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Messages of Condolence

Tom and I have been email friends for 10+ years. His "Circle of Friends" have been very concerned for quite some time; it is wonderful to know that he has gone to his "greater glory." His sense of humor and friendship will be sorely missed. He saw me through with his humor when my husband passed seven years ago. Tom and I never met, never talked on the telephone but his e-mails were precious. He gave me lots of information or told me where to find information when I was writing my second book about the Armed Guard. One section of this book is about Tom which he wrote himself. I'll miss him and my condolences to his family for their precious loss. I'll bet Tom is up there smiling down on us now.
Bonnie Bryan

To the family of Tom Bowerman. I would like to express my deepest sympathy on the passing of my good friend. Although I never met Tom personally, I corresponded by e-mail with him about the Armed Guard website which he established and maintained for so many years. He really sparked my interest in establishing renewed relationships with my shipmates of the past in the Naval Armed Guard. Tom has gone "home" to the glory which he so richly deserves.
Charlie DeLoach, a Naval Armed Guard friend

I live in Sarasota, FL. My husband died in 1999. I worked with Tom for over three years. He did wonders for me and taught me a lot regarding computers. He helped me in searching for my brother's shipmates and then I helped him in searching for Armed Guard vets. I could not have enjoyed it more helping vets all over the country, many to find their shipmates from 50 and 60 years ago. Tom was a wonderful person and loved what he was doing. I remarried four years ago to a 30-year retired Lt Colonel of the Army Air Force.
Agnes Konitzer Bridger Bast

Thomas Roy Bowerman served many people with his history website keeping alive the stories and histories of World War II. Brother Thomas will have many stars in his crown for all of his good deeds. We send our deepest sympathies to you in your loss, you are not alone in your pain.

Dave and Apple Dwiggins
San Pablo City, Philippines
Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Project

You were a good man; you are a good man and may you have an eternity in Heaven with God and other good men and women.
Joe Gallagher

The members of the crew of the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien would like to extend our condolences to the relatives and friends of Tom. We appreciate all he did for the US Navy Armed Guard and the merchant marine. His web site was informative and historic. He will be missed.

John Stokes, Docent
S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien

Oh dear Tom! You have no clue how deeply you've touched my life and how much I have missed your daily emails, so full of humor and words of wisdom! May you be resting your weary head in Christ's lap! To Barry, Liz, Tommy, Terry and all of Tom's loved ones: so sorry for your loss.
Sincerely, Di [Dianne DiCicco]

Thomas Roy Bowerman, Sr. The U. S. Navy Armed Guard and merchant marine veterans of World War II gathered here (January 19, 2008) at Marsh Landing meeting, in Fellsmere, Florida, honor you and thank you for all you have done for us. Rest in peace and God bless you.
Walt Steinsiek, Historian
U.S. Navy Armed Guard and Merchant Marine WWII Veterans of Barefoot Bay, FL

Dear Barry and Liz
So your pop has gone and so has my dear friend . Be sure that my prayers are with him. I'll light a candle at our chapel by the sea for his loving soul, I'll watch the American flag floating in my town this morning.

I'll miss him. I was first in shock although it was expected. Now I know that Tom is at peace. He sent me a picture of Frances's grave at my request so I can picture well where my dear friend will rest. Liz, when you have time,don't forget to give me news of you all, especially from your doll. You might not know it but from your pop's descriptions you had become an American family to me. Condolences to the two other sons.
Love, Nadine
Nadine and Roger from France

To the Bowerman family.
Please accept my condolances for the loss of a good man. Mr Bowerman was my first contact with the World War II Armed Guard Association when I was just beginning to contribute articles for the magazine and was a great help in assisting me with advice and personal direction for the past three years. He will be greatly missed.
Ken Wright, Melbourne, Australia

I never met Tom but I carried on a lively correspondence with him earlier this year as I prepared to take over from him the responsibility of webmaster of the Armed Guard website that Tom created and nurtured. I may be his successor in that role but I know that I will never be his equal. With his experience, his knowledge and his deep affection for his fellow veterans he was exactly the right person for the task of preserving the history of the Armed Guard and the merchant mariners who sailed together into danger. I am honored to have known him, even at a distance, and more honored to carry on his work.

I know that Tom loved his family, his country, and his fellow Armed Guard veterans and their families. He was deeply respectful of those of the Armed Guard who sailed off and never returned, and of those who returned home but now are rapidly passing on. His own passing leaves a void for his family and friends that will never be completely filled. But his memorial is in the work that he did.

