Pictures Alphabetic S

Franklin Eugene Sandridge - USS Crosby, SS Monteray, SS John Lawson, SS Thomas Mitchum, USS Admiral W S Simms, USS Zelima

Charles S Satterly - SS Arthur Dobbs, SS William Few, SS Vermont, MS Talisse

Ernest Satterly - USS Haynesworth (Killed in Action)

John Gibb Savage - SS Esso Providence, SS G Harrison Smith, SS John Mitchell, SS Eagle, SS John Gibson

Orville Schettle - SS Joseph Goldberger (Three tankers and 2 cargo ships total)

Joe Schienberg - SS Eastern Guide, SS Jane A Delano, SS Great Meadows, USS Beatty, USS Warrick, USS Molala, USS Abaki

Durbin Schmitt - SS Kohala, SS John W Troy, USS Kenton, USS President Jackson, USS General H W Butner

Theodore M Schorr - SS El Mundo, SS Raphael Semmes, SS Cubore

Edwin C Schroeder - SS Earl Layman, SS Linn Boyd, SS Latitia, USS Saratoga

Frederick T Seifert - SS Ephraim W Baughman, SS James Lykes, SS Lee S Overman, SS Henry S Lane

James E Sheridan - SS Benjamin Hawkins, SS Hannibal Hamlin, SS William H Crawford, SS Fyme Soloman

Robert Sherlock, Jr. - SS Cardinal Gibbons, SS Emily Dickinson

John W Shevlin, Sr. - SS Nick Stoner, SS Cushman K Davis, SS George Fravel, SS Charles Loomis, USS McDermut

Charles Shoulet - SS Lena Luckenbach, SS Murfreesboro, SS B Clarney Valnesk

Lloyd Shroyer - SS Henry Brown, SS Sea Robin

Hardin T Simpson - SS Fort Sumpter, SS Charles Paddock, SS Benjamin Bonneville, SS Charles H Marshall

Jack F Sims - USS Jupiter, SS Leland S Stanford, SS Lurline, SS Mary Bickerdyke, SS Gonzaga

Arthur G Smart - SS Samuel Colt, MV Cape Canaveral, SS Otis Skinner

Ron Chalmers & Frederick A Smith - Ron - USAT State of Maryland, Fred - SS Lafayette, Together - SS Angell, SS Stony Point - Ron - SS Anton Dvorak

Ron Chalmers & Frederick A Smith - Ron - USAT State of Maryland, Fred - SS Lafayette, Together - SS Angell, SS Stony Point - Ron - SS Anton Dvorak

John G Smith - SS American Navigator, SS Brockton, SS William Eaton, SS John Catron, SS Syosset

Marvin R Smith - SS Fair Isle, SS Ferdinand Westdahl, SS Robert G Cousins, SS Frenchtown (Died July 1981 of leukemia)

William F Snee - USAT Acadia, SS Nathan Hale, SS Langdon Cheves, SS Gulf Point

Harry A Spencer - SS African Dawn, USS Mifflin

Robert G Suggett, Jr. - Served aboard 21 ships, five of which were sunk and two extensively damaged. Amputated arms and legs of his comrades under direction of a wounded doctor, blown off a ship while standing on an ammunition locker, struck with shrapnel ricoheting off a plane from which he had parachuted, machine gunned in an open lifeboat and spent eight months in a Nazi prison camp. Awarded Purple Heart with two encores, New York State Conspicous Service Medal, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Navy Good Conduct Medal, Maltese Cross, American Defense, American Campaign, and other awards.