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Tuscaloosa High School

Superintendent of Education                         Dr H.G. Dowling

     Through high school they fly! Seven hundred and more a year, our
     young people - thin ones, fat specimens, dull, brilliant, plain,
     exquisite, courteous and gentle, rude with the ignorant haste of
     youth, patient and industrious, lazy beyond description, bane of
     the teacher's existence, and also ample reward for every effort!
     Hullabaloo in the wide hallways,  regular  beat of cheering from
     the pep sessions, roars from the football field,  sweet  harmony
     in band and chorus rooms, secret whisperings of clubs and cabals,
     rumors of heavy thinking in Math and Science and English  halls!
     And then all too suddenly the last day of school is here;we hand
     them a little parchment roll, give them a friendly pat upon  the
     shoulder,and send them out to ways that neither we nor they have
     properly foreseen.......... H.G. Dowling     1940

Secretary to  Superintendent of Education         Miss Susie Mae Smith

     Miss Smith was formerly Principal of Tuscaloosa Junior High School

Board of Education:

     Mr J. Gordon Madison
     Mr Hayse Tucker
     Mr J.A. Duckworth
     Mr Rueben Wright
     Mrs Sam Wiesel
     Dr H.G. Dowling

Principal of Tuscaloosa Senior High School            Miss Clara Verner

     You come to us as freshmen, wide-eyed, expectant, uncertain in
     your new surroundings. You leave us three years later, poised,
     perhaps even a bit sophisticated. In the interval we hope  you
     have experienced the exhilaration of play, the inspiration  of
     dreams, the satisfaction and pride that comes to those who can
     truly say, We have fought the good fight; we have finished our
     course."     Clara Verner (Miss Clara)   1940

                                 The Faculty

MISS EVELYN ASHLEY     Latin & French. Sponsors the Latin & French
                       Clubs. Began classes with "Now, people."

MISS ANNA BROWN        Literature & English. Guides the Jennie Brown
                       Club. Began classes with "All right, students."

MR KARL BRUDER         Art. Art staff of the Black Warrior under his
                       wing. Remarks, "Just relax and let yourself go."

MR CARLETON BUTLER     Band & Instrumental Music. Master mind of the
                       red coats and majorettes. "Jeez, let's get going."

MISS MARGARET CAMPBELL Vocational Home Economics. Adviser for the Future
                       Homemakers of America. When lifting gum, "You look
                       very nice today, dear, except for one thing."

MISS VERNON CLARKE     Distributive Education. Directs the Salesmanship
                       Club. "Get out your notebooks and get to work."

MRS M.W. CLINTON       Health and Girls' Physical Education. Sponsors
                       the Pep Squad and works with Girl Scouts. Warns,
                       "I can't pass you if you won't dress."

MR MATTHEW W. CLINTON  English and Social Studies. Royal Director of
                       R.O.F.B...."I WILL NOT talk above you. When you
                       get through, I'll begin."

MISS WILLIE DAFFRON    Librarian. Asks, "Now just what do you think I
                       ought  to  do  to  you."

MISS EM DONOHO         Chemistry and Photography. Faculty adviser for
                       the Camera Club and the Science Club. Heard to
                       say, "You must get understandings."

Mr CHARLES EBERSOLE    Industrial Arts. Even above the machines you can
                       hear, "Now fellas."

MISS JEWEL ECHOLS      English and Social Studies. Hi-Life consultant.
                       Rationalizes, "You can go if you give a good
                       reason for it."

MISS HELEN McGIFFERT   Plane Geometry and Economic Geography. Adviser
                       for the Motion Picture Committee. Most familiar
                       theorem; "Get to work now."

MISS SUE McCLEOD       Home Economics and Boys' Social Problems. Guiding
                       light of the C.G. and C.O.B.... Takes pride in
                       saying, "Let me tell you about my boys."

MISS VENA MORROW       Stenography and Typing. Student Placement Bureau
                       organized under her supervision. Business-wisely
                       asks, "Is that business-like?"

MISS PEARL PATTON      English and Social Studies. also French II.
                       Collects with the Stamp Club. Encourages with, "I
                       think  that  would be very interesting."

MISS RUBY PATTON       Biology. Adviser for the Biology Club. Says often,
                       "Now, students."

MISS MYRTLE PAYNE      Bookkeeping and Business Training. Puns, "I'm a
                       Payne, but I can't help it."

MR TORREY FULLER       English and Journalism. Responsible for the
                       Hi-Life. Parting shot, "Goodbye now."