Sailor, rest your oar, you have done your duty. There are others who will stand your watch.

May God bless Tom and his family, and may God bless every Armed Guard who ever sailed.

With deep respect,
Ron Carlson, Webmaster
Armed Guard website (
Alexandria, Virginia

I never met Tom but because of him I was able to understand what the Armed Guard meant to this country. My father was Armed Guard and because of "The Pointer" I was able to share some of the crossings, dangers and fears that he might have had. Tom continued to serve for all of us and helped us connect with our fathers. Thank you, Tom. May you sail smooth seas and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets that only a sailor can know. God bless you.
Peter Mehltretter

I am so sorry to hear of your father's recent death. I know that this is difficult on you and your family, particularly at this time of year. However, you should take great consolation in knowing how proud I know that your father was of you, your family and your accomplishments.

William W. Lawrence

On behalf of your Canadian DEMS shipmates we extend sincere condolences to the family, friends and U.S.N. Armed Guard shipmates of our friend and brother, Shipmate Tom Bowerman.


Douglas H. Sephton, R.C.N. DEMS (Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships)

Our condolences to the family of Tom Bowerman from a fellow U.S. Navy Armed Guard sailor. Mr. Bowerman's perseverance and hard work in preserving the memories of our service in our special branch of the Navy is very much appreciated by all of us and our families now and will be in the future as well. His contribution does not go unheralded.
David F. McCauley

Although I didn't know Tom personally, I knew of him through the "Pointer" magazine, for which he did so much invaluable work. He brought happiness to so many former shipmates through his research in tracking down names, which made him happy too. God bless you, Tom.
Bob Fairley
ex-British Merchant Navy
Ontario, Canada

Charles Henry and Linda; Thomas Roy and Susan; Barry Lynn and Elizabeth; Terry Adrain and all the Tom Bowerman family and friends, on behalf of all the U.S. Navy Armed Guard and the U.S. merchant seamen veterans of World War II, I would like to express our sincere condolences in this time of sorrow to all of you. Tom was my friend and helper over the years as I tried to put together shipmates so they could get in touch with each other while on Earth in this form of life. It has been a priviledge and honor to have known such a man, a "Greatest Generation Hero" in my book. Tom was an angel put on Earth for a purpose. He fulfilled that purpose in putting together his website of the USN Armed Guard WW II Veterans so that it can be seen in years to come with the help of Ron Carlson, a worker on the historic Liberty ship, the S.S. JOHN W. BROWN in Baltimore, Maryland. A donation to them through the Armed Guard Association will be sent as he suggested. He loved saving the history of the branch of service that he served during WW II and brought happiness to many.

May God Bless Tom and all of you in this time of sorrow. He will be missed by so many.

Charles A. Lloyd, Chairman
U.S. Navy Armed Guard WW II Veterans
115 Wall Creek Dr.
Rolesville, N.C. 27571

I would just like to tell you that I am sorry for your loss. Mr. Bowerman was a wonderful patient. I enjoyed taking care of him. If your family ever needs me feel free to call.
Love Ashley, Dr. Divalentin's nurse

Dad, I will think of you each day the rest of my life, you were not just the best father in the world, you were my hero. God bless you and I know in my heart you are back with mom now and happy. I love you.

Also, thanks to all of you members of the Armed Guard. My father loved the work he did for you all, it came from his heart which was truly huge. Thanks to all of you that cared about my father. He is in a better place and the pain he was suffering without every complaining is over. God bless you all.
Terry Bowerman.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on your family's loss. My sweet, dear father died in 2004 and, in an attempt to learn more about the Armed Guard and his service as a gunner, I found the Armed Guard web site. I also found Mr. Bowerman, someone who cared about my dad's service to our country, who knew something about my dad's time as an Armed Guard, who seemed as interested in honoring my father as I was, and who listened patiently and compassionately to a grieving daughter. Please also accept my heartfelt gratitude for Mr. Bowerman's service to our country and my equally heartfelt gratitude for the piece that he wrote about my father. I have read it time and time again and have always found great comfort in his words. I will never, ever be able to repay his kindness, his generosity, his patience, or his honoring my father like he did. What an honor and privilege to have known him even if for a short while and only via the web site and e-mail.

God bless each and every one of you. May He hold you in His loving arms and give you the assurance that you will one day be reunited with dear Mr. Bowerman.

Melinda Hefner

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