ISBN: 1-57745-009-4

	This book and photographs Copyright 1996 by Thomas R. Bowerman, Sr.
The book may be viewed on your screen but printing, copying, or use of
any part for any purpose other than viewing is prohibited.

        This book is dedicated to my four sons:

	Charles Henry Bowerman by my first wife, Mae Brucke
	Thomas Roy Bowerman, Jr., Terry Adrian Bowerman, and Barry Lynn
        Bowerman by my second wife, Frances Erline Johnson.

	It would be presumptious of me to consider my life to be
significant enough to warrant an autobiography, and I am not a
presumptious person. However, I lived during an interesting period,
surrounded by interesting people and events.

	I also dedicate this book to my sister, Juanita Bowerman Berman,
and to my mother, Eunice Bales Bowerman. Both had profound influence on
my life and are responsible for whatever small degree of success I may
have had in life.

	This book is based on memory and has not been fully researched,
therefore certain dates and events may have to be flip flopped
occasionally to be fully understandable. It has been said that "If you
want to tell the truth, write a novel and if you want to tell lies,
write your autobiography." All I can say is that I removed all the
lies I found. Hopefully, I got all of them.

	This book has been converted from an electronic book. The
electronic book had provisions for "jumping to supporting data" and if I
failed to remove any of those it will appear to have duplication. Just
consider it to be a "flashback."


Chapter 1 My Parents Chapter 2 My Brother Herman and Sister Juanita Chapter 3 The Smackover Connection Chapter 4 My Childhood Days Chapter 5 Youth Chapter 6 The Civilian Conservation Corps Chapter 7 The US Navy and World War II Chapter 8 The US Army and return to Civilian Life Chapter 9 Charles Henry Bowerman, my first son Chapter 10 Life after Marriage Chapter 11 The Army Air Force Chapter 12 The Formative Years Chapter 13 University of Alabama Chapter 14 Graduation, Gen Acctg Office & Army Audit Agency Chapter 15 Courting Caton Chapter 16 Tommy Chapter 17 Terry Chapter 18 Barry Chapter 19 Anniston Army Depot Chapter 20 Retirement Chapter 21 Bulletin Board Systems Chapter 22 The Declining Years - Waiting for the Fat Lady Reference Data Important people, dates and genealogy Navy Documents Ship gunnery officer logs from two ships Use the table below to go to any chapter

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Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
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