MRS W.A. GRAY          Senior Math and Freshman Algebra. Philosophizes:
                       "If you don't get it this year, you'll get it next."

MISS RUBYE GULLEY      Algebra and Geometry. Busy with the business
                       staff of the Black Warrior. Constant Query:
                       "Where's my pencil."

MR FRANK KENDALL       Coach and Boys' Physical Education. Advises Red
                       Letter Club. Also regularly advises:" Let's get
                       'em on, boys."

MRS VIVIAN LAWSON      Librarian... Sotto voces:"Move to another table."

MISS IRMA McDAVITT     Stenography and Typing. Urges "Limber up."

MISS LOUISE PHIFER     American History and Vocational Guidance. Pilot
                       of the Boys' Hi-Y. Practices what she preaches:
                       "Act Natural."

MR VINCENT RAINES      Speech. Taskmaster of the Greasepainters and
                       Debaters. Also well known to the Motion Picture
                       Committee. Urges, "Up and at 'em."

MISS ELIZABETH ROSE    English and Social Studies. Sponsors Honor
                       Society. Mento for the editorial staff of the
                       Black Warrior. Always wants to know, "Where's
                       my purse."

MISS FANNIE SCHMITT    Head Librarian. Quiets with, "Quiet please."

MRS FESTUS SHAMBLIN    Chorus Music. Shelters the A Cappella Choir
                       "I won't go another inch until you all get quiet."

MRS MAURICE STUCKEY    Utley's Assistant in D.O.... Diversified comment,
                       "Be seated, students."

MRS E.D. THAMES        Senior English. Ring leader in Remedial Reading
                       Familiar quotation:"Now, my little dears."

MR T.D. UTLEY          Diversified Occupations. Faculty sponsor of the
                       D.O. Club. Comments with, "I wonder."

MR EDGAR E. WEAVER     American History and Occupations. His word to the
                       wise, "Let us study."

MR GEORGE ZIVICH       Physics. Paralyzes with, "I see a zero from here."

               Tuscaloosa High School Senior Class - 1940

Abbott, Fontaine             Adams, Lottie            Apperson, Roger
Attwood, Marion              Avery, Marion            Bailey, G.E.
Barksdale, Amy Jean          Barlowe, Eugene          Barr, Lorraine
Bates, Billy                 Bates, Winsley           Bidgood, Willis
Bowerman, Thomas             Browne, Elizabeth        Burkhalter, Kathleen
Burnum, John                 Burroughs, Dorothy       Causey, Minnie Evelyn
Channell, James              Chancey, Robert          Chappell, Mary Helen
Clarke, Florinne             Clary, Rick              Clayton, Margie
Cleere, Mason                Cobb, Lucy Lee           Colburn, Leo
Cole, Jimmy                  Conner, Ellis            Copeland, Billy
Copeland, James              Cox, June                Crisler, James
Cummings, Louise             Dailey, Mildred          Darden, Margaret Bell
Drew, Polly Ann              Driskill, B.C.           Duncan, Virginia
Durham, Wilson               Easterling, Mary         Echols, John
Elliott, Gus                 Ellis, Grace             Englebert, Betty
Fehler, George               Fields, Lorene           Fowler, Edris
Gaines, Byron                Gibbons, Howard          Glass, Louise
Goode, Betty                 Goode, Grace             Grace, Julia
Gray, Kathleen               Gresham, Edward          Gulledge, Jane
Haley, Mollie                Hamby, Margaret          Hanley, Mary Martha
Hanna, Barbara               Hannah, Helen            Hanson, Gloria
Hardin, Jack                 Harris, Ruth             Herndon, Joyce
Herndon, Nan                 Hicks, Eloise            Higginbotham, Nell
Hinton, Jimmy                Hobson, Henry            Holley, Jeanne
Holliman, Marie              Hopper, J.T.             Hubbard, Bonham
Hubbard, Mary Snow           Hughes, Pat              Hughes, Sarah
Hunter, Jessica              Hutchins, Margaret       Jackson, E.S.
Jacobs, Gene                 Jamison, Billy           Johnson, Janice
Johnson, Melvin              Johnson, Nellie          Jones, Hal
Jones, Lucia                 Kartzinel, Shirley       Kirkley, Eathon
Koster, Frances              Krebs, Joe               Lancaster, A.D.
Larsen, Keith                Larsen, Laurene          Little, Frank
Manderson, Margaret          Marlowe, Forrest         Mashburn, Ruby
Mayfield, Margie             McLane, Dorothy          McPherson, Lucille
Mize, Norman                 Moore, Jean              Moorer, Ruth
Morton, Max                  New, Bobby               O'Connor, Billy
O'Gwynn, Jean                Oliver, Charles          Panabaker, Jack
Parker, Ava Nelle            Parker, John             Partain, Betty Jo
Partrich, Mary Lee           Patterson, Anne Lou      Patton, Dorothy
Pearson, Robert              Phillips, Gena Grace     Pruett, Ruth
Ray, Elizabeth               Ray, Frances             Reuben, Marvin
Savage, James                Schuyler, Imajean        Sewell, Joe
Shirley, Margaret            Sikes, Virginia          Skelton, Ruby Dean
Smalley, Noah                Snow, Dorothy            Snyder, Beth
Stallworth, Nancy            Stein, Lenora            Strickland, Nell
Sullivan, Elaine             Swindle, Sam             Thornton, Lois
Thrower, W.G.                Tillman, Elaine          Tubbs, Robert
Tucker, Elsie                Tucker, Opal             Turner, Betty
Waldrop, Rosemary            Watson, George           Weaver, Inez
Williams, Billy              Wilson, Lois             Wooley, George
Wright, Gene                 Wright, James

