Ted Heumann

Ted Heumann

Presentation of information and pictures furnished to us by Ted Heumann. Ted served aboard the SS Kenmar in 1944 and 1945 and on the USS Franklin (CV-13) in 1945 and 1946. Ted lives in Toms River, New Jersey with his lovely wife, Agnes Pat, and you can reach him on the Internet at sskenmar@aol.com. Ted enjoys life in general.

Picture of the Heumann's and Granddaughter Tracy.

Picture of Ted Heumann.

Armed Guard Waves in New York.

US Marine Corps in New York.

Mounted New York Police Department.

Harry S Truman in Limo.

Harry S Truman in Limo.

George Corsuer and Ted Heumann in AG Parade.

Picture of Ted Heumann and Fred Persick in Cardiff, South Wales in January 1945. Fred was a paramedic.

Picture of Ted Wilson and Jassin Vender Hulst on the SS Kenmar.

Picture of Korvette 181 taken in Halifax in 1996.

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