Chapter Nine - Charles Henry Bowerman, My First Son

	Charles was born in Jasper and raised there. I did not visit as
there were bad relationships with several members of the Brucke family
and it appeared at the time to be the best approach. I know now that if
I had it to do over again I would visit often. That is life; you do not
always know the right thing to do until it is too late.

	Charles was drafted in the Army and sent to North Carolina. His
Company Commander called me several times about problems Charles was
having adjusting to Army life. He called one day and said he was going
to recommend a bad conduct discharge. I was able to talk him into
recommending a discharge under honorable conditions so it would not
reflect on Charles all his life. He agreed and I was told that Charles
was discharged under honorable conditions.

	Charles and his wife, Linda, visited me one time in Anniston and
I enjoyed the visit very much. I am sorry I was not more supportive of
Charles. I took the easy way out and let him down miserably.

	When I step back and look critically at my support of Charles, I
can find much to be critical of and nothing to be proud of. I have no
admiration of myself in this aspect of my life. I failed miserably. God
help me.
Sandi, Terri, Charles RayCharles Henry Bowerman
Sandi, Terri, &Charles RayCharles Henry Bowerman

Charles had two daughters and a son. Sandi, the oldest daughter, called me for help several times and I always helped her when I could. She quit high school and married John Tidwell in Jasper. I gave them $500 to make a down payment on a mobile home. They have a daughter now, my first great grand child. Charles Ray, my grandson (son of Charles) quit high school and got married. He and his wife have a son, born just a couple of weeks after Sandi's daughter. Terri, the other child of Charles, remains in school and indications are that she will graduate. I do what I can for Charles and his children, but on retirement pay there is not too much I can do other than helping them financially at Christmas.
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