John Hugh McDonald

John Hugh McDonald

In Honor of John Hugh McDonald

John McDonald served honorably in the WWII US Navy Armed Guard service.
John was assigned to:

SS Examiner               January  1942 to November 1942
SS Oakley Alexander       November 1942 to February 1943

John Hugh McDonald passed away 20 February 2004. Information for this page was
provided by his Daughter, Melinda McDonald Hefner. She reports that John led a
full and active life up until the day that he died unexpectedly of an aneurysm
on February 20, 2004. John had some health problems that were fairly serious,
but not enough to keep him from taking piano lessons, visiting with his friends,
keeping up with sports, and reading. John had recently found one of his World
War II buddies, who was also in the Armed Guard, Gene Lasater. Mr Lasater has
also passed away.

John McDonald was a hero. He was well liked and respected by his shipmates
and his Gunnery Officers, and could always be counted on. John will be missed
ay all those who knew and loved him.

Picture of Gene Lasater on the left and John Hugh McDonald on the right.


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