Pictures Alphabetic R

Cecil W Ray - SS Meacham, SS Hadley, SS James Lick, SS Samuel K Barlow

Grover Cleveland Redding, SS Charles M Hall, Other ships also. Best friend of Tom Bowerman. Grover lived in Schulenburg, Texas and is deceased but still visits. Recently asked me to send his wife flowers for Mother's Day.

Donald Haynes Reis - SS George Gershwin, SS Anne Bradstreet, SS Robert Dale Owen, SS Howard L Gibson

John Rhodes - SS Alexander Hamilton, SS Pan Maine, SS John Walker, USS LCF 22, USS LCIR 770, USS Valley Forge

Arthur Clarence Rikard - USS Proteus, SS Cape Georgia, SS Columbia and others

David F Riley - SS Richard C Brennan, HMS Kotainten, SS Dominican Victory, SS John P Altgold, USS Kermit Roosevelt, USS John W Thomason, USS Onslow, USS Severn, USS Cogswell

Louis V Ritter - SS Samuel Moody, USS Boxer, SS Patrick Henry

George W Roark - SS Pan Maryland, SS Caribbean, SS Sachem, SS Edwin M Stanton, SS Black Hawk, SS Hagerstown Victory, SS E R Kemp

William C Roark - SS John Langdon, SS Mary Lyon, SS Pio Pica

James F Roberts - SS Gulf of Mexico, SS Examiner, SS Oklahoma, SS George T Angell, SS George M Cohan, SS William H Jackson, USS Jason

John N Rooney - US Army Transport Borinquen, SS Jibasar

Cecil V Roybal - SS Alexander G Bell, SS Amos G Throop, SS Jedediah Smith, SS Charles Paddock

Robert O Russell - USS Wilmette, SS Capetown, SS Virginia Dare, SS Charles Finger, SS Alcoa Patriot, US Army Transport Henry T Gibbons

Clarence Lloyd Rutherford - SS Joyce Kilmer, SS James Thayer, SS William Mulholland