Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II Part 3

From Armed Guard Veterans History Volume II

Crew of the Texas Sun with Sherman Laister , Crew of the Shoemaker with Lt jg Williams , Crew of the Zachary Taylor , Crew of the Richard D Speight , Crew of the Winfred L Smith

Crew of the Fallen Timbers , Crew of the USAT Sea Train Texas , Crew of the Joshua Thomas

Crew of the J W Van Dyke with Jacobs , Gibbs , Hughes , Hurd , McCusker , Kaiser , Greenlow , and Garrett . Crew of the Norway Victory , Crew of the Clarksdale Victory , and Crew of the Horace Williams

Crew of the George Whitefield , Crew of the Pacific Victory , Crew of the Samuel H Walker , Crew of the Belle of the West , Crew of the Water Witch , and Crew of the Water Witch part 2

Drill Team at the Brooklyn Armed Guard Center

An Armed Guard Crew in Egypt

Three Armed Guard Crews in Egypt

Shipmates Clark , King , and Smith . Shipmates on the James Gunn , Commodore Crenshaw's convoy crew at Galveston, Texas

Picture of Uno E Linne , Clyde V Linne and Father , Carl I Linne , Arnold L Line , Picture of Pat Conti , Picture of Paul , Luke , Cox , Vince , Andy , Minor aboard the William H Aspinwall , Picture of Robert Golden , Ray Erno , Frank Ghelli , Bob Trask , Slim Houghton , Bill Bailey , Walt Posleusny , Charlie Neese , Carl Borago , and Joe Perfido on the Kokomy Victory

Marconi , Cicchino , Loalbo , Meyer , and Hurt on the Flagler . Lt C B Anderson , Navy and Lt F W McLaughlin , USAAF with Army Navy gun crew on the Lyon . Jones , Kanthack , Holladay , Ford , Carter , Brooke at the St Francis Hotel in San Francisco

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