Lt J F Sullivan was gunnery officer. Joe Kushner and Fred Simmons. Joe Kushner and F D DeRoy on the USAT Edward Chambers

Bojack, Robert Garrett, Raymond Plank and Shaffer. Eddie Dixon after sinking of the Keystone. Marty McIntyre and Mike Coppola on the Durango. Lt Woods and Burns on the James Fenimore Cooper. Taxi in Italy.

James McKaig and shipmates on the Kewananee. Williams, Morlan and Kirk in Argentina. James W Davies and James McDermott of the Cedar Breaks. Preziosi, Touhy, Benincasa and Kessel in Panama. Tom Little, Henry Bryant and Jack Cross in Seattle

Richard Shute and James Lemire of the Cartago. Streeter, Jackson, Appleby, Szcuako, Duerkes and Faulkner of the Park Holland. Crew of the George Rogers Clark. Niece, Taylor, Winkler, Cornwell, Hammer, Call and Woods in Naples, Italy. Ray Bottomly and Jack Vawter of the Clove Hitch

Red Dowling and John Spera of the Charles D McIver. Richard Shute and Frank Duras. Ensign Brady and Bill Shortall of the George B McFarland. Walker and Hodges of the Lowell. The G Harrison Smith. Tjhe Geronimo. Alfred Hodge and ship,ates

Norm Langelier and Chuck Graczyk in Poer Said. Boot Camp Buddies - Two Smiths, Shute, and Scully. Moody, Smith and Holmes on the James Fenimore Cooper. Heatherly and Geisinger on the Esso Norfolk. Woods, Winkler, Taylor and Muntz in Naples. Italy

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