Liberty Ships from a Calendar

SS Patrick Henry

Left to Right: SS Ralph A Cram, SS John A Roebling,SS Nathaniel B Palmer, SS William Winter, SS Cyrus K Holliday, SS Carl R Gray, SS Sandord B Dole, SS Nicholas Longworth and SS Charles T Yerkes 11/25/43

Liberty photographed from Escort HMS Badsworth

Winter in the North Atlantic - December 1943

The Samvannah, a lend-lease Liberty

Side launch of the SS John Stagg

Liberty at Athoma off Milne Bay in November 1943

SS John M.T. Finney - Later was the Christian Michelsen under the Norwegian flag and was torpedoed en route to Bizerte, with great loss of life

SS Charles Morgan with German bomb in Hold # 5 off Utah Beach - three Liberty ships were named Morgan and all three were lost

US Navy Liberty ship

SS Lane Victory, Vietnam, 1966

SS Arthur M Huddell, now a source of parts for the SS John W Brown

SS Jeremiah O'Brien and SS John W Brown salute at sea

SS Robert E Peary - constructed in world record time of 4 days, 15 hours, 26 minutes

SS Hoke Smith with anti-torpedo nets in place. Ship delivered 9/27/43

SS Bluefield Victory

SS Billy Mitchell - 6/17/43

Last Navy Liberty - the USS Tuitula (ARG-4) - 4/4/44

140 ton Liberty Ship engine

Kate Smith launches the SS John Howlamd

SS John Morgan - Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard

SS Samforth

SS Abraham Lincoln

SS John W Brown

SS Jeremiah O'Brien

SS John W Brown

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