CCC - Stevens Pass

                        Stevens Pass Side Camp

G.R. Hodges               E.S. Griffin               W.H. Vickery
T.A. Williamson           K.B. Taylor                C.G. Lilly
M.L. West                 H.   McCurry               L.O. McBryde
E.   Lee                  C.R. Moon                  T.L. Lay
O.J. Davidson             L.D. Peck                  D.A. Parker
F.G. Ozbolt               D.A. Curl                  E.   Thomas
J.W. Rogers               G.E. Sledge                C.   McClung
C.A. Cates                T.R. Bowerman              B.   Cowan
C.C. Connell              B.G. Montgomery            J.P. Crosswhite
O.W. Hicks                G.L. Jackson               M.T. Enis
H.F. Creasy               B.   Browning              B.   Brown

CCC - Chatter Creek

                              Chatter Creek Side Camp

E.   Edwards              C.L. Fletcher              H.E. Hogan
R.D. Phillips             H.E. Cobb                  C.L. Parker
R.S. Norwood              C.L. Chapman               W.G. Osborn
C.B. Redd                 C.C. Robbins               R.T. Chandler
E.   Lisby                E.A. Minton                J.R. Sellers
T.E. Cost                 A.   Peek                  H.L. Stephenson
O.   Hocutt               S.E. Hindman               R.L. Pennington
G.W. McElyea              H.A. Muncher               J.L. McCowan
P.J. Lindsey              E.H. Mayes                 R.   Allred
J.T. Hollingsworth        B.   White                 E.   Harris
P.Z. Walker               J.E. Allen

CCC - Main Camp - Camp Icicle

G.   Kirk                 A.A. Powers                H.F. Wilburn
T.L. Burden               W.P. Morrow                J.A. Hyatt
M.   Elliot               A.A. Fuller                C.   Franks
C.E. Wylie                L.I. Haynie                H.W. Poteete
W.T. White                E.W. Thomas                J.E. Watson
H.   Eubanks              L.J. McGahuey              W.L. Wright
A.   Franklin             E.   Hamilton              C.R. Burnell
H.G. Campbell             J.E. Kelly                 C.J. McCreless
C.J. Perry                P.   Jones                 B.   Gillis
W.F. Glasgow              W.J. Eason                 J.H. Pike
J.H. Hall                 F.   Beard                 C.C. Whitehead
H.L. Adams                J.D. Dailey                V.I. Gold
C.L. Smith                B.E. Henson                L.C. Carpenter
J.   Sproul               J.J. Howard                V.L. Parish
L.Z. Bragg                O.F. Williams              W.W. Turney
Z.A. Trotter              M.B. Walker                J.T. Crane
T.J. Minton               J.E. Wilson                W.E. Singleton
J.C. Sanders              E.L. Vinson                L.H. Page
C.H. Garrett              M.I. Wright                H.A. Gilchrist
G.R. McMullan             J.W. Tucker                P.   Bell
W.C. Hanks                H.P. Cobble                O.V. Riggs
F.J. Moss                 J.E. Swindle               P.P. Vest
H.I. J. Moore             A.W. Butler                E.W. Tidwell
E.D. Letson               C.H. Brucke                W.E. Johnson
D.L. Davis                B.L. Knight                C.R. Heaton
E.L. Williams             C.W. Holland               W.   Gilchrist
V.H. Nelms                J.D. Williams              A.R. Hamilton

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