Ship Pictures
The SS J Fred Essary as the USS Sagitt Arius in Okinawa in 1945

Western Farmer - former SS Henry Comb - in English Channel in 1952

The SS Samsoaring after an internal explosion during refitting

The SS Bert McDowell as Navy Repair Ship Hooper Island off the East Coast of the USA in 1945

The SS John M Clayton as Navy ship Harcourt - bombed and beached in the Pacific

The Italian Flag Fides - formerly the SS James A Wilder - on the River Elbe in 1962

The launching of the SS Jonathan Grout - launched sideways

The SS Charles S Haight ashore and wrecked off Cape Ann, Massachusetts in April 1946

The SS Granville S Hall - note Atomic fallout 'Bird Bath' collecting tub on mast

The SS Francis Preston Blair aground on coral reef - picture taken almost 40 years later

The SS Bell Isle as Navy Electronics Repair Ship

The Liberty Ship SS Zebulon B Vance poised for launch 6 December 1941

The Mikhail Kutusov Liberty transferred to USSR on Lend Lease - formerly SS Graham Taylor

The Navy cargo ship Carina - formerly SS David Davis

The SS Alexander Majors discharging overside during the war

The launch of the SS Stephen Hopkins in April 1942 - Five months later she fought and sank a German raider

The SS John L Sullivan as the YAG 37 with propulsion by deck mounted aircraft engines - England

The lengthened Liberty Capetan Costi - formerly SS Henry M Stephens - Manchester Ship Canal - on the way to be scrapped in Spain

The remains of the ammunition ship SS Richard Montgomery in Thames Estuary - 40 years after she sank

The Nadina - formerly the SS William G Lee

The dismal remains of the SS James Longstreet - used as a target ship

Emblazoned with 'The Thoughts of Mao' the SS Jiading - formerly the SS Amelia Earhart

The SS Brigadier General Alfred J Lyon - Portland, Oregon

Winter in the North Atlantic

The SS Schuyler Colfax - used as a target ship

The SS Leif Ericson as a Navy station tanker

The SS Andrew Marschalk

The SS Pocahontas seen as Bulgarian Andromeda

The US Navy Radar Picket Ship Outpost - formerly the SS Francis J O'Gara - 1957

The Sturgis - formerly the SS Charles H Cugle - US Army floating nuclear plant

The British flag ship Leicester - formerly the SS Samesk - in tow - Bermuda 1948

The Army Hospital Ship Blanche F Sigman - formerly the SS Stanford White

The Army Hospital Ship St. Olaf

The SS Julien Dubuque as a troop ship

Part of mothball fleet - mostly Liberty Ships

Navy Liberty Ships at Suisan Bay, California - 1972

The SS Jeremiah O'Brien launch - 19 June 1943

The SS Jeremiah O'Brien - Fourth Annual Cruise

On the Foredeck, looking aft

On the Afterdeck, from the Boat Deck

Looking aft, starboard side, from the boat deck

Ships built by the mile and chopped off by the yard

The SS Robert E Peary - launched 12 November 1942 - built in 4 days and 15 1/2 hours

A Liberty ship burns in the Pacific

Liberty ships awaiting demolition off Panama City, Florida in September 1963

The SS J.L.M. Curry - August 1942 - lost 7 months later due to structural failure

The SS Thomas Nelson as rebuilt under conversion program

The SS John W brown at Pier 42, North River, New York

War damaged Liberty ships in a section of 'Gooseberry' breakwater - deliberately sunk off Omaha Beach at Normandy

The SS William Tilghman discharging equipment and supplies at Antwerp

The Liberty Ship Binky - formerly the SS Howard A Kelly

The SS Thomas F Bayard as a liquified gas carrier - Rio de Janerio - August 